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If you are looking for a hockey checklist this is a good place to start, the checklists you will find here will also have images. Often the checklists here will be for products that don’t have teams associated or are a prospects product. For a hockey checklist sorted by the NHL teams you may want

Major hockey trading card companies of today are Upper Deck and Leaf. Panini recently lost their NHL license and Leaf and ITG are unlicensed to produce the cards.

For full checklists sorted by team you should visit as they have in depth checklists with plenty of extra info like hit totals and rookie lists. This is also a very fast loading website so your wait times will be at a minimum.

2016-17 Trilogy – Hockey Card Checklist

2016-17 Trilogy

2016-17 Trilogy was an Upper Deck product that offered collectors a variety of hits, including the Rookie Premieres cards, and the Signature Pucks cards. The release boasts a wide variety of memorabilia hits, most of which can be found in the Tryptichs set, as well as the Triple Relics set, and the Rookie Premieres parallels. […]

2017-18 OPC – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 OPC

2017-18 OPC is an early season Upper Deck release. It falls decidedly on the low-end but is popular with set collectors due to it’s large and varied base set, which comes with a variety of parallels. Additionally there is a strong assortment f inserts, including the popular OPC Manufactured Patch Cards and the OPC Playing […]

2017-18 Series 1 – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 Series 1

2017-18 Series 1 is the flagship Upper Deck release for the collecting year. It is the traditional place to find the top Young Guns rookies, which this year included Nico Hishier and Brock Boeser. The release also features a sizeable base set, a canvas parallel set, and several distinct and fun insert sets. Available both […]