2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Entertainment Card Checklist

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe is dedicated to the popular Cartoon Network animated series that has been airing since 2013. The show follows the life of Steven Universe and his Crystal Gem alien friends in Beach City. It is clear that Cryptozoic is marketing this release to a younger fan base, something that could have benefits across the hobby as new collectors are introduced to the concept. Other than perhaps the autographs and sketches, there isn’t much here for older collectors, outside of a niche market of older fans of the show.

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Product Breakdown

Release Date: June 19, 2019
Price: TBA
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Autograph; 1 Sketch

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Base Set

Base Ocean Gem
72 Cards
Parallels: Pink Deco (1:3 Packs Overall); Printing Plates 1/1

01 Steven’s Gem
02 Cheeseburger Backpack
03 Bubble Buddies
04 Lion Around
05 A Prisoner No More
06 Beach City With No Beach
07 Ocean Gem
08 Island Adventure
09 A Big, Big Secret
10 Melon Madness
11 Earth Hub Maintenance Check
12 You Are An Experience
13 On The Run
14 “I Never Asked To Be Made”
15 Making Contact
16 Memories Of Her
17 Gem Warship
18 Garnet Vs. Jasper
19 Bad For Each Other
20 Mr. Universe
21 Sworn To The Sword
22 In Love With A Human
23 Love Is The Answer
24 Colony Blueprints
25 Betraying The Diamonds
26 Earthly Observations
27 Fusion Showdown
28 “We’ve All Got Each Other”
29 Barn Mates
30 Batter Up
31 Jumping For Joy
32 Mr. Greg
33 Differences Aside
34 Jasper Returns
35 An Old Friend
36 Bubbling Bismuth

37 Kindergarten Combat
38 A Convincing Disguise
39 Interstellar Steven
40 Sardonyx Tonight
41 Pumpkin
42 Taken Away
43 The Zoo
44 “What’s The Use Of Feeling Blue?”
45 The Crystal Temps
46 Disappearances
47 Searching For My Dad
48 I Am My Mom
49 On Trial
50 Off Colors
51 Rebirth
52 Imminent Danger
53 Lars Of The Stars
54 A Strange Dream
55 Rose Quartz Rebellion
56 Sadie Killer And The Suspects
57 Hideout On The Moon
58 Sworn To Secrecy
59 Preserving Life
60 A Crystal Gem Reunion
61 I Now Pronounce You Garnet
62 Wedding Crashers
63 Diamond In The Rough
64 Seeking White Diamond
65 Diamondly Duties
66 Lend A Helping Hand
67 Fusion Of Five
68 Starlight
69 Beautifully Flawed
70 New And Old Friends
71 Back To Normal
72 Peace And Love

Autographs and Sketch Sets

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Auto Set

Autographs Rebecca Sugar
39 Cards – 1:24 Packs – Serial Numbered as Noted

AB-RT Ashly Burch as Rutile Twins #/225
AM-O Aimee Mann as Opal #/150
AS-PF Atticus Shaffer as Peedee Fryman #/175
CE-WD Christine Ebersole as White Diamond #/150
CE-WP Christine Ebersole as White Pearl #/80
CY-A Charlyne Yi as Army #/75
CY-D Charlyne Yi as Doc #/50
CY-E Charlyne Yi as Eyeball #/75
CY-L Charlyne Yi as Leggy #/50
CY-N Charlyne Yi as Navy #/75
CY-R Charlyne Yi as Ruby #/75
DBB-C Dee Bradley Baker as Centipeetle #/55
DBB-F Dee Bradley Baker as Frybo #/55
DBB-L Dee Bradley Baker as Lion #/100
DM-BP Deedee Magno Hall as Blue Pearl #/80
DM-P Deedee Magno Hall as Pearl #/175
DM-YP Deedee Magno Hall as Yellow Pearl #/80
E-G Estelle as Garnet #/200
E-S Estelle as Spoon #/150
EL-P Erica Luttrell as Padparadscha #/55
EL-S Erica Luttrell as Sapphire #/125
GR-CC Grace Rolek as Cloud Connie #/55
GR-CM Grace Rolek as Connie Maheswaran #/125
JM-E Jinkx Monsoon as Emerald #/225
JP-LL Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli #/225
KB-J Kimberly Brooks as Jasper #/225
KF-BM Kate Flannery as Barb Miller #/225
KM-SK Kate Micucci as Sadie Killer #/55
KM-SM Kate Micucci as Sadie Miller #/150
MD-A Michaela Dietz as Amethyst #/225
MD-PP Michaela Dietz as Purple Puma #/125
MM-LB Matthew Moy as Lars Barriga #/175
RS Rebecca Sugar – Creator #/225
SR-P Shelby Rabara as Peridot #/125
ZC-O Zach Callison as Onion #/55
ZC-P Zach Callison as Pumpkin #/55
ZC-SU Zach Callison as Steven Universe #/125
ZC-TM Zach Callison as Tiger Millionaire #/50
ZC-WS Zach Callison as Watermelon Stevens #/55


2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Sketch Set

109 Artists – 1:24 Packs – Each Card Serial Numbered 1/1

Achilleas Kokkinakis
Adam Beck
Adam Cleveland
Alex Mines
Alfret Le
Amy Pronovost
Andres Cruz
Andrew Fernandes
Andy Bohn
Anthony Sciscioli
Ashleigh Popplewell
Aurelio Ceccacci
Autumn Frederickson
Barush Merling
Brandon Pyle
Brent Scotchmer
Brian Reindel
Bruce Gerlach
Bryan Abston
Bryan Tillman
Bucky Ringsell
Cathy Razim
Chad Scheres
Chris Papantoniou
Chris Pilch
Christopher Chamberlain
Cleber Lima
Daniel Gorman
Danielle Gransaull
Danishson Borgonos
Dave Windett
David Angelo Roman
David Lee
David Namisato
Edgar Hernandez
Edward Santia
Eric White
Erik Goldsby
Eugene Commodore
Fabian Quintero
Fer Galicia
Geoff Munn
Gordon Wills
Hanie Mohd
Humberto Jerez
Ian Roberts
Ibrahim Özkan
Irma Ahmed
Israel Arteaga
J. Mendez
James Hammond
Jason Heil
Jason Keith Phillips
Jason Montoya

Jason Potratz
Jeff Abar
Jeff Sornig
Jeffrey Benitez
Jessica Moore
Joanne Lukashewski
John Monserrat
John Whitlock
Jomar Bulda
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Joshua Wysocki
Juan Francisco Calzada Rubio
Julio Suarez
Karl Jones
Kate Carleton
Katherine Sherar
Kristin Allen
Kyle Burles
Logan Monette
Luro Hersal
Mark Dos Santos
Mary Bellamy
Michael Maglio
Michael Munshaw
Milk Studio
Neil Camera
Norvien Basio
Omar Soto
Orlando Baez
Pablo Diaz
Patrick Giles
Phil Juliano
Preston Asevedo
Raz Ortiz
Rebecca Sharp
Rebecca Sugar
Rene Cordova
Rich Molinelli
Robert Jimenez
Rory McQueen
Rusty Gilligan
Ruvel Abril
Sami Hagerman
Sanna U
Shaow Siong
Stefanie Battalene
Steven Burch
Terry Pavlet
Tracy Bailey
Travis Walton
Ulisses Gabriel
Tardivo Predrozo
Vincenzo D’lppolito
Yoni Limor

Insert Sets

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Crystal Gem Friends Set

Crystal Gems Friends Amethyst
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Pink Deco Foil (1:3 Packs Overall)

C1 Steven
C2 Garnet
C3 Amethyst
C4 Pearl
C5 Peridot

C6 Lapis
C7 Connie
C8 Greg
C9 Rose Quartz

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Fusions Set

Fusions Stevannie
10 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Pink Deco Foil (1:3 Packs Overall)

F1 Alexandrite
F2 Opal
F3 Sugilite
F4 Rainbow Quartz
F5 Sardonyx

F6 Smoky Quartz
F7 Malachite
F8 Stevonnie
F9 Sunstone
F10 Obsidian

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Greatest Hits Set

Greatest Hits What's the Use of Feeling Blue
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs

GH1 Steven Universe Themes
GH2 Steven’s Greatest Hits
GH3 Garnet’s Greatest Hits
GH4 Pearl’s Greatest Hits
GH5 Amethyst’s Greatest Hits

GH6 Gem
GH7 The Answer
GH8 What’s The Use Of Feeling Blue?
GH9 Sadie Killer And The Suspects

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Totally Fabricated Bubbled Gems Set

Totally Fabricated Bubbled Gems Jasper
10 Cards – 1:72 Packs – *B1 is Binder Exclusive

TF1 Bismuth
TF2 Jasper
TF3 Centipeetle Mother
TF4 Flower Monster
TF5 Ice Monster

TF6 Tongue Monster
TF7 Giant Bird
TF8 Pyramid Temple
TF9 Orange Gem Monster
B1 Peridot – Binder *

2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe – Promo Card Set

6 Cards – Not in Packs

P1 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P4 Emerald City Comic Con
P5 WonderCon
P6 Philly Non-Sports Card Show


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