Ninja Update: 2008-09 UD Black

2008-09 UD Black Box

2008-09 UD Black is a high-end product that focuses on memorabilia and autographs. Each box contains 2 packs of 2 cards. Overall a box will produce 2 memorabilia or autograph cards, as well as 2 Rookie Letterman cards. In this product, even the “base” cards are mem cards, so fans are sure to get something […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 UD Ice

2008-09 UD Ice Box

2008-09 UD Ice is the much loved acetate product from Upper Deck. This edition offered 20 packs with 5 cards each and promised 3 memorabilia or autograph hits per box, as well as 4 Ice Premieres Rookies. Additionally 2 insert sets served as additional hits falling on average 1 per case. Ice remains to this […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 SP Game Used

2008-09 SP Game Used Box

2008-09 SP Game Used is Upper Deck’s yearly salute to memorabilia cards. With an average of 6 mem cards per box, this product packs a punch and remains popular with collectors. The multiple Letter and Number sets remain big sellers on ebay and other secondary markets, while the collection of Authentic Fabrics sets can be […]

2016-17 Ice – Full Pack Odds Sheet

2016-17 Ice Banner

2016-17 Ice is finally here and Upper Deck has released the pack odds for this popular product. Featuring the much loved acetate cards Ice gives a feeling of class to all of its autographs, as well as its selection of memorabilia. Additionally Ice provides the second round of Exquisite Collection cards for the 2016-17 season. […]

2017 Cryptozoic Gotham Season 2

Gotham Season 2 Box

2017 Cryptozoic Gotham Season 2 has been released and it generates the same hype that Season 1 did. The product celebrates the second season of the DC comics interpretation of a pre-Batman Gotham. Here you can find autographs of the actors playing characters such as James Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Bruce Wayne. Collectors can also […]