2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American – Baseball Card Checklist

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Baseball

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Baseball is a prospect oriented release that offers 8 autographs per box. The print run is limited to 1635 boxes and could sell out quickly given the rich market for prospect autographs, especially in the United States. There are also some patch auto cards included for those who like good looking memorabilia cards. Design wise there is nothing exceptional about the release, with most cards resembling what we’ve come to expect from Leaf.

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 22, 2019
Price: Approx. $80USD
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 15 Boxes Per Case; 109 Total Cases
Box Break: 8 Autographs

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Metal Auto PG Etch Silver Set

Metal Auto PG Etch Gold Auto Brennan Malone
52 Cards
PG Etch Parallels: Blue #/30; Purple #/25; Pink #/20; Black #/15; Green #/10; Red #/5; Orange #/2 (Bonus/Promo); Gold 1/1; Gold Super 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1
Flag Etch Parallels: Silver #/12; Blue #/10; Purple #/8; Pink #/6; Black #/5; Green #/4; Red #/3; Gold #/2; Orange 1/1 (Bonus/Promo); Gold Super 1/1

BA-AV1 Anthony Volpe
BA-BM1 Brennan Malone
BA-BO1 Bryce Osmond
BA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
BA-CC1 Corbin Carroll
BA-CD1 Cade Doughty
BA-CH1 Cole Hinkelman
BA-CJA CJ Abrams
BA-CW1 Connor Walsh
BA-DD1 Derek Diamond
BA-DE1 Daniel Espino
BA-DH1 Damone Hale Jr.
BA-DN1 Dawson Netz
BA-DP1 Darius Perry
BA-ED1 Emanuel Dean
BA-ER1 Erik Rivera
BA-GF1 Garrett Frechette
BA-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
BA-HB1 Hunter Barco
BA-HD1 Hayden Dunhurst
BA-HG1 Henry Gargus
BA-HH1 Hylan Hall
BA-HM1 Hayden Mullins
BA-HT1 Hayden Travinski
BA-JB1 Jaden Brown
BA-JC1 Joe Charles

BA-JE1 Jerrion Ealy
BA-JF1 Jud Fabian
BA-JL1 Jack Leiter
BA-KW1 Kendall Williams
BA-LB1 Logan Britt
BA-LS1 Landon Sims
BA-LT1 Logan Tanner
BA-MA1 Matthew Allan
BA-MA2 Mack Anglin
BA-MA3 Myles Austin
BA-MB1 Mahki Backstrom
BA-MH1 Maurice Hampton Jr.
BA-ML1 Matthew Lugo
BA-MT1 Matt Thompson
BA-NN1 Nasim Nunez
BA-NS1 Nathan Stevens
BA-QP1 Quinn Priester
BA-RC1 Riley Cornelio
BA-RG1 Riley Greene
BA-RH1 Rece Hinds
BA-SF3 Trey Faltine
BA-SJ1 Spencer Jones
BA-TC1 Tyler Callihan
BA-WR1 Will Rigney
BA-WS1 Wes Scott

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Patch Auto Emerald Set

Patch Auto Jerrion Ealy
52 Cards – Serial Numbered #/8
Parallels: Pink #/5; Orange #/4; Platinum #/3; Lavender #/2; Gold 1/1; Charcoal 1/1 (Bonus/Promo); Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

PA-AV1 Anthony Volpe
PA-BM1 Brennan Malone
PA-BO1 Bryce Osmond
PA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
PA-CC1 Corbin Carroll
PA-CD1 Cade Doughty
PA-CH1 Cole Hinkelman
PA-CJA CJ Abrams
PA-CW1 Connor Walsh
PA-DD1 Derek Diamond
PA-DE1 Daniel Espino
PA-DH1 Damone Hale Jr.
PA-DN1 Dawson Netz
PA-DP1 Darius Perry
PA-ED1 Emanuel Dean
PA-ER1 Erik Rivera
PA-GF1 Garrett Frechette
PA-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
PA-HB1 Hunter Barco
PA-HD1 Hayden Dunhurst
PA-HG1 Henry Gargus
PA-HH1 Hylan Hall
PA-HM1 Hayden Mullins
PA-HT1 Hayden Travinski
PA-JB1 Jaden Brown
PA-JC1 Joe Charles

PA-JE1 Jerrion Ealy
PA-JF1 Jud Fabian
PA-JL1 Jack Leiter
PA-KW1 Kendall Williams
PA-LB1 Logan Britt
PA-LS1 Landon Sims
PA-LT1 Logan Tanner
PA-MA1 Matthew Allan
PA-MA2 Mack Anglin
PA-MA3 Myles Austin
PA-MB1 Mahki Backstrom
PA-MH1 Maurice Hampton Jr.
PA-ML1 Matthew Lugo
PA-MT1 Matt Thompson
PA-NN1 Nasim Nunez
PA-NS1 Nathan Stevens
PA-QP1 Quinn Priester
PA-RC1 Riley Cornelio
PA-RG1 Riley Greene
PA-RH1 Rece Hinds
PA-SF3 Trey Faltine
PA-SJ1 Spencer Jones
PA-TC1 Tyler Callihan
PA-WR1 Will Rigney
PA-WS1 Wes Scott

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Quad Patch Auto Orange Set

Quad Patch Auto CJ Abrams
52 Cards – Serial Numbered #/4
Parallels: Platinum #/3; Lavender #/2; Gold 1/1; Charcoal 1/1 (Bonus/Promo); Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

MA-AV1 Anthony Volpe
MA-BM1 Brennan Malone
MA-BO1 Bryce Osmond
MA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
MA-CC1 Corbin Carroll
MA-CD1 Cade Doughty
MA-CH1 Cole Hinkelman
MA-CJA CJ Abrams
MA-CW1 Connor Walsh
MA-DD1 Derek Diamond
MA-DE1 Daniel Espino
MA-DH1 Damone Hale Jr.
MA-DN1 Dawson Netz
MA-DP1 Darius Perry
MA-ED1 Emanuel Dean
MA-ER1 Erik Rivera
MA-GF1 Garrett Frechette
MA-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
MA-HB1 Hunter Barco
MA-HD1 Hayden Dunhurst
MA-HG1 Henry Gargus
MA-HH1 Hylan Hall
MA-HM1 Hayden Mullins
MA-HT1 Hayden Travinski
MA-JB1 Jaden Brown
MA-JC1 Joe Charles

MA-JE1 Jerrion Ealy
MA-JF1 Jud Fabian
MA-JL1 Jack Leiter
MA-KW1 Kendall Williams
MA-LB1 Logan Britt
MA-LS1 Landon Sims
MA-LT1 Logan Tanner
MA-MA1 Matthew Allan
MA-MA2 Mack Anglin
MA-MA3 Myles Austin
MA-MB1 Mahki Backstrom
MA-MH1 Maurice Hampton Jr.
MA-ML1 Matthew Lugo
MA-MT1 Matt Thompson
MA-NN1 Nasim Nunez
MA-NS1 Nathan Stevens
MA-QP1 Quinn Priester
MA-RC1 Riley Cornelio
MA-RG1 Riley Greene
MA-RH1 Rece Hinds
MA-SF3 Trey Faltine
MA-SJ1 Spencer Jones
MA-TC1 Tyler Callihan
MA-WR1 Will Rigney
MA-WS1 Wes Scott

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Gameday Auto Silver Set

52 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5 or as Noted
Parallels: Black #/4 (*Gargus #/3); blue #/3; Red #/2 (Bonus/Promo); Purple 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

GD-AV1 Anthony Volpe
GD-BM1 Brennan Malone
GD-BO1 Bryce Osmond
GD-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
GD-CC1 Corbin Carroll
GD-CD1 Cade Doughty
GD-CH1 Cole Hinkelman
GD-CJA CJ Abrams
GD-CW1 Connor Walsh
GD-DD1 Derek Diamond
GD-DE1 Daniel Espino
GD-DH1 Damone Hale Jr.
GD-DI1 Matthew Allan
GD-DI2 Mack Anglin
GD-DI3 Myles Austin
GD-DN1 Dawson Netz
GD-DP1 Darius Perry
GD-ED1 Emanuel Dean
GD-ER1 Erik Rivera
GD-GF1 Garrett Frechette
GD-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
GD-HB1 Hunter Barco
GD-HD1 Hayden Dunhurst
GD-HG1 Henry Gargus #/3*
GD-HH1 Hylan Hall
GD-HM1 Hayden Mullins 1/1

GD-HT1 Hayden Travinski
GD-JB1 Jaden Brown
GD-JC1 Joe Charles
GD-JE1 Jerrion Ealy
GD-JF1 Jud Fabian
GD-JJG JJ Goss #/2
GD-JL1 Jack Leiter
GD-KW1 Kendall Williams
GD-LB1 Logan Britt
GD-LS1 Landon Sims
GD-LT1 Logan Tanner
GD-MB1 Mahki Backstrom
GD-MH1 Maurice Hampton Jr.
GD-ML1 Matthew Lugo
GD-MT1 Matt Thompson
GD-NN1 Nasim Nunez
GD-NS1 Nathan Stevens
GD-QP1 Quinn Priester
GD-RC1 Riley Cornelio #/3
GD-RG1 Riley Greene
GD-RH1 Rece Hinds
GD-SF3 Trey Faltine
GD-SJ1 Spencer Jones
GD-TC1 Tyler Callihan
GD-WR1 Will Rigney
GD-WS1 Wes Scott

2018 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Direct Auto Silver Set

52 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5 or as Noted
Parallels: Black #/4; Blue #/3; Red #/2 (Bonus/Promo); Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

DI-AV1 Anthony Volpe
DI-BM1 Brennan Malone
DI-BO1 Bryce Osmond
DI-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
DI-CC1 Corbin Carroll
DI-CD1 Cade Doughty
DI-CH1 Cole Hinkelman
DI-CJA CJ Abrams
DI-CW1 Connor Walsh
DI-DD1 Derek Diamond
DI-DE1 Daniel Espino
DI-DH1 Damone Hale Jr.
DI-DI1 Matthew Allan
DI-DI2 Mack Anglin
DI-DI3 Myles Austin
DI-DN1 Dawson Netz #/3
DI-DP1 Darius Perry
DI-ED1 Emanuel Dean
DI-ER1 Erik Rivera
DI-GF1 Garrett Frechette
DI-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
DI-HB1 Hunter Barco
DI-HD1 Hayden Dunhurst
DI-HG1 Henry Gargus
DI-HH1 Hylan Hall
DI-HM1 Hayden Mullins

DI-HT1 Hayden Travinski
DI-JB1 Jaden Brown
DI-JC1 Joe Charles
DI-JE1 Jerrion Ealy
DI-JF1 Jud Fabian
DI-JL1 Jack Leiter
DI-KW1 Kendall Williams
DI-LB1 Logan Britt
DI-LS1 Landon Sims
DI-LT1 Logan Tanner
DI-MB1 Mahki Backstrom
DI-MH1 Maurice Hampton Jr.
DI-ML1 Matthew Lugo
DI-MT1 Matt Thompson
DI-NN1 Nasim Nunez
DI-NS1 Nathan Stevens
DI-QP1 Quinn Priester
DI-RC1 Riley Cornelio #/4
DI-RG1 Riley Greene
DI-RH1 Rece Hinds
DI-SF3 Trey Faltine
DI-SJ1 Spencer Jones
DI-TC1 Tyler Callihan
DI-WR1 Will Rigney
DI-WS1 Wes Scott


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2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All American Blaze Jordan Blue Autograph #’d 28/30

Price $ 21.5

Number of Bids: 11

Time Left - Ending Soon
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