Month: March 2017

Ninja Update: 2009-10 Between the Pipes

2009-10 Between the Pipes

2009-10 Between the Pipes is ITG’s yearly celebration of hockey’s goaltenders. The popular product focuses exclusively on the netminders of hockey, and is a popular buy among goalie collectors and regular fans alike. Each box promises 2 hard signed autos as well as 2 game-used memorabilia cards. In addition fans can expect 2 regular inserts […]

Ninja Update: 2009-10 Superlative II

2009-10 Superlative II Box

2009-10 Superlative II is ITG’s sequel to Superlative I. The product was well received and has since become impossible to find as a sealed box. In addition to receiving 3 hard signed autos or auto plus cards, each collector also received 2 game-used cards as well as one each of Famous Fabrics and Special Inserts. […]

Ninja Update: 2009-10 The Cup

2009-10 The Cup Box

2009-10 The Cup is the epitome of high-end products from Upper Deck. Each box offers 5 cards, 3 of which are autographed patch cards, with the others being an autographed rookie, and a premium base card. Small time collectors may suffer from sticker shock with this product, but the cards that typically come out of […]

Ninja Update: 2009-10 MVP Hockey

2009-10 MVP Box

2009-10 MVP is a low-end Upper Deck product aimed at entry level collectors and set builders. The only true hit is a quad jersey card that falls one per box, although there is also a case hit dual autograph available. For the most part MVP focuses on inserts and base parallels as the meat of […]

Ninja Update: 2009-10 Collector’s Choice

2009-10 Collector's Choice Box

2009-10 Collector’s choice is a deviation from the types of lists that we are used to. A decidedly low-end product Collector’s Choice is Upper Deck’s attempt to bring more kids into the hobby by supplying them with stickers and temporary tattoos. There are a couple insert sets with parallels, but overall the product is focused […]

Ninja Update: 2009-10 Series 2

2009-10 Series 2 Box

2009-10 Series 2 is Upper Deck’s follow up to Series 1. Much like S1, this product focuses on the Young Guns rookies, with players such as Brad Marchand and James Reimer. The numbering on several of the sets picks up from where Series 1 left off, meaning set collectors need both products to have a […]