2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Football Card Checklist

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series Football

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series Football is a follow up to the recently released Low Series set. As can be expected the two release uses identical formats, with each hobby box offering a total of 12 autographs. The High Series release however does add one extra signed card to Blaster boxes. As the name suggests, this release picks up from Low Series and rounds off the checklist with the higher numbered base cards. The pricing for this release has not yet been released, but it will likely be similar to the Low Series release.

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 18, 2019
Price: N/A
Hobby Configuration: 6 Cards Per Pack; 20 Packs Per Box; 16 Boxes Per Case
Blaster Configuration: 80 Cards Per Box; 20 Boxes Per Case
Hobby Box Break: 12 Autographs; 20 Base Parallels; 20 Inserts
Blaster Box Break: 4 Autographs

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Base Set

Base Damien Harris
70 Cards
Parallels: Silver (Retail Exclusive); Gold (Hobby Exclusive)

71 Isaiah “Izzy” Matthews – Colorado State
72 Drew Sample – Washington
73 David Long, Jr. – West Virginia
74 Brett Rypien – Boise State
75 Josh Oliver – San Jose State
76 Terrill Hanks – New Mexico State
77 Khalen Saunders – Western Illinois
78 Keelan Doss – Uc Davis
79 Marcus Epps – Wyoming
80 Jake Dolegala – Central Connecticut
81 Jeffery Simmons – Mississippi State
82 Aca’cedric Ware – Southern California
83 Ryan Connelly – Wisconsin
84 Kendall Joseph – Clemson
85 Blake Cashman – Minnesota
86 Daniel Jones – Duke
87 Damien Harris – Alabama
88 D.K. Metcalf – Mississippi
89 Zach Allen – Boston College
90 Carl Granderson – Wyoming
91 Justice Hill – Oklahoma State
92 Dwayne Haskins – Ohio State
93 Marquise Brown – Oklahoma
94 Kyle Shurmur – Vanderbilt
95 Emanuel Hall – Missouri
96 Tyler Wilkins – Richmond
97 Devin White – LSU
98 Jonathan Ledbetter – Georgia
99 Khari Willis – Michigan State
100 Ryan Finley – Nc State
101 Amani Oruwariye – Penn State
102 Brian Burns – Florida State
103 Deonte Harris – Assumption
104 Clayton Thorson – Northwestern
105 Davis Koppenhaver – Duke

106 Johnathan Lloyd – Duke
107 Damion Willis – Troy
108 Alexander Hollins – Eastern Illinois
109 Papi White – Ohio
110 AJ Bush, Jr. – Illinois
111 Jah’shawn Johnson – Texas Tech
112 Tevin Mccaster – Youngstown State
113 James Madison – Idaho State
114 Nick Watkins – Notre Dame / Houston
115 Jamie Gillan – Arkansas Pine-Bluff
116 Mike Weber, Jr. – Next Level
117 Terry Mclaurin – Next Level
118 Alex Barnes – Next Level
119 Rodney Anderson – Next Level
120 Jarrett Stidham – Next Level
121 Ryan Finley – Next Level
122 Deebo Samuel – Next Level
123 Caleb Wilson – Next Level
124 Christian Wilkins – Next Level
125 Clayton Thorson – Next Level
126 Keelan Doss – Next Level
127 Chase Winovich – Next Level
128 Josh Oliver – Next Level
129 Mecole Hardman – Next Level
130 Dwayne Haskins – All Rookie Team
131 Drew Lock – All Rookie Team
132 D.K. Metcalf – All Rookie Team
133 Noah Fant – All Rookie Team
134 A.J. Brown – All Rookie Team
135 Daniel Jones – All Rookie Team
136 Marquise Brown – All Rookie Team
137 Damien Harris – All Rookie Team
138 Nick Bosa – All Rookie Team
139 Justice Hill – All Rookie Team
140 Christian Wilkins – All Rookie Team

Autograph Sets

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Rookie Auto Set

Rookie Auto D.K. Metcalf
54 Cards
Parallels: Black; Red; Gold #/100; Blue Ice 1/1

A34 Gary Johnson
A44 Marquis Young
A46 David Long, Jr. (WVU)
A47 Josh Oliver
A48 D.K. Metcalf
A49 Emanuel Hall
A50 Damien Harris
A51 Terrill Hanks
A52 Brett Rypien
A54 Khalen Saunders
A55 Drew Sample
A56 Dwayne Haskins
A57 Aca’cedric Ware
A58 Jeffery Simmons
A59 Marcus Epps
A60 Jake Dolegala
A61 Ryan Connelly
A62 Kendall Joseph
A63 Carl Granderson
A64 Zach Allen
A66 Khari Willis
A68 Marquise Brown
A69 Kyle Shurmur
A70 Devin White
A71 Jonathan Ledbetter
A72 Blake Cashman
A73 Daniel Jones
A25 Hjalte Froholdt

A74 Ryan Finley
A75 Clayton Thorson
A76 Deonte Harris
A77 Johnathan Lloyd
A78 Stephen Louis
A79 Tyler Wilkins
A80 Davis Koppenhaver
A81 Alexander Hollins
A82 Damion Willis
A85 Ryan Pope
A88 Amani Oruwariye
A89 Malik Henry
A90 Demetrius Knox
A91 Nick Watkins
A92 Papi White
A93 Jerome Washington
A94 Tevin Mccaster
A95 James Madison
A96 Justice Hill
A97 AJ Bush, Jr.
A98 Jah’shawn Johnson
A99 Brian Burns
A100 Jahlani Tavai
A101 Jaime Gillan
A102 Izzy Matthews
A103 Alex Bars
A104 Keelan Doss

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Next Level Signatures Set

Next Level Signatures Justice Hill
31 Cards
Parallels: Red; Silver #/25; Gold #/10; Emerald #/5; Blue Ice 1/1

NL-AJB A.J. Brown
NL-AO Amani Oruwariye
NL-AW Aca’cedric Ware
NL-BB Brian Burns
NL-BR Brett Rypien
NL-CG Carl Granderson
NL-CT Clayton Thorson
NL-DH1 Damien Harris
NL-DH2 Dwayne Haskins
NL-DJ2 Daniel Jones
NL-DK Davis Koppenhaver
NL-DKM D.K. Metcalf
NL-DL Drew Lock
NL-DW Devin White
NL-JD Jake Dolegala
NL-JH Justice Hansen

NL-JL Johnathan Lloyd
NL-JO Josh Oliver
NL-JS Jarrett Stidham
NL-JS2 Jeffery Simmons
NL-KD Keelan Doss
NL-KS Kyle Shurmur
NL-MB Marquise Brown
NL-MW Mike Weber, Jr.
NL-MY Marquis Young
NL-NB Nick Bosa
NL-NF Noah Fant
NL-RF Ryan Finley
NL-TM Terry Mclaurin
NL-WG Will Grier
NL-ZA Zach Allen

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Peak Performance Auto Set

25 Cards
Parallels: Silver; Red #/25; Blue #/10; Gold #/5; Cracked Ice 1/1

PKA-50/50 Patrick Mahomes / Dwayne Haskins
PKA-ACW Aca’cedric Ware
PKA-AJB A.J. Brown
PKA-AJB2 AJ Bush, Jr.
PKA-AO Amani Oruwariye
PKA-BB Brian Burns
PKA-BC Blake Cashman
PKA-CL Clayton Thorson
PKA-CO Charles Omenihu
PKA-DH2 Dwayne Haskins
PKA-DH3 Deonte Harris
PKA-DJ Daniel Jones
PKA-DL Drew Lock

PKA-DS3 Drew Sample
PKA-DW Devin White
PKA-JH2 Justice Hill
PKA-JM James Madison
PKA-JO Josh Oliver
PKA-KD Keelan Doss
PKA-KJ Kendall Joseph
PKA-MB Marquise Brown
PKA-NW Nick Watkins
PKA-PW Papi White
PKA-RF Ryan Finley
PKA-TH Terrill Hanks

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Premium Portrait Auto Set

11 Cards
Parallels: Red; Silver #/25; Gold #/10; Emerald #/5; Blue Ice 1/1

PPA-16 Dre’mont Jones
PPA-17 Keesean Johnson
PPA-18 Noah Fant
PPA-19 A.J. Brown
PPA-20 Deionte Thompson
PPA-21 Mecole Hardman

PPA-22 Deebo Samuel
PPA-23 Caleb Wilson
PPA-24 Josh Oliver
PPA-25 Brett Rypien
PPA-26 Diontae Johnson

Insert Sets

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Peak Performance Set

25 Cards
Parallels: Silver; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Blue #/5; Cracked Ice 1/1

PK-50/50 Patrick Mahomes / Dwayne Haskins
PK-ACW Aca’cedric Ware
PK-AJB A.J. Brown
PK-AJB2 Aj Bush, Jr.
PK-AO Amani Oruwariye
PK-BB Brian Burns
PK-BC Blake Cashman
PK-CL Clayton Thorson
PK-CO Charles Omenihu
PK-DH2 Dwayne Haskins
PK-DH3 Deonte Harris
PK-DJ Daniel Jones
PK-DL Drew Lock

PK-DS3 Drew Sample
PK-DW Devin White
PK-JH2 Justice Hill
PK-JM James Madison
PK-JO Josh Oliver
PK-KD Keelan Doss
PK-KJ Kendall Joseph
PK-MB Marquise Brown
PK-NW Nick Watkins
PK-PW Papi White
PK-RF Ryan Finley
PK-TH Terrill Hanks

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Premium Portrait Set

11 Cards
Parallels: Silver (Retail Exclusive); Gold (Hobby Exclusive)

PP-16 Dre’mont Jones
PP-17 Keesean Johnson
PP-18 Noah Fant
PP-19 A.J. Brown
PP-20 Deionte Thompson
PP-21 Mecole Hardman

PP-22 Deebo Samuel
PP-23 Caleb Wilson
PP-24 Josh Oliver
PP-25 Brett Rypien
PP-26 Diontae Johnson

2019 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series – Memorabilia Exchange Set

Randomly Inserted Bonus Hit Redemption

Signed Jerseys
Game-Worn Jerseys


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