2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Entertainment Card Checklist

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual is a review of the past year in comic books, with cards looking at such things as characters, iconic scenes, and some of the best covers of the year. The release offers such hits as manufactured patches, and hand drawn sketch cards. These are complemented by an array of base cards, and insert sets. Each hobby format box will contain 1 hit, and a mix of inserts and base parallels. This is a release that is very popular on Upper Deck’s ePack platform.

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Product Breakdown

Release Date: February 20, 2019
Price: Approx. $67USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 20 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Manufactured Patch or Sketch; 2 Top 10 Inserts; 10 SP Base; 6 Blue Foil Base; 1 Purple Foil Base

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Base Set

Base Carol Danvers
100 Cards – 3 Per Pack
Parallels: Blue (1:3 Packs); Purple (1:20 Packs)

1 Polaris
2 Rachel Grey
3 Jimmy Hudson
4 Aaron Davis
5 Wolvie
6 Rogue
7 Jarvis
8 Sabretooth
9 Rogue
10 Carol Danvers
11 Red Hulk
12 Crystal
13 Karnilla
14 Sasquatch
15 Hercules
16 Scarlet Samurai
17 Bruce Banner
18 Captain Marvel
19 Iron Heart
20 Wasp
21 Cyclops
22 Dagger
23 Amadeus Cho
24 Storm
25 Iron Man
26 Black Bolt
27 Medusa
28 Toni Ho
29 Vision
30 Cannonball
31 Kitty Pryde
32 The Final Host
33 Ms. Marvel
34 Black Widow
35 Doctor Anthony Stark
36 Pyro
37 Armor
38 Annie Parker
39 Voyager
40 Karnak
41 Iron Lad
42 Captain N’Yami
43 Leonardo Da Vinci
44 Ultron
45 Arno Stark
46 Synapse
47 Blade
48 Lady Deathstrike
49 She-Hulk
50 Lockjaw

51 Mockingbird
52 Squirrel Girl
53 Red Wolf
54 Speedball
55 Jessica Jones
56 Daken
57 Viv Vision
58 Enigma
59 Falcon
60 Quicksilver
61 Cloak
62 Drax
63 Jane Foster
64 Kraven
65 Puck
66 Maximus
67 Darkstar
68 Loki
69 Hank Pym
70 Gorgon
71 Wonder Man
72 Amanda Armstrong
73 Captain America
74 Miles Morales
75 Nadia Van Dyne
76 Beast
77 Brawn
78 Balder The Brave
79 Mary Jane
80 Havok
81 Doctor Strange
82 Iceman
83 Thor
84 Blink
85 Doctor Voodoo
86 Turk Barrett
87 Nova
88 Scarlet Witch
89 The Hood
90 Living Lightning
91 Red Guardian
92 Progenitor
93 Omega Red
94 Hawkeye
95 Valkyrie
96 Anole
97 Forge
98 Spider-Man
99 Black Panther
100 Phyla-Vell

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Base SP Set

50 Cards – 1:2 Packs

101 Cosmic Ghost Rider
102 Odin
103 Death
104 Punisher
105 Scarlet Spider
106 Kaine
107 Sauron
108 Sharon Carter
109 Bucky Barnes
110 Selene
111 Banshee
112 Glob
113 Nature Girl
114 Thori
115 Shark-Girl
116 Dazzler
117 Broo
118 Iron Fist
119 Moon Knight
120 Wong
121 Psylocke
122 Pixie
123 Storm
124 Weapon H
125 Man-Thing

126 Diamondback
127 Black Cat
128 Cindy 65
129 Snowguard
130 Warbringer
131 Blindspot
132 Pkzkrfmknna
133 Talisman
134 Angel
135 Miss Sinister
136 Blindfold
137 Magneto
138 Gentle
139 Namor
140 Honey Badger
141 Killmonger
142 Mysterio
143 Magik
144 0101
145 Daredevil
146 Nick Fury
147 Elektra
148 Kingpin
149 Normie Osborne
150 Old Man Hawkeye

Hit Sets

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Manufactured Patch Single Set

Manufactured Patch Single Blink
23 Cards

Base Patch – 1:60 packs
P1 Ghost Rider
P2 Iron Man
P3 She-Hulk
P4 Captain America
P5 Black Panther
P6 Captain Marvel
P7 Thor Odinson
P8 Ant-Man
P9 Wasp
P10 Spider-Man
P11 Red Goblin
P12 Venom

P13 Doctor Strange
P14 Iron Lad
SP Patch – 1:240 packs

P15 Blink
P16 Ms. Marvel
P17 Valkyrie
P18 Wolvie
P19 Voyager
P20 Vision
P21 Quicksilver
P22 Jean Grey
P23 Lockjaw

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Manufactured Patch Double Set

Manufactured Patch Dual Nova, Viv Vision
23 Cards

Base Patch – 1:60 packs
PD1 Red Wolf/Living Lightning
PD2 Rogue/Quicksilver
PD3 Peggy Carter/Ms. Marvel
PD4 Valkyrie/Wolverine
PD5 Normie Osborne/Red Goblin
PD6 Thor Odinson/Jane Foster
PD7 Kitty Pryde/Colossus
PD8 Doctor Strange/Black Panther
PD9 Savage Hulk/Ghost Rider
PD10 Captain Marvel/Dark Celestial
PD11 Challenger/Grandmaster
PD12 Viv Vision/Nova

PD13 Thor/Hercules
PD14 Hulk/Red Hulk
SP Patch – 1:240 packs

PD15 Nadia Van Dyne/Janete Van Dyne
PD16 Rocket Raccoon/Groot
PD17 Magus/Ego
PD18 Venom/Sym Soldier
PD19 Gamora/Star Lord
PD20 Iron Heart/Iron Man
PD21 Anti-Venom/Spider-Man
PD22 Miles Morales/Silk
PD23 Spider-Gwen/Kingpin

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Sketch Card Set

45 Artists – 1:120 Packs – Each Card is Serial Numbered 1/1

Allen Adams III
Allen Douglas
Alvin Cleofas
Ari Arnaldsson
Armando Ramirez
Aurelio Ceccacci
Chad Turner
Chris Papantoniou
D.J. Coffman
Darke Imp
Emil Nordtomme
Erwin Ropa
Eugene Commodore
Fernando Pinto
Fernando Ramirez
Gener Pedrina
Isiah X Bradley
J.P. Perez
Jay Lipson
John Jett
Johnny Segura 3rd
JoJo Seames
Justin Ayers

Keegan Cahanes
Len Castro
Michael Parla
Mike J. Sealie
Mike Van Orden
Mitch Ballard
Nacho Ortiz
Nathan Cole
Nick Perkins
Phillip Bergquist
Reid Fisher
Richard Sensale
Rodrigo Catraca
Scott Adams
Skip Charron
Sophia Cox
Stephan Recksiedler
Vitor Prado

Insert Sets

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Comic Covers Set

Comic Covers Infinity War
40 Cards – 1:2 Packs

CC1 Avengers #675
CC2 Avengers #676
CC3 Avengers #677
CC4 Avengers #678
CC5 Avengers #679
CC6 Avengers #680
CC7 Avengers #681
CC8 Avengers #682
CC9 Avengers #683
CC10 Avengers #684
CC11 Avengers #685
CC12 Avengers #686
CC13 Avengers #687
CC14 Avengers #688
CC15 Avengers #689
CC16 Avengers #690
CC17 Marvel Legacy #1
CC18 Guardians Of The Galaxy #147
CC19 The Mighty Captain Marvel #128
CC20 Guardians Of The Galaxy #150

CC21 Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock
CC22 Infinity Countdown: Prime
CC23 Infinity Countdown #1
CC24 Infinity Countdown #2
CC25 Infinity Countdown #3
CC26 Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1
CC27 Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #1
CC28 Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1
CC29 Infinity Countdown #4
CC30 Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #2
CC31 Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1
CC32 Infinity Countdown: Champions #1
CC33 Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #3
CC34 Infinity Countdown: Champions #2
CC35 Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #4
CC36 Infinity Countdown #5
CC37 Doctor Strange #3
CC38 Infinity Wars Prime #1
CC39 Infinity Wars #1
CC40 Infinity Wars #2

2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – In Memoriam Set

5 Cards – 1:16 Packs

IM1 Mangog
IM2 The Mighty Thor
IM3 Lockjaw
IM4 Thanos
IM5 Maximus


2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Rookie Heroes Set

Rookie Heroes Iron Hulk
5 Cards – 1:16 Packs

RH1 Voyager
RH2 Trinary
RH3 Iron Hulk
RH4 Cosmic Ghost Rider
RH5 Snowguard


2018-19 UD Marvel Annual – Top 10 Inserts Set

Top 10 Issues
50 Cards

Top 10 Fights – 1:10 packs
TF1 “The Mighty Thor vs Mangog”
TF2 Fin Fang Foom vs. Fin Fang Foombuster
TF3 Red Goblin vs. Spider-Man
TF4 Avengers vs. Challenger
TF5 “Lightning vs Grandmaster”
TF6 Mighty Thor vs. War Thor
TF7 Elektra vs. Iron Fist
TF8 Daken vs. Jimmy Hudson
TF9 The Madrox Venoms vs. Hawkeye
TF10 Avengers vs. Lethal Legion
Top 10 Heroes – 1:10 packs
TH1 Black Panther
TH2 Spider-Man
TH3 Iron Man
TH4 Captain Marvel
TH5 Thor Odinson
TH6 The Mighty Thor
TH7 Doctor Strange
TH8 Rogue
TH9 Ghost Rider
TH10 Captain America
Top 10 Issues – 1:10 packs
TI1 Invincible Iron Man #600
TI2 The Mighty Thor #705
TI3 The Mighty Thor #706
TI4 The Amazing Spider-Man #801
TI5 The Amazing Spider-Man #800

TI6 Venom #1
TI7 Infinity Wars Prime #1
TI8 X-Men Gold #30
TI9 Thor #1
TI10 Death Of Inhumans #1
Top 10 Story Arcs – 1:10 packs

TS1 Avengers No Surrender
TS2 Cosmic Ghost Rider
TS3 The Death Of The Mighty Thor
TS4 The Immortal Hulk
TS5 Damnation
TS6 Hunt For Wolverine
TS7 Infinity Wars
TS8 Go Down Swinging
TS9 The Life Of Captain Marvel
TS10 Death Of The Inhumans
Top 10 Villains – 1:10 packs
TV1 Va Nee Gast
TV2 Requiem
TV3 Red Goblin
TV4 Loki
TV5 The Controller
TV6 Dark Celestial
TV7 Thanos
TV8 Grandmaster
TV9 Challenger
TV10 Vox

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