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If you are looking for a hockey checklist this is a good place to start, the checklists you will find here will also have images. Often the checklists here will be for products that don’t have teams associated or are a prospects product. For a hockey checklist sorted by the NHL teams you may want

Major hockey trading card companies of today are Upper Deck and Leaf. Panini recently lost their NHL license and Leaf and ITG are unlicensed to produce the cards.

For full checklists sorted by team you should visit as they have in depth checklists with plenty of extra info like hit totals and rookie lists. This is also a very fast loading website so your wait times will be at a minimum.

2017 Leaf In The Game Used – Checklist

2017 Leaf In The Game Used Banner

2017 Leaf In The Game Used is an all-memorabilia product that focuses heavily on the legends of hockey. With a large array of vintage memorabilia, and a great layout of modern day game-used jerseys and patches, this is a product that has something for everyone. Additionally Leaf product are the only place to find autographs […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Black Diamond

2005-06 Black Diamond Box

2005-06 Black Diamond is a popular Upper Deck product that offers 4 rookies, 2 memorabilia, 6 Triple Diamonds, and 2 Quad Diamonds. There is also a nice collection of parallels that create a fun and affordable product that also puts forward big names such as Crosby and Ovechkin. The Gemography set also provides fans with […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Beehive

2005-06 Beehive Box

2005-06 Beehive Hockey is an Upper Deck owned product that falls on the low-end of the collecting spectrum. While the product does offer autographs chances, both in regular and over sized card variety, it is often looked down on for its use of facsimile signatures as part of the base. It also offers a variety […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Be A Player

2005-06 Be A Player Box

2005-06 Be A Player Signature Series is an autograph based product that offers 10 autographed cards per box. While BAP has often been looked down on from a design and value standpoint, it does still offer a wide variety of players that fans should want to get their hands on. Also given the rich rookie […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Artifacts

2005-06 Artifacts Box

2005-06 Artifacts is an Upper Deck product that features both memorabilia and autographs. The 2005-06 edition stands out as one of the larger releases in the Artifacts product history, with many parallel sets adding to the already impressive checklist. Multiple big name players have memorabilia and autographs included in the set, making for a good […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Series 2

2005-06 Upper Deck Series 2 Box

2005-06 Series 2 Hockey is the traditional follow up to Series 1 and contains the remainder of the base and Young Guns sets. This means that Series 2 is the place to look to find Alexander Ovechkin’s Young Guns card. Additionally the product continues the Game Jersey and Game Patch sets, as well as adding […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Series 1

2005-06 Series 1 Box

2005-06 Series 1 is one of the most sought after Upper Deck releases ever. This is the release that contains Sidney Crosby’s Young Guns Rookie card. Due to this, what limited boxes that are still on the market are extremely expensive, and pose a big risk considering that there is no guarantee of hitting the […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Fleer Ultra

2005-06 Fleer Ulra Box

2005-06 Fleer Ultra is an Upper Deck branded product that offers excellent memorabilia and rookie pulls at an affordable price. While autos are not guaranteed in Fleer Ultra, the ones that do exist offer great value to collectors.. Obviously the 2005-06 rookie class is muc sought after for the inclusion of Crosby and Ovechkin, but […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 SPx Hockey

2005-06 SPx Box

2005-06 SPx Hockey is an Upper Deck product that offers a stylish design and a healthy mix of memorabilia and autographs. The rookie jerseys, and rookie jersey autographs were so well liked that Upper Deck elected to use them again in the 2015-16 release of SPx, as a celebration of the product and of the […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 SP Game Used

2005-06 SP Game Used Box

2005-06 SP Game Used is a memorabilia oriented product that also provides collectors with the opportunity to grab some big name autographs. Each pack promises to produce at least one hit, and every box should, on average, give 6 memorabilia cards, one of which will be #/100 or less, as well as oner autograph #/100 […]