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This tag will pertain to any Checklists, Reviews, Preview or Card Galleries for trading cards as we write and add more articles about them. Several big trading card companies still produce baseball cards today, the biggest is topps but also up there is Panini, Bowman (from Topps), Leaf and Sage to name a few.


Any Posts with this tag will have plenty of content involved, new baseball products are released several times a month so there will always be a new blog post coming up! Plenty of collecting ideas if you find one of our card galleries you should find something you like.


[caption id="attachment_300" align="alignnone" width="165"]Card wood Parallel Card Example[/caption]


The above card is actually made of wood, not paper! very cool insert for the Allen & Ginter Set. The card is also a Mini Parallel of which there is many different kinds in the product.


Find more checklists on our sister site at http://www.breakninja.com/index.html Sorted by team and with Hit Counts per Team.

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2019 Topps Fire – Baseball Card Checklist

2019 Topps Fire

2019 Topps Fire Baseball is retail exclusive product that can only be found at Target locations in the United States. Boxes offer 2 hits each, including 1 autograph, and are labeled as collector boxes rather than hobby boxes. There are several sets available to collect, including autographs, relics, and inserts. Despite being a retail release, […]