Month: December 2017

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Topps Reserve

2001-02 Topps Reserve

2001-02 Topps Reserve is a hit-heavy product that offered fans 3 memorabilia cards,1 graded rookie card, 1 ungraded rookie card, and an autographed puck with display stand. While there does not appear to be a centralized checklist available for these pucks, the selection of names found on auction sites suggest that they were not no-name […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Topps Heritage

2001-02 Topps Heritage

2001-02 Topps Heritage is a product that is very similar to Topps/OPC Archives, but elects to focus on contemporary players rather than just legends. The product uses the card design from the 1957-58 collecting season to give the cards a retro feel and look. This is mirrored in the box format, which also feels vintage, […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Topps Chrome

2001-02 Topps Chrome

2001-02 Topps Chrome is a low-end product that offers chrome and refractor parallels of many of the cards found in the main Topps/OPC Hockey set. The set itself is much smaller than the main Topps/OPC release, but has appeal to fans of shinier cards. Additionally the product is not without hit appeal, offering the opportunity […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Topps/OPC

2001-02 Topps

2001-02 Topps/OPC is the combined checklist for the two separate products. It has long been the case that Topps and O-Pee-Chee issue nearly identical checklists, and it is easier to combine them, rather than approach them separately. Neither product offers fans a guaranteed memorabilia or autograph hit, but they do provide a nice variety of […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Topps Stadium Club

2001-02 Topps Stadium Club

2001-02 Topps Stadium Club is a fun and affordable product that offers both autographs and memorabilia opportunities. Each hobby format box promised a total of 2 memorabilia or autograph hits, as well as different insert and base/rookie subsets. While newer collectors may associate Topps with baseball cards, it is important to acknowledge that the company […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 SPx Hockey

2001-02 SPx

2001-02 SPx hockey features both memorabilia and autograph cards, as well as base subsets and rookies. While the main box offers 14 packs and guarantees 1 memorabilia card, there is also a bonus pack included of the 2001-02 Upper Deck Stanley Cup Champions product. These packs also offer a variety of hit possibilities. Fans may […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 SP Authentic

2001-02 SP Authentic

2001-02 SP Authentic is barely recognizable from the modern day version of the product. This version offers only 1 autograph per box and has a limited number of subsets. This being said, it still remains one of the better products on the market for the 2001-02 NHL season. The ever popular Sign of the Times […]