Month: February 2017

Ninja Update: 2010-11 Ultimate Collection

2010-11 Ultimate Collection Box

2010-11 Ultimate Collection is one of Upper Deck’s high-end offerings. Consisting of a numbered base set, as well as several autographed and memorabilia sets, this product promises to have something for everyone. Each box produces just 4 cards, which makes the price a little daunting, but with the guarantee of 1 rookie, 1 memorabilia card, […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 Series 2

2010-11 Series 2 Box

As the follow up to Series 1 Hockey, 2010-11 Series 2 continues what had been previously started. This means that the remainder of the Young Guns Rookies are released, as well as the rest of the base set. Other sets such as Game Jerseys and Ambassadors of the Game also get another wave of cards […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 Series 1

2010-11 Series 1 Box

2010-11 Series 1 Hockey marked the release of several popular Young Gun Rookies, including PK Subban, Taylor Hall, and Jordan Eberle. These players mean that this is still a popular product with great value. With 6 Young Guns per box, as well as 6 20th Anniversary parallels, this is a great set builder product. Memorabilia […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 Artifacts Hockey

2010-11 Artifacts Box

2010-11 Artifacts hockey was once again the season opening product for the company. As the firs chance to get new rookie cards, fans always clamour to get their hands on some Arty. the 2010-11 Artifacts edition featured players like Taylor Hall and PK Subban, both of whom made their NHL debuts. Artifacts comes complete with […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 SP Game Used

2010-11 SP Game Used Box

2010-11 SP Game Used is a shining example of why SPGU continues to be one of Upper Deck’s most popular products. The memorabilia heavy brand also features some stunning autographs of both rookies and legends. The 2010-11 edition also featured signed letter Championship Marks from the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Even after 6 […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 SPx Hockey

2010-11 SPx Box

SPx seems to be a hit or miss product for Upper Deck, and in my personal opinion 2010-11 SPx missed the mark. It is a higher cost than one would hope for from a mid-range product, and focuses almost exclusively on rookies.  However, it does provide nice selection for fans of memorabilia cards, with each […]