Month: August 2017

Ninja Update: 2004-05 Ultimate Collection

2004-05 Ultimate Collection

2004-05 Ultimate Collection was Upper Deck’s high-end offering for the canceled NHL season and it contained a variety of big hits for fans to chase. Featuring such attractions as jumbo game-used patched, and hard signed autographs, the product offered a glimmer of excitement to fans disappointed by the loss of a full season of hockey. […]

Ninja Update: 2004-05 Legends Classics

2004-05 Legends Classics Box

2004-05 Legends Classics is an interesting product that was produced by Upper Deck for the locked-out season. The main focus of the product is the autographs of various NHL legends, but it also promises one pennant celebrating past successful teams, and the chance at pulling a redemption card for a full sized player jersey or […]

Ninja Update: 2004-05 Series 1

2004-05 Series 1 Box

2004-05 Series 1 is a unique entry in the history of the product. With no rookie class due to the canceled season, Upper Deck was forced to scramble to fill the void. As a result 2004-05 Series 1 features Young Gun Retros and Young Gun Legends, giving the Iconic Young Gun treatment to such names […]

Ninja Update: 2004-05 Legendary Signatures

2004-05 Legendary Signatures Box

2004-05 Legendary Signatures is an Upper Deck product that offers autographs of some of the biggest names in hockey’s history. Offering an autograph per pack Legendary Signatures features sets such as AKA Autos, HOF Induction Inks, the Canadian exclusive Summit Superstars, or the US exclusive Miracle Men Autographs. These autographs offer fans a chance to […]

Ninja Update: 2004-05 SP Authentic

2004-05 SP Authentic Box

2004-05 SP Authentic is a unique edition of the popular Upper Deck product. The 2004-05 NHL lockout left a shortage of hockey products on the market and SPA attempted to fulfill the demand by issuing boxes that contained a variety of buyback cards. Each box contained either a buyback rookie, a previously signed card, or […]

Ninja Update: 2004-05 Pacific Hockey

2004-05 Pacific Hockey Box

2004-05 Pacific Hockey is a low-end product that was released during the canceled 2004-05 NHL season. The checklist consist mainly of inserts and base parallels, but does offer 2 jersey cards per box. Additionally there is a rare dual-sided jersey and autograph card available that features jersey swatches of Ilya Kovalchuk and Jarome Iginla, along […]

2016-17 UD Premier – Full Odds Sheet

2016-17 UD Premier Box

2016-17 UD Premier is a high-end product that offers huge memorabilia pieces and hard-sgned autographs of some of the best players in the game. The popular mega-patches form full patches of game-used uniforms, and the rookie cards are some of the best in the hobby. While most of the card sets are serial numbered, there […]

2017-18 UD MVP – Full Odds Sheet

2017-18 UD MVP Banner

2017-18 UD MVP has hit the market to kick off the 2017-18 collecting season. The annual low-end product from Upper Deck features rookie redemption cards, as well as the popular Colors and Contours set. There is a very limited autograph set, and the usual memorabilia set has been removed from the product all-together. For big […]