Month: September 2016

2016 Tim Hortons Hockey – Checklist

Tim Hortons Thumbnail

The widely popular Tim Hortons hockey cards are back for a second year, and fans are excited. The Canadian exclusive product is available as an in-store promotion for Tim Hortons, but interested parties may obtain a free pack by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the company (details here) . Additionally there is an online […]

Upper Deck Premier Odds Sheet

Upper Deck Premier Roy Patch

While the upcoming release of 2015-16 Upper Deck Premier is largely a serial numbered card release, there are a few set which require pack odds. Below are the sets in question as well as the odds for each player included. Upper Deck Premier – Box Breakdown Release Date: September 21, 2016 Configuration: 7 Cards Per […]

OPC Official Odds List

OPC V Series Kane

Like any product OPC has an odds list. Collectors need to know this list to find their special cards! These cards are available in multiple pack formats and these are reflected in the odds. OPC Box Break Down Hobby: 12 Boxes Per Case, 32 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack Retail: 20 Boxes Per Case, […]