Month: January 2017

Ninja Update: 2011-12 Black Diamond

2011-12 Black Diamond Box

2011-12 Black Diamond was a much different product from the Black Diamond now in circulation. A decidedly mid-range product, it focused on the Diamond cards as insert, and the inclusion of rookies. Triple and Quad Diamond cards were sought after by collectors, and drove the product. There were no guaranteed autographs in a box, however […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 Artifacts

2011-12 Artifacts Box

Upper Deck Artifacts is always a much anticipated release in the hockey collecting world. The popular rookie redemptions drive the early part of the collecting season, while the memorabilia and autographs offer some early season hits to get fans pumped up. The 2011-12 Artifacts release featured all of these things. While it may not have […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 Series 1 Hockey

2011-12 Series 1 Box

As Upper Deck’s flagship product, 2011-12 Series 1 Hockey was, as usual, a hot product for collectors. The first opportunity to get in pack cards of the new rookie class, Series 1 is a date that collectors wait for all year. This year’s major Young Guns included Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Adam Henrique. Additionally […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 SPx Hockey

2011-12 Spx Box

2011-12 SPx was a mid-high end product offered by Upper Deck to highlight the rookie class of the year. Several rookie oriented subsets were included in the product, at varying degrees of rarity. It offers a well balanced mixture of memorabilia and autographs for collectors, while maintaining a degree of variablity in hits. Additionally, each […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 SPGU

2011-12 SPGU Box

Memorabilia has long been popular with card collectors and Upper Deck uses SP Game Used to fill this demand. The 2011-12 SPGU offering allowed collectors and opportunity at several different types of memorabilia cards, including several nameplate and numberplate sets. These were often accentuated with autographs, and some of the more popular ones have been known […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 SP Authentic

2011-12 SP Authentic Box

Upper Deck’s SP line of cards have always been some of the more popular releases by the company. These usually feature the best memorabilia and autographs of the mid-range releases and offer decent value for the customer. 2011-12 SP Authentic lives up to this promise by offering 3 autos per box, 1 of which is […]

Ninja Update: 2011-12 O-Pee-Chee

2011-12 O-Pee-Chee Box

The longest running brand in hockey collecting, O-Pee-Chee is a favorite of fans. Although it is not high-end, the 2011-12 O-Pee-Chee release combines affordability with a classic style and satisfies fans desire to rip packs. The product is centered around parallels and inserts, but does, none-the-less provide limited opportunities at autographs and memorabilia cards. Given […]