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If you are looking for a hockey checklist this is a good place to start, the checklists you will find here will also have images. Often the checklists here will be for products that don’t have teams associated or are a prospects product. For a hockey checklist sorted by the NHL teams you may want

Major hockey trading card companies of today are Upper Deck and Leaf. Panini recently lost their NHL license and Leaf and ITG are unlicensed to produce the cards.

For full checklists sorted by team you should visit as they have in depth checklists with plenty of extra info like hit totals and rookie lists. This is also a very fast loading website so your wait times will be at a minimum.

Ninja Update: 2008-09 Trilogy

2008-09 Trilogy Box

2008-09 Trilogy is a great example of one of Upper Deck’s better products. The 2008-09 edition is very similar to Upper Deck Ice, in that it contains a good amount of acetate cards. Each box produces 3 autographs, 3 memorabilia cards, and 3 rookies. These are some beautiful cards that justify the hefty price tag […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 Artifacts

2008-09 Artifacts Box

2008-09 Artifacts is an Upper Deck product that relies heavily on its use of memorabilia cards and parallel sets. It is also one of the first opportunity for collectors to get their hands on rookie cards for players such as Steven Stamkos and Max Pacioretty. Artifacts comes at a relatively affordable price and remains a […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 BAP Hockey

2008-09 BAP Box

2008-09 BAP (Be A Player) Hockey is a mid-range Upper Deck product that produces 8 autographs per hobby box. While these autos may not be the most sought after cards in collecting, they do feature some big names and serve as a great intro to collecting for younger fans looking to move their collection up […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 UD Champ’s Hockey

2008-09 UD Champ's Box

2008-09 UD Champ’s Hockey is an oddball product, in that it does not conform to what hockey cards usually are. A big part of the set is the Champ’s Minis, which are traditional “tobacco” sized cards. These come in a variety of parallels and also feature rookies and a Natural History category that features everything […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 OPC Premier

2008-09 OPC Premier Box

2008-09 OPC Premier is a high-end offering from Upper Deck’s O-Pee-Chee division. The product features big name autographs and amazing memorabilia pieces. The much loves Premier Stitchings return for another year, falling one per pack, while multi-window game used memorabilia makes up the bulk of the product. Several autograph sets round out the product, offering […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee

2008-09 O-Pee-Chee Box

2008-09 O-Pee-Chee and its update set combine to form a dream product for set collectors. the large base set is reminiscent of classic collecting, while the numerous inserts and parallels offer an added level of challenge. The addition of rare autos and mem leaves something for big hit hunters to chase, while keeping the overall […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 Fleer Ultra

2008-09 Fleer Ultra Box

2008-09 Fleer Ultra is a low-end product that caters nicely to young collectors and those wanting to rip some packs without breaking the bank. The heart of the product is its inserts and parallels, however each box will also offer up 2 jersey cards, as well as  a chance at a rare autographed card. This […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 UD Black

2008-09 UD Black Box

2008-09 UD Black is a high-end product that focuses on memorabilia and autographs. Each box contains 2 packs of 2 cards. Overall a box will produce 2 memorabilia or autograph cards, as well as 2 Rookie Letterman cards. In this product, even the “base” cards are mem cards, so fans are sure to get something […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 UD Ice

2008-09 UD Ice Box

2008-09 UD Ice is the much loved acetate product from Upper Deck. This edition offered 20 packs with 5 cards each and promised 3 memorabilia or autograph hits per box, as well as 4 Ice Premieres Rookies. Additionally 2 insert sets served as additional hits falling on average 1 per case. Ice remains to this […]