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Ninja Update: 2006-07 SPx Hockey

2006-07 SPx Hockey Box

2006-07 SPx is a mix between jersey cards and autographs, that plays towards younger and more casual collectors. As the lowest-end of the SP releases, it is the most affordable of the three products, and speaks to collectors who just want something to open. The set also features an attractive and unique base card design […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 SPx Hockey

2007-08 SPx Box

2007-08 SPx hockey is likely the least popular of the SP brands, but still offers an eclectic selection of cards for fans to chose from. Focused mainly on rookie and plain jersey cards, the product lacks the flashiness of SPGU’s memorabilia or of SPA’s autographs, but it still has its place. The often unique card design, […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 SPx Hockey

2010-11 SPx Box

SPx seems to be a hit or miss product for Upper Deck, and in my personal opinion 2010-11 SPx missed the mark. It is a higher cost than one would hope for from a mid-range product, and focuses almost exclusively on rookies.  However, it does provide nice selection for fans of memorabilia cards, with each […]