2019 Futera Unique Baseball Collection Prospects & Legends – Baseball Card Checklist

2019 Futera Unique Baseball Collection Prospect & Legends

Acting as a collaboration between Futera and Onyx Authenticated, 2019 Futera Unique Baseball Collection Prospects & Legends is a high-end release, that looks both at the future of baseball, as well as its past. The release boasts several sets of autograph, and auto relic cards, all of which are hard signed (except cut autos). In addition, no autographed card is serial numbered higher than 21, and production is limited to 75 total cases. Lucky collectors could fins Gold Plates Framed Autograph cards which feature a frame plated in 24-karat gold. As this is an unlicensed product, no team logos or information is included, but many of these players transcend the restriction of team based sets to appeal to all collectors.

2019 Futera Unique – Product Breakdown

Release Date: September 4, 2019
Price: Approx. $420USD Per Hobby Display Box
Configuration: 2-6 Cards Per Pack; 4 Packs Per Display Box; 4 Boxes Per Mini Case; 3 Mini Cases Per Master Case; 75 Total Master Cases
Hobby Pack Break: 1 Autograph
Hobby Display Box Break: 4 Autographs; 1 Gold or Silver Foil Heritage Parallel
Hobby Mini Case Break: 2 Gold Plated Framed Autos; 1 Auto Relic

2019 Futera Unique – Base Prospects & Legends Set

Base Luis Patino MOCK UP
40 Cards

01 Daniel Alvarez
02 Austin Beck
03 Scott Blewett
04 Wade Boggs
05 Antonio Cabello
06 Bartolo Colon
07 Estevan Florial
08 Wander Franco
09 Richard Gallardo
10 Nolan Gorman
11 Vladimir Guerrero
12 Ronaldo Hernandez
13 Ivan Herrera
14 Nico Hoerner
15 Spencer Howard
16 Randy Johnson
17 Chipper Jones
18 Grant Lavigne
19 Marco Luciano
20 Gavin Lux

21 Noelvi Marte
22 Mason Martin
23 Julio Pablo Martinez
24 Edgar Martinez
25 Ronny Mauricio
26 Triston McKenzie
27 Elehuris Montero
28 Luis Patino
29 Geraldo Perdomo
30 Mike Piazza
31 Denyi Reyes
32 Keibert Ruiz
33 Nolan Ryan
34 Ichiro Suzuki
35 Jhon Torres
36 Taylor Trammell
37 Drew Waters
38 Bobby Witt Jr
39 Bruce Yang Wang
40 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Heritage Prospects & Legends Set

Heritage Ichiro Suzuki MOCK UP
40 Cards – 1:4 Packs
Versions: Silver #/17; Gold #/9

HTG01 Daniel Alvarez
HTG02 Austin Beck
HTG03 Scott Blewett
HTG04 Wade Boggs
HTG05 Antonio Cabello
HTG06 Bartolo Colon
HTG07 Estevan Florial
HTG08 Wander Franco
HTG09 Richard Gallardo
HTG10 Nolan Gorman
HTG11 Vladimir Guerrero
HTG12 Ronaldo Hernandez
HTG13 Ivan Herrera
HTG14 Nico Hoerner
HTG15 Spencer Howard
HTG16 Randy Johnson
HTG17 Chipper Jones
HTG18 Grant Lavigne
HTG19 Marco Luciano
HTG20 Gavin Lux

HTG21 Noelvi Marte
HTG22 Mason Martin
HTG23 Julio Pablo Martinez
HTG24 Edgar Martinez
HTG25 Ronny Mauricio
HTG26 Triston McKenzie
HTG27 Elehuris Montero
HTG28 Luis Patino
HTG29 Geraldo Perdomo
HTG30 Mike Piazza
HTG31 Denyi Reyes
HTG32 Keibert Ruiz
HTG33 Nolan Ryan
HTG34 Ichiro Suzuki
HTG35 Jhon Torres
HTG36 Taylor Trammell
HTG37 Drew Waters
HTG38 Bobby Witt Jr
HTG39 Bruce Yang Wang
HTG40 Jolon Zhao

Autograph Sets

2019 Futera Unique – Glory Auto Set

Glory Auto Bobby Witt Jr MOCK UP
26 Cards – Serial Numbered #/17

GL01 Daniel Alvarez
GL02 Austin Beck
GL03 Scott Blewett
GL04 Antonio Cabello
GL05 Estevan Florial
GL06 Wander Franco
GL07 Richard Gallardo
GL08 Nolan Gorman
GL09 Ronaldo Hernandez
GL10 Ivan Herrera
GL11 Nico Hoerner
GL12 Spencer Howard
GL13 Grant Lavigne

GL14 Noelvi Marte
GL15 Triston McKenzie
GL16 Elehuris Montero
GL17 Luis Patino
GL18 Geraldo Perdomo
GL19 Denyi Reyes
GL20 Keibert Ruiz
GL21 Jhon Torres
GL22 Taylor Trammell
GL23 Drew Waters
GL24 Bobby Witt Jr
GL25 Bruce Yang Wang
GL26 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Legends Auto Set

Legends Auto Nolan Ryan MOCK UP
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/19

LEG01 Wade Boggs
LEG02 Bartolo Colon
LEG03 Vladimir Guerrero
LEG04 Randy Johnson
LEG05 Chipper Jones

LEG06 Edgar Martinez
LEG07 Mike Piazza
LEG08 Nolan Ryan
LEG09 Ichiro Suzuki

2019 Futera Unique – Lineup Auto Set

Lineup Auto Gavin Lux MOCK UP
27 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15

LN01 Daniel Alvarez
LN02 Scott Blewett
LN03 Wade Boggs
LN04 Antonio Cabello
LN05 Estevan Florial
LN06 Wander Franco
LN07 Richard Gallardo
LN08 Nolan Gorman
LN09 Ivan Herrera
LN10 Nico Hoerner
LN11 Spencer Howard
LN12 Grant Lavigne
LN13 Marco Luciano
LN14 Gavin Lux

LN15 Noelvi Marte
LN16 Triston McKenzie
LN17 Elehuris Montero
LN18 Luis Patino
LN19 Geraldo Perdomo
LN20 Mike Piazza
LN21 Denyi Reyes
LN22 Keibert Ruiz
LN23 Nolan Ryan
LN24 Jhon Torres
LN25 Bobby Witt Jr
LN26 Bruce Yang Wang
LN27 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Prominent Auto Set

Lineup Auto Gavin Lux MOCK UP
11 Cards – Serial Numbered #/19

PM01 Daniel Alvarez
PM02 Austin Beck
PM03 Nolan Gorman
PM04 Grant Lavigne
PM05 Mason Martin
PM06 Triston McKenzi

PM07 Elehuris Montero
PM08 Keibert Ruiz
PM09 Bobby Witt Jr
PM10 Bruce Yang Wang
PM11 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Prospects Auto Set

Prospects Auto Wander Franco MOCK UP
31 Cards – Serial Numbered #/19

PR01 Daniel Alvarez
PR02 Austin Beck
PR03 Scott Blewett
PR04 Antonio Cabello
PR05 Estevan Florial
PR06 Wander Franco
PR07 Richard Gallardo
PR08 Nolan Gorman
PR09 Ronaldo Hernandez
PR10 Ivan Herrera
PR1 Nico Hoerner
PR12 Spencer Howard
PR13 Grant Lavigne
PR14 Marco Luciano
PR15 Gavin Lux
PR16 Noelvi Marte

PR17 Mason Martin
PR18 Julio Pablo Martinez
PR19 Ronny Mauricio
PR20 Triston McKenzie
PR21 Elehuris Montero
PR22 Luis Patino
PR23 Geraldo Perdomo
PR24 Denyi Reyes
PR25 Keibert Ruiz
PR26 Jhon Torres
PR27 Taylor Trammell
PR28 Drew Waters
PR29 Bobby Witt Jr
PR30 Bruce Yang Wang
PR31 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Timeless Auto Set

Timeless Auto Keibert Ruiz MOCK UP
11 Cards – Serial Numbered #/21

TM01 Daniel Alvarez
TM02 Austin Beck
TM03 Nolan Gorman
TM04 Grant Lavigne
TM05 Mason Martin
TM06 Triston McKenzie

TM07 Elehuris Montero
TM08 Keibert Ruiz
TM09 Bobby Witt Jr
TM10 Bruce Yang Wang
TM11 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Tribute Auto Set

Tribute Auto Wade Boggs MOCK UP
36 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12

TRB01 Daniel Alvarez
TRB02 Austin Beck
TRB03 Scott Blewett
TRB04 Wade Boggs
TRB05 Antonio Cabello
TRB06 Bartolo Colon
TRB07 Estevan Florial
TRB08 Wander Franco
TRB09 Richard Gallardo
TRB10 Nolan Gorman
TRB11 Vladimir Guerrero
TRB12 Ronaldo Hernandez
TRB13 Ivan Herrera
TRB14 Nico Hoerner
TRB15 Spencer Howard
TRB16 Grant Lavigne
TRB17 Marco Luciano
TRB18 Gavin Lux

TRB19 Noelvi Marte
TRB20 Mason Martin
TRB21 Julio Pablo Martinez
TRB22 Ronny Mauricio
TRB23 Triston McKenzie
TRB24 Elehuris Montero
TRB25 Luis Patino
TRB26 Geraldo Perdomo
TRB27 Mike Piazza
TRB28 Denyi Reyes
TRB29 Keibert Ruiz
TRB30 Nolan Ryan
TRB31 Jhon Torres
TRB32 Taylor Trammell
TRB33 Drew Waters
TRB34 Bobby Witt Jr
TRB35 Bruce Yang Wang
TRB36 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – Triumph Auto Set

Triumph Auto Ronny Mauricio MOCK UP
28 Cards – Serial Numbered #/21

TR01 Daniel Alvarez
TR02 Austin Beck
TR03 Scott Blewett
TR04 Antonio Cabello
TR05 Estevan Florial
TR06 Wander Franco
TR07 Richard Gallardo
TR08 Nolan Gorman
TR09 Vladimir Guerrero
TR10 Ivan Herrera
TR11 Nico Hoerner
TR12 Spencer Howard
TR13 Randy Johnson
TR14 Chipper Jones

TR15 Grant Lavigne
TR16 Noelvi Marte
TR17 Mason Martin
TR18 Julio Pablo Martinez
TR19 Ronny Mauricio
TR20 Triston McKenzie
TR21 Elehuris Montero
TR22 Luis Patino
TR23 Denyi Reyes
TR24 Keibert Ruiz
TR25 Jhon Torres
TR26 Bobby Witt Jr
TR27 Bruce Yang Wang
TR28 Jolon Zhao

Auto Relic Sets

2019 Futera Unique – Game Gear Auto Relic Set

Game Gear Auto Relic Marco Luciano MOCK UP
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12

GG01 Ronaldo Hernandez
GG02 Marco Luciano
GG03 Gavin Lux
GG04 Mason Martin
GG05 Julio Pablo Martinez

GG06 Ronny Mauricio
GG07 Geraldo Perdomo
GG08 Taylor Trammell
GG09 Drew Waters

2019 Futera Unique – Legacy Auto Relic Set

Legacy Auto Relic Gavin Lux MOCK UP
6 Cards – Serial Numbered #/7

LY01 Ronaldo Hernandez
LY02 Gavin Lux
LY03 Mason Martin

LY04 Julio Pablo Martinez
LY05 Ronny Mauricio
LY06 Geraldo Perdomo

2019 Futera Unique – Masters Auto Relic Set

Masters Auto Relics Ronalo Hernandez MOCK UP
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10

MS01 Ronaldo Hernandez
MS02 Marco Luciano
MS03 Gavin Lux
MS04 Mason Martin
MS05 Julio Pablo Martinez

MS06 Edgar Martinez
MS07 Ichiro Suzuki
MS08 Taylor Trammell
MS09 Drew Waters

Gold Plated Framed Autograph Sets

2019 Futera Unique – Memostars Auto Relic Set

Memostars Auto Relic Edgar Martinez
10 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

MEM01 Ronaldo Hernandez
MEM02 Marco Luciano
MEM03 Gavin Lux
MEM04 Mason Martin
MEM05 Julio Pablo Martinez

MEM06 Edgar Martinez
MEM07 Ronny Mauricio
MEM08 Geraldo Perdomo
MEM09 Ichiro Suzuki
MEM10 Taylor Trammell

2019 Futera Unique – Mythicals Auto Set

Mythicals Auto Ichiro Suzuki
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

MYTH01 Wade Boggs
MYTH02 Bartolo Colon
MYTH03 Vladimir Guerrero
MYTH04 Randy Johnson
MYTH05 Chipper Jones

MYTH06 Edgar Martinez
MYTH07 Mike Piazza
MYTH08 Nolan Ryan
MYTH09 Ichiro Suzuki

2019 Futera Unique – Phenoms Auto Set

31 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

PH01 Daniel Alvarez
PH02 Austin Beck
PH03 Scott Blewett
PH04 Antonio Cabello
PH05 Estevan Florial
PH06 Wander Franco
PH07 Richard Gallardo
PH08 Nolan Gorman
PH09 Ronaldo Hernandez
PH10 Ivan Herrera
PH11 Nico Hoerner
PH12 Spencer Howard
PH13 Grant Lavigne
PH14 Marco Luciano
PH15 Gavin Lux
PH16 Noelvi Marte

PH17 Mason Martin
PH18 Julio Pablo Martinez
PH19 Ronny Mauricio
PH20 Triston McKenzie
PH21 Elehuris Montero
PH22 Luis Patino
PH23 Geraldo Perdomo
PH24 Denyi Reyes
PH25 Keibert Ruiz
PH26 Jhon Torres
PH27 Taylor Trammell
PH28 Drew Waters
PH29 Bobby Witt Jr
PH30 Bruce Yang Wang
PH31 Jolon Zhao

2019 Futera Unique – 1-of-1 Auto Set

40 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

Antonio Cabello
Austin Beck
Bartolo Colon
Bobby Witt Jr
Bruce Yang Wang
Chipper Jones
Daniel Alvarez
Denyi Reyes
Drew Waters
Edgar Martinez
Elehuris Montero
Estevan Florial
Gavin Lux
Geraldo Perdomo
Grant Lavigne
Ichiro Suzuki
Ivan Herrera
Jhon Torres
Jolon Zhao
Julio Pablo Martinez

Keibert Ruiz
Luis Patino
Marco Luciano
Mason Martin
Mike Piazza
Nico Hoerner
Noelvi Marte
Nolan Gorman
Nolan Ryan
Randy Johnson
Richard Gallardo
Ronaldo Hernandez
Ronny Mauricio
Scott Blewett
Spencer Howard
Taylor Trammell
Triston McKenzie
Vladimir Guerrero
Wade Boggs
Wander Franco

2019 Futera Unique – 1-of-1 Auto Relic Set

10 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

Edgar Martinez
Gavin Lux
Geraldo Perdomo
Ichiro Suzuki
Julio Pablo Martinez

Marco Luciano
Mason Martin
Ronaldo Hernandez
Ronny Mauricio
Taylor Trammell

2019 Futera Unique – 1-of-1 Cut Auto Set

Cut Auto Babe Ruth MOCK UP
16 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

Babe Ruth
Cal Ripken Jr
Cy Young
Derek Jeter
Frank Robinson
Hank Aaron
Jackie Robinson
Joe DiMaggio

Mickey Mantle
Ozzie Smith
Roger Clemens
Sandy Koufax
Stan Musial
Ted Williams
Willie Mays
Willie McCovey

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