Ninja Update: 2005-06 SP Game Used

2005-06 SP Game Used Box

2005-06 SP Game Used is a memorabilia oriented product that also provides collectors with the opportunity to grab some big name autographs. Each pack promises to produce at least one hit, and every box should, on average, give 6 memorabilia cards, one of which will be #/100 or less, as well as oner autograph #/100 […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 SP Authentic

2005-06 SP Authentic Box

2005-06 SP Authentic is one of the most popular years that the product has seen. This is due almost entirely to the fact that both Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin have Future Watch Rookie Autographs included in the checklist. These cards are highly sought after and command top dollar. Each box of 2005-06 SP Authentic […]

2017 Leaf Trinity Football – Checklist Added

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Banner

2017 Leaf Trinity Football is an all-autograph, all hard-signed product that features the top college level players in the country. These NFL prospects have the potential for great careers and fans undoubtedly want to grab autos of these future stars early. Leaf takes football prospecting very seriously and have designed a great line-up on names, […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Parkhurst

2005-06 Parkhurst Box

2005-06 Parkhurst is an Upper Deck product that features a large base set, and multiple base subsets. Reminiscent of older products, this set is geared towards set collectors, while shifting focus away from big hit hunters. That is not to say that big hits don’t exist, each box promises 1 autograph, and there is also […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 Hot Prospects

2005-06 Hot Prospects Box

2005-06 Hot Prospects is a Fleer branded product that focuses on the class of NHL rookies. Each box offer 1 rookie auto or auto patch, as well as 2 mem cards, and 4 regular rookies. The 05-06 season is particularly desirable due to the inclusion of Sidney Crosby as a rookie. While Hot Prospects is […]