Month: January 2018

Ninja Update: 2000-01 Pacific Vanguard

2000-01 Pacific Vanguard

2000-01 Pacific Vanguard offered collectors a mix of memorabilia and inserts, as well as some base parallels. Overall the release seems to fall in line with what most other Pacific branded products offer, without anything to make it stand out terribly much from the others. I’d say it would make a decent product for those […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 Titanium

2000-01 Titanium

2000-01 Titanium was a Pacific owned product that was marketed as Private Stock Titanium. It followed the 1 hit per pack breakdown, something that was also seen in a special release of the product in commemoration of Draft Day. The main release featured a variety of Game Gear and Game Gear Patch cards, while the […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 Pacific Aurora

2000-01 Pacific Aurora

2000-01 Pacific Aurora follows much the same layout as the title Pacific product does. Focusing primarily on base and inserts, Aurora does not offer any guaranteed hits. This does not mean that autographs and memorabilia cards are not available, just that you shouldn’t count on getting them. There is actually a nice selection of memorabilia […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 Pacific Hockey

2000-01 Pacific

2000-01 Pacific Hockey was the company’s title release and it followed much the same format that fans of Pacific are used to. Falling on the low-end of the collecting spectrum 2000-01 Pacific offered a variety of cards, such as a large base set with several parallels, including printing plates, and a variety of insert cards. […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 Fleer Legacy

2001-02 Fleer Legacy

2001-02 Fleer Legacy is very similar to the release of Fleer Greats of the Game. Both products focus on NHL legends, a move away from the traditional focus on rookies and current stars that most product take. What is different is that Greats of the Game focused on autograph cards, Fleer Legacy offer memorabilia instead. […]