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America’s Favorite pass time right, in this category you will find checklists for baseball cards. Topps is the biggest baseball card producers today, but there is other companies doing baseball cards as well including Panini, Leaf and Sage. Baseball cards have come a long way since being just common base cards, nowadays you cane get pieces of bat, glove and of course jersey pieces.

If you are looking for checklists sorted by team head on over to where you will find pages for your favorite teams and some unique features like Most Hits per team and a full list of what teams have the most hits in a product along with what comes in a box or case and even some pictures too.

2019 Topps Fire – Baseball Card Checklist

2019 Topps Fire

2019 Topps Fire Baseball is retail exclusive product that can only be found at Target locations in the United States. Boxes offer 2 hits each, including 1 autograph, and are labeled as collector boxes rather than hobby boxes. There are several sets available to collect, including autographs, relics, and inserts. Despite being a retail release, […]