2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Checklist

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2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is an Upper Deck product celebrating the upcoming release of the latest Marvel comics movie. Fans of the Marvel Universe will be please to see characters such as Drax, Groot, and Star-Lord, all of whom feature prominently. Each box promises to produce 2 hits, as well as an oversized box topper. While this product leans more toward the higher-end of Marvel products, it will still be a fun buy for casual fans of the movies.

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 24, 2017
Price: Approx. $100USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 10 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per case
Box Break: 1 Auto, Sketch, or Wood Card; 1 Memorabilia Card; 1 Box Topper; 10 Parallels; 3 Each Behind the Lens, Family of Oddballs. Spaceships

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Base Set

90 Cards
Parallels: Bronze; Blue Foil #/199; Purple Foil #/99; Red Foil #/49; Pink Foil #/10

1 Prepare for Battle!
2 Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy
3 The High Priestess
4 Awesome Mix Volume 2
5 Affection
6 Dance Partner
7 Rewarded
8 Nebula Returns
9 The Sovereign Fleet
10 Into the Quantum Asteroid Field
11 Hull Damage
12 Pursuit Continues
13 Berhert
14 Followed
15 Nebula’s Plea
16 Be Prepared
17 Daddy
18 Mutiny
19 Story Time
20 Empathy
21 The Invitation
22 Flattering Smile
23 The Story of Mantis
24 Alienated
25 Friendly Advice
26 Super Cool Dad
27 Something is up
28 Packing Up
29 Hurt Feelings
30 The Luggage
31 With a little support from my friends
32 Course Set for Home
33 Hopes
34 Nova Prime
35 The Empath
36 Do me next!
37 The Ravagers
38 Reverse Ambush
39 Revenge is a dish best served cold
40 The Deal
41 A New Challenger
42 Tension in the Ranks
43 Rude Awakening
44 Rocket in Danger
45 The Grand Tour

46 Paternal Love
47 More Than Meets the Eye
48 A Mutual Need
49 The Orphan Mantis
50 The Eclector
51 Taserface
52 Father Son Bonding
53 Broken Head Fin
54 Groot to the Rescue
55 Prototype Fin
56 Sneaking Mission
57 An old Ally
58 Forgiveness
59 Made Whole Again
60 Cleaning House
61 Detatched Quadrant
62 Remake the Cosmos
63 Saving Star-Lord
64 The True Villain
65 Flying Laser Drill
66 The Sovereign Return
67 The Weak Point
68 Battle Gear
69 Surface Tendrils
70 The Bomb
71 I am Groot!
72 Instructions
73 The Button
74 This Can’t be Good
75 Teaming Up
76 Extraction Point
77 Ego and Kraglin
78 Use Your Heart, Not Your Head
79 Welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy
80 A new Team Member
Characters / Poster – 1:3.33 packs
81 Star-Lord
82 Gamora
83 Drax The Destroyer
84 Rocket
85 Groot
86 Yondu
87 Nebula
88 Ego
89 Mantis
90 Movie Poster

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Mix Tape Single Auto Set

15 Cards – 1:43 Packs

MT1 Dave Bautista as Drax
MT2 Zoe Saldana as Gamora
MT3 Karen Gillan as Nebula
MT4 Tommy Flanagan as Tullk
MT5 Sean Gunn as Kraglin
MT6 Chris Sullivan as Taserface
MT7 Pom Klementieff as Mantis
MT8 Dave Bautista as Drax

MT9 Zoe Saldana as Gamora
MT10 Karen Gillan as Nebula
MT11 Tommy Flanagan as Tullk
MT12 Sean Gunn as Kraglin
MT13 Chris Sullivan as Taserface
MT14 Pom Klementieff as Mantis
MT15 Zoe Saldana as Gamora

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Mix Tape Dual Auto Set

10 Cards – 1:325 Packs

DMT1 Zoe Saldana/Karen Gillan
DMT2 Zoe Saldana/Dave Bautista
DMT3 Dave Bautista/Pom Klementieff
DMT4 Dave Bautista/Karen Gillan
DMT5 Sean Gunn/Tommy Flanagan

DMT6 Zoe Saldana/Pom Klementieff
DMT7 Karen Gillan/Pom Klementieff
DMT8 Tommy Flanagan/Sean Gunn
DMT9 Karen Gillan/Tommy Flanagan
DMT10 Chris Sullivan/Tommy Flanagan

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Single Relic Set

25 Cards – 1:10 Packs

SM-1 Star-Lord
SM-2 Gamora
SM-3 Drax
SM-4 Yondu
SM-5 Nebula
SM-6 Mantis
SM-7 Ego
SM-8 Ayesha
SM-9 Star-Lord
SM-10 Gamora
SM-11 Drax
SM-12 Yondu
SM-13 Nebula

SM-14 Mantis
SM-15 Ego
SM-16 Ayesha
SM-17 Star-Lord
SM-18 Gamora
SM-19 Drax
SM-20 Yondu
SM-21 Nebula
SM-22 Rocket
SM-23 Ego
SM-24 Ayesha
SM-25 Rocket

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Dual Relic Set

15 Cards – 1:24 Packs

DM-1 Star-Lord/Gamora
DM-2 Nebula/Drax
DM-3 Star-Lord/Yondu
DM-4 Star-Lord/Ego
DM-5 Star-Lord/Mantis
DM-6 Star-Lord/Nebula
DM-7 Star-Lord/Rocket
DM-8 Gamora/Nebula

DM-9 Gamora/Drax
DM-10 Mantis/Drax
DM-11 Mantis/Ego
DM-12 Yondu/Nebula
DM-13 Yondu/Drax
DM-14 Yondu/Gamora
DM-15 Yondu/Ayesha

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Triple Relic Set

Galactic Garb Triple Yonou, Drax, Gamora
15 Cards – 1:30.3 Packs

TM-1 Star-Lord/Drax/Yondu
TM-2 Yondu/Nebula/Rocket
TM-3 Gamora/Nebula/Mantis
TM-4 Ego/Mantis/Ayesha
TM-5 Star-Lord/Ego/Mantis
TM-6 Drax/Mantis/Rocket
TM-7 Gamora/Drax/Rocket
TM-8 Star-Lord/Ayesha/Yondu

TM-9 Ego/Nebula/Drax
TM-10 Star-Lord/Gamora/Drax
TM-11 Gamora/Drax/Yondu
TM-12 Star-Lord/Gamora/Ego
TM-13 Rocket/Ego/Ayesha
TM-14 Star-Lord/Gamora/Nebula
TM-15 Star-Lord/Ego/Yondu

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Quad Relic Set

10 Cards – 1:48 Packs

QM-1 Gamora/Nebula/Ayesha/Mantis
QM-2 Yondu/Nebula/Rocket/Drax
QM-3 Ego/Mantis/Ayesha/Rocket
QM-4 Gamora/Rocket/Nebula/Drax
QM-5 Star-Lord/Rocket/Drax/Gamora

QM-6 Star-Lord/Yondu/Mantis/Drax
QM-7 Star-Lord/Rocket/Drax/Yondu
QM-8 Star-Lord/Yondu/Ego/Mantis
QM-9 Star-Lord/Mantis/Ego/Gamora
QM-10 Star-Lord/Gamora/Drax/Yondu

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Single Auto Set

5 Cards – 1:195 Packs

SMA1 Zoe Saldana as Gamora
SMA2 Dave Bautista as Drax
SMA3 Pom Klementieff as Mantis

SMA4 Karen Gillan as Nebula
SMA5 Zoe Saldana as Gamora

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Galactic Garb Dual Auto Set

5 Cards – 1:1200 Packs

DMA1 Zoe Saldana/Dave Bautista
DMA2 Zoe Saldana/Karen Gillan
DMA3 Dave Bautista/Pom Klementieff

DMA4 Karen Gillan/Pom Klementieff
DMA5 Zoe Saldana/Pom Klementieff

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot’s Wood Set

Groots Wood
10 Cards – 1:65 Packs

GR1 Groot
GR2 Groot
GR3 Groot
GR4 Groot
GR5 Groot

GR6 Groot
GR7 Groot
GR8 Groot
GR9 Groot
GR10 Groot

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Behind the Lens Set

Behind the Lens
15 Cards



2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Family of Oddballs Set

Family of Oddballs Friendship
12 Cards

F1 Friendship
F2 Rivalry
F3 Brotherhood
F4 It’s Complicated
F5 Family Reunion
F6 Mentor

F7 Mutiny
F8 Competition
F9 Fast Friends
F10 Duty
F11 Confusion
F12 Anger

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Spaceships Set

Spaceships Milano
7 Cards

SS1 Milano
SS2 Eclector
SS3 Quadrant
SS4 Laser Drill

SS5 Ego’s Ship
SS6 Eclector
SS7 Milano

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – Sketch Set

73 Artists – 1:52 Packs

Adam Angel
Adam Cleveland
Adrien Spada
Andrew Arensberg
Andy Carreon
Andy Duggan
April Reyna
Apriyadi Ksbiantoro
Bianca Resende
Brad Hudson
Brendan Purchase
Brian Canio
Brian Schillinger
Bridgit Connell
Caleb Hildenbrandt
Caleb King
Chris Alvarez
Daniel Logan
Danielle Ellison
Danny Silva
Darrin Pepe
Dave Beaty
Dave Fowler
David Hindelang
Don Mark Noceda
Eddie Price
Elise Priola
Ernest Romero
Erwin Ropa
Estrella Rivera
Fabian Quintero
Felix Morales
Free Isabelo
Geoffrey Gwin
Helga Wojik
Huy Truong

Irma Ahmed
James Calafiore
James Hill
Jason Sobol
Jeff Abar
Justin Ayers
Keith Akers
Ken Racho
Kristin Allen
Leonardo Pertuzzatti
Mason Easley
Matt Applegate
Matt Langford
Mauro Fodra
Melike Acar
Michael Mastermaker
Michael O’Hare
Mitch Ballard
Myles Wohl
Nick Justus
Phil Back
Rich Molinelli
Roberto Duque
Robin Mies
Rock Barcellos
Sean Anderson
Seth Ismart
Sherilyn Encabo
Sherwin Santiago
Sven Hendrickx
Synclaire Kaptur
Tim Fagaly
Tim Smith
Timothy Geathers
Uko Smith
Veronica O’Connell

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – 5×7 Sketch Set

22 Artists – 1:120 Packs

Adam Angel
April Reyna
Caleb King
Cliff Rathburn
Daniel Logan
Danny Silva
Estrella Rivera
Free Isabelo
Geoffrey Gwin
Irma Ahmed
Jason Sobol

Keith Akers
Ken Racho
Kristin Allen
Melike Acar
Michael Mastermaker
Mitch Ballard
Phil Back
Sean Anderson
Sherwin Santiago
Synclaire Kaptur
Uko Smith

2017 Guardians of the Galaxy – 5×7 Image Set

12 Cards – 1:52 Packs

OS-1 Oversized Art Card
OS-2 Oversized Art Card
OS-3 Oversized Art Card
OS-4 Oversized Art Card
OS-5 Oversized Art Card
OS-6 Oversized Art Card

OS-7 Oversized Art Card
OS-8 Oversized Art Card
OS-9 Oversized Art Card
OS-10 Oversized Art Card
OS-11 Oversized Art Card
OS-12 Oversized Art Card

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