2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Entertainment Card Checklist

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years  celebrates the 10th anniversary of collecting Marvel Cinematic Universe cards that started with 2008’s Iron Man. The set includes autographs, relics, sketch cards, and inserts. Actor autographs will be a big chase product and they include Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), and Tom Holland (Spiderman). There are also manufactured film cel relics and costume relic pieces. As is usually the case with Upper Deck entertainment, the release includes sketch cards which are a highlight that are very popular on the ePack website. The release offers 1 hit per hobby box, be it auto, relic or sketch.

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 1, 2019
Price: TBA
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 15 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Hit (Auto, Relic, or Sketch); 1 Film Cel Relic; 4 Roman Numerals Inserts; 6 Base SPs

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Base Set

Base Captain America
150 Cards – Includes 50 Short Prints (1:2.5 Packs)

1 Taking Flight
2 Workshop
4 Arc Reactor
5 Gauntlet
6 Going For A Ride
7 Escape Plan
8 Stane
9 Suited Up
10 War Machine
11 Hearing
12 Weaponized
13 Romanova
14 Pepper
15 Stark Expo
16 Black Widow
17 Ivan Vanko
18 Brothers
19 Mjolnir
20 Sif & The Warriors Three
21 Research
22 Odin & Frigga
23 Jane Foster
24 Lady Sif
25 Heimdall
26 Johann Schmidt
27 The Howling Commandos
28 Howard Stark
29 Super Soldier Serum
30 Red Skull
31 Training
32 Plan of Attack
33 Peggy Carter
34 War Bonds
35 Loki
36 Cap Is Back
37 Thor & Cap
38 New York
39 Leaders
40 Barton & Romanova
41 Aboard the Hellicarrier
42 Thor
43 Looking Down Sight
44 Bruce Banner
45 Suit Room
46 Mandarin
47 West Coast
48 Garage
49 Killian
50 Iron Patriot
51 Happy
52 Look Up
53 Vanaheim Battle
54 Thor of Asgard
55 Thor & Jane
56 Dark Elves
57 Hogun
58 Gatekeeper
59 Natasha
60 Batroc
61 Winter Soldier
62 On Your Left
63 Taking Cover
64 Sam Wilson
65 Bucky Barnes
66 Fury
67 Falcon
68 The Orb
69 Peter Quill
70 Nebula
71 Yondu
72 Drax & Star Lord
73 Ronan The Accuser
74 Star-Lord
75 Line-Up

76 Sokovia
77 Ultron
78 Quicksilver
79 Hawkeye
80 Hulkbuster
81 Baron von Strucker
82 On My Way
83 Discussing Options
84 Genius’s at work
85 Hands Up
86 The Crew
87 Hope
88 Not As Planned
89 Yellowjacket
90 Ants
91 Cross
92 Under Cover
93 Crossbones
94 Avengers
95 Caught
96 Scarlet Witch
97 Father & Son
98 Bucky Barnes
99 Funeral
100 Wanda
Base Short Print – 1:2.5
101 Surgeon
102 Wong
103 Eye of Agomotto
104 Cloak of Levitation
105 Ancient One
106 Mordo
107 Kaecilius
108 Astral Plane
109 Baby Groot
110 Best Buds
111 Mantis & Drax
112 Captains Chair
113 Ego
114 Crash Landing on Berhert
115 Empath
116 Shootout
117 Elevator
118 God of Thunder
119 Bruce
120 Grandmaster
121 Valkyrie
122 Hela
123 Father & Sons
124 Fight Night
125 Shuri
126 Cousins
127 Dora Milage
128 Ceremony
129 Looking On
130 From the Shadows
131 Looking For Klaw
132 Interrogation
133 Ancestral Plane
134 We Have A Hulk
135 Space
136 A God
137 On The Run
138 Energy of A Star
139 Mr. Stark
140 Iron Spider
141 War in Wakanda
142 For Wakanda
143 Wanda Maximoff
144 Chase
145 Ant-Man
146 Flying Ant
147 Ghost
148 The Wasp
149 Ant-Man & The Wasp
150 Giant-Man

Autograph Sets

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Film Cel Auto Set

Film Cel Manufactured Relic Auto Thanos
4 Cards – 1:432 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:7344 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:3672 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:525 Packs

FCA-CH Chris Hemsworth as Thor – A
FCA-JB Josh Brolin as Thanos – B
FCA-RJ Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye – C
FCA-CS Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill – C


2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Legendary Scripts Auto Set

Legendary Scripts Auto Tom Holland
18 Cards – 1:90 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:3008 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:412 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:120 Packs

LS-AH Cobie Smulders – Portrait, Looking Far Right – C
LS-CA Chris Evans – B
LS-CH Chris Hemsworth – Short Hair, Glowing Eyes – A
LS-CS Cobie Smulders – Portrait, Looking Right – C
LS-DH Djimon Hounsou – Looking Far Right – C
LS-GW Walton Goggins – Inside, Looking Up – C
LS-HD Djimon Hounsou – Looking Right – C
LS-HE Jeremy Renner – Profile, Looking Left – C
LS-HK Jeremy Renner – Plaid Shirt – B

LS-JB Josh Brolin – A
LS-JR Jeremy Renner – Profile, Looking Right – B
LS-KG Karen Gillan – C
LS-MH Cobie Smulders – Profile, Looking Right – B
LS-RJ Jeremy Renner – Sleeveless – B
LS-SB Walton Goggins – Outside, Looking Up – C
LS-TH Tom Holland – A
LS-TO Chris Hemsworth – Long Hair – A
LS-WG Walton Goggins – Inside, Looking Down – C

Relics/Sketch Sets

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Eclectic Collection Relics Set

Eclectic Collection Relic Black Panther
45 Cards – Includes 10 Short Prints

Base – 1:30 Packs
EC-1 Ant-Man – Fabric
EC-2 Bruce Banner – Suit
EC-3 Black Panther – Fabric
EC-4 Black Widow – Jacket
EC-5 Bucky Barnes – Jacket
EC-6 Captain America – Fabric
EC-7 Thor – Cape
EC-8 Doctor Strange – Fabric
EC-9 Drax – Trousers
EC-10 Falcon – Shirt
EC-11 Gamora – Fabric
EC-12 Valkyrie – Fabric
EC-13 Grandmaster – Robe
EC-14 Shuri – Vest
EC-15 Hawkeye – Coat
EC-16 Heimdall – Skirt
EC-17 Hela – Fabric
EC-18 Wasp – Suit
EC-19 Iron Man – Jersey
EC-20 Yondu – Fabric
EC-21 Rocket – Fabric
EC-22 Killmonger – Pants
EC-23 Kaecilius – Fabric

EC-24 Loki – Pants
EC-25 Mandarin – Robe
EC-26 Nova Corps – Fabric
EC-27 Pepper Potts – Fabric
EC-28 Nebula – Fabric
EC-29 Ancient One – Silk
EC-30 Quicksilver – Top
EC-31 Rhodey – Fabric
EC-32 Ronan The Accuser – Fabric
EC-33 Scarlet Witch – Shirt
EC-34 Spider-Man – Fabric
EC-35 Star-Lord – Flight Suit
Short Print – 1:288 Packs
EC-36 Iron Man – Vest
EC-37 Ant-Man – Fabric
EC-38 Black Panther – Tunic
EC-39 Dave – Polo
EC-40 Quicksilver – Pants
EC-41 Captain America – Collar
EC-42 Mantis – Fabric
EC-43 Odin – Fabric
EC-44 Thor – Fabric
EC-45 Black Widow – Fabric

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Film Cel Manufactured Relic Set

Film Cel MOCK UP Tony Stark
33 Cards – Includes 8 Short Prints and 5 Super Short Prints

Base – 1:20 Packs
FC-1 Tony Stark
FC-2 Iron Man
FC-3 Thor
FC-4 Steve Rogers
FC-5 Loki
FC-6 Mandarin
FC-7 Jane Foster
FC-8 The Winter Soldier
FC-9 Star-Lord
FC-10 Ultron
FC-11 Ant-Man
FC-12 T’Challa
FC-13 Doctor Strange
FC-14 Gamora
FC-15 Grandmaster
FC-16 Black Panther
FC-17 Thanos

FC-18 Captain America
FC-19 Iron Man
FC-20 Wasp
Short Print – 1:72 Packs
FC-21 Obadiah Stane
FC-22 Odin
FC-23 Red Skull
FC-24 Bruce Banner
FC-25 Drax
FC-26 Yellowjacket
FC-27 Kaecilius
FC-28 Killmonger
Super Short Print – 1:360 Packs
FC-29 Malekith
FC-30 Whiplash
FC-31 Aldrich Killian
FC-32 Vision
FC-33 Black Widow

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Sketch Card Set

56 Artists – Each Card Serial Numbered 1/1 – 1:60 Packs

Adam Fields
Bob Petrecca
Chris McJunkin
Daniel Logan
Eric Fournier
Ethan Castillo
Freddy Lopez Jr.
Huy Truong
Jamie Joslyn
Jason Miller
Jesus Marquez
Juan Navarro
Luke Welch
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mitch Ballard
Paul Hill
Tom Nguyen
Agus Sumantri
Alan Rodjal
Andrew Lopez
Andy Bohn
Andy Sparke
Angelo de Capua
Anthony Helmer
Brian Rogers
Danny Kidwell
Ed Mark F.dela Cruz

Ernest Romero
Fernando Ramirez
Free Isabelo
Gary ODD Edmund
Glen Canlas
Gordon Willis
Ivan Rodriguez
Jason Sobol
Jayson Kretzer
Joe Rubinstein
Joey Lee Cabral
JoJo Seames
Joshua Christopher
Justin Castaneda
Kevin Cameron
Liam Shalloo
Mark Stegbauer
Mathew Dariol
Matthew Lopez
Michel Mulipola
Michelle Guerrero
Mike J. Sealie
Sean Forney
Shawn Langley
Sigh Santoro
Steve Mardo
Tim Fagaly

Insert Sets

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Roman Numerals Set

Roman Numerals Hulk
90 Cards

Roman Numerals I – 1:18 Packs
RN1 Tony Stark
RN2 Iron Man
RN3 Mark 1
RN4 Ho Yinsen
RN5 Christine Everhart
RN6 Agent Coulson
RN7 Raza
RN8 Thunderbolt Ross
RN9 Obadiah Stane
Roman Numerals II – 1:21 Packs
RN10 Iron Man
RN11 Happy Hogan
RN12 Rhodey
RN13 Natasha Romanova
RN14 Justin Hammer
RN15 Ivan Vanko
RN16 Nick
RN17 Happy Hogan
RN18 Pepper Potts
Roman Numerals III – 1:24 Packs
RN19 Thor
RN20 Loki
RN21 Heimdall
RN22 Odin
RN23 Steve Rogers
RN24 Red Skull
RN25 Peggy Carter
RN26 Howard Stark
RN27 Bucky Barnes
Roman Numerals IV – 1:30 Packs
RN28 Tony Stark
RN29 Captain America
RN30 Bruce Banner
RN31 Agent Coulson
RN32 Thor
RN33 Black Widow
RN34 Hawkeye
RN35 Maria Hill
RN36 Loki
Roman Numerals V – 1:36 Packs
RN37 Iron Man
RN38 Pepper Potts
RN39 Iron Patriot
RN40 Aldrich Killian
RN41 Mandarin
RN42 Thor
RN43 Malekith
RN44 Lady Sif
RN45 Loki

Roman Numerals VI – 1:48 Packs
RN46 The Winter Soldier
RN47 Falcon
RN48 Yondu
RN49 Nebula
RN50 Star-Lord
RN51 Gamora
RN52 Drax
RN53 Groot
RN54 Rocket
Roman Numerals VII – 1:64 Packs
RN55 Quicksilver
RN56 Scarlet Witch
RN57 Baron von Strucker
RN58 Ultron
RN59 Ant-Man
RN60 Hope Van Dyne
RN61 Yellowjacket
RN62 Luis
RN63 Scott Lang
Roman Numerals VIII – 1:90 Packs
RN64 T’Challa
RN65 Thunderbolt Ross
RN66 Spider-Man
RN67 Crossbones
RN68 Doctor Stephen Strange
RN69 Wong
RN70 Ancient One
RN71 Mordo
RN72 Kaecilius
Roman Numerals IX – 1:120 Packs
RN73 Baby Groot
RN74 Mantis
RN75 Ego
RN76 Kraglin
RN77 Hela
RN78 Odin
RN79 Grandmaster
RN80 Valkyrie
RN81 Hulk
Roman Numerals X – 1:208 Packs
RN82 Black Panther
RN83 M’Baku
RN84 Shuri
RN85 Okoye
RN86 Eitri
RN87 Wasp
RN88 Killmonger
RN89 Thanos
RN90 Ghost

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – Story of the MCU Set

Story of the MCU Thor
16 Cards – 1:8 Packs

MCU1 Iron Man
MCU2 Thor
MCU3 Captain America: The First Avenger
MCU4 Marvel’s The Avengers
MCU5 Guardians of The Galaxy
MCU6 Ant-Man
MCU7 Doctor Strange
MCU8 Black Panther

MCU9 Avengers Infinity War
MCU10 Avengers Infinity War
MCU11 Thor: The Dark World
MCU12 Iron Man 3
MCU13 Avengers: Age of Ultron
MCU14 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
MCU15 Captain America: Civil War
MCU16 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

2019 UD Marvel Studios First Ten Years – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Set

32 Cards – 1:5 Packs

TU1 Captain America
TU2 Winter Soldier
TU3 Iron Man
TU4 Hulk
TU5 Black Widow
TU6 Black Panther
TU7 War Machine
TU8 Thor
TU9 Scarlet Witch
TU10 Groot
TU11 Star-Lord
TU12 Vision
TU13 Gamora
TU14 Drax
TU15 Doctor Strange
TU16 Wong

TU17 Okoye
TU18 Shuri
TU19 Rocket Raccoon
TU20 Mantis
TU21 Spider-Man
TU22 Ant-Man
TU23 Wasp
TU24 Valkyrie
TU25 Nakia
TU26 Falcon
TU27 Hawkeye
TU28 Quicksilver
TU29 Nick Fury
TU30 Groot 2.0
TU31 Yondu
TU32 Nebula

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