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2018-19 SPA – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2018-19 SP Authentic

2018-19 SPA Hockey is an Upper Deck release that has become an annual favorite among fans, especially collectors of rookie autographs. The Future Watch Rookie Autos are some of the most sought after sets in hockey collecting and this years release should be no different. However, the FWAs are not the only set that is […]

2017-18 SP Authentic Odds Sheet

2017-18 SP Authentic Odds

Just in time for the product release, the 2017-18 SP Authentic Odds Sheet breaks down the pack odds for all relevant sets. The popular Upper Deck brand returns for another year, offering fans the much sought after Future Watch Autographs, as well as the always loved Sign of the Times Autographs sets, which is one […]

Ninja Update: 1999-00 SP Authentic

1999-00 SP Authentic

1999-00 SP Authentic was a fun product that came with a guaranteed autograph hit. The Sign of the Times Autographs set was nowhere near as large as it is now, but boasted big names such as Gordie Howe and Maurice Richard, both of whom had hard-signed autographs in the set. In addition, 1999-00 SP Authentic […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 SP Authentic

2000-01 SP Authentic

2000-01 SP Authentic was a fun product, whose highlight included Future Watch Rookies, and Sign of the Times Autographs. Each box featured 1 autograph, and a variety of different insert cards. all of which featured attractive designs and the appeal to set collectors. In addition to the regular sets, there was also a set of […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 SP Authentic

2001-02 SP Authentic

2001-02 SP Authentic is barely recognizable from the modern day version of the product. This version offers only 1 autograph per box and has a limited number of subsets. This being said, it still remains one of the better products on the market for the 2001-02 NHL season. The ever popular Sign of the Times […]

Ninja Update: 2002-03 SP Authentic

2002-03 SP Authentic Box

2002-03 SP Authentic is a big draw for fans. Each box offers 1 Future Watch Autograph, 2 regular Future Watch rookies, and 1 memorabilia card. With 24 packs per box, there is plenty of opportunities for fans who want to rip packs. Popular SP Authentic sets include Sign of the Times and the Future Watch […]

Ninja Update: 2003-04 SP Authentic

2003-04 SP Authentic Box

2003-04 SP Authentic celebrated the 10th anniversary for the SP brand. As always it offered the much sought after Sign of the Times autographs, available in single, double, or triple form. It also offered the Future Watch cards in regular, auto, and auto patch versions. The highlight of which would be Marc-Andre Fleury and Patrice […]