2020 Futera Unique Onyx Prospects & Legends – Baseball Card Checklist

2020 Futera Unique Onyx Prospects & Legends Baseball

2020 Futera Unique Onyx Prospects & Legends Baseball is a second year release that is the result of a joint effort between Futera and Onyx Authenticated. The high-end set features MLB Legends and young players just getting started. This is a very limited set with only 70 cases produced, meaning there are several 1-of-1 cards, as well as some cards that framed in 24KT gold plating. A breakdown of the set can be found on Breakninja.com.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Product Breakdown

Release Date: November 6, 2020
Price: Approx. $380USD Per Hobby Display Box
Configuration: Up to 6 Cards Per Pack; 4 Packs Per Display Box; 4 Boxes Per Mini Case; 3 Mini Cases Per Master Case; 70 Total Master Cases
Hobby Pack Break: 1 Auto/Gold-Plated Framed Card
Hobby Display Box Break: 4 Autos/Gold-Plated Framed Cards; 1 Base Heritage
Mini Case Break: 2 Gold-Plated Framed Autos
Case Break: 1 Gold-Plated Framed Auto 1-of-1

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Base Set

Prospects and Legends Base Wander Franco MOCK UP
50 Cards

1 Ronald Acuna
2 Joey Bart
3 Edward Cabrera
4 Roberto Campos
5 Alexander Canario
6 Yiddi Cappe
7 Jean Casanova
8 Carlos Colmenarez
9 Danny De Andrade
10 Jasson Dominguez
11 Estevan Florial
12 Wander Franco
13 Richard Gallardo
14 Luis Gil
15 MacKenzie Gore
16 Vladimir Guerrero
17 Cristian Hernandez
18 Miguel Hiraldo
19 Tyler Ivey
20 Randy Johnson
21 Greg Jones Jr
22 Marco Luciano
23 Kevin Made
24 Alek Manoah
25 Noelvi Marte

26 Mason Martin
27 Orelvis Martinez
28 Ronny Mauricio
29 Hans Montero
30 Wildred Patino
31 Nate Pearson
32 Erick Pena
33 Fabian Pertuz
34 Mike Piazza
35 Pedro Pineda
36 Robert Puason
37 Ronnier Quintero
38 Kristian Robinson
39 Julio Rodriguez
40 Luis Rodriguez
41 Nolan Ryan
42 Cristian Santana
43 Ichiro Suzuki
44 Gleyber Torres
45 Jhon Torres
46 Taylor Trammell
47 George Valera
48 Leonel Valera
49 Drew Waters
50 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Base Heritage Set

Base Heritage Bronze Ichiro
50 Cards – 1 Per Display Box
Versions: Bronze #/15; Silver #/11′ Gold #/6

HTG1 Ronald Acuna
HTG2 Joey Bart
HTG3 Edward Cabrera
HTG4 Roberto Campos
HTG5 Alexander Canario
HTG6 Yiddi Cappe
HTG7 Jean Casanova
HTG8 Carlos Colmenarez
HTG9 Danny De Andrade
HTG10 Jasson Dominguez
HTG11 Estevan Florial
HTG12 Wander Franco
HTG13 Richard Gallardo
HTG14 Luis Gil
HTG15 MacKenzie Gore
HTG16 Vladimir Guerrero
HTG17 Cristian Hernandez
HTG18 Miguel Hiraldo
HTG19 Tyler Ivey
HTG20 Randy Johnson
HTG21 Greg Jones Jr
HTG22 Marco Luciano
HTG23 Kevin Made
HTG24 Alek Manoah
HTG25 Noelvi Marte

HTG26 Mason Martin
HTG27 Orelvis Martinez
HTG28 Ronny Mauricio
HTG29 Hans Montero
HTG30 Wildred Patino
HTG31 Nate Pearson
HTG32 Erick Pena
HTG33 Fabian Pertuz
HTG34 Mike Piazza
HTG35 Pedro Pineda
HTG36 Robert Puason
HTG37 Ronnier Quintero
HTG38 Kristian Robinson
HTG39 Julio Rodriguez
HTG40 Luis Rodriguez
HTG41 Nolan Ryan
HTG42 Cristian Santana
HTG43 Ichiro Suzuki
HTG44 Gleyber Torres
HTG45 Jhon Torres
HTG46 Taylor Trammell
HTG47 George Valera
HTG48 Leonel Valera
HTG49 Drew Waters
HTG50 Bobby Witt Jr.

Autograph Sets

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Conquerors Auto Set

Conquerors Auto Mason Martin MOCK UP
43 Cards – Serial Numbered #/6

CQ01 Ronald Acuna
CQ02 Joey Bart
CQ03 Edward Cabrera
CQ04 Roberto Campos
CQ05 Alexander Canario
CQ06 Yiddi Cappe
CQ07 Jean Casanova
CQ08 Carlos Colmenarez
CQ09 Jasson Dominguez
CQ10 Estevan Florial
CQ11 Wander Franco
CQ12 Richard Gallardo
CQ13 Luis Gil
CQ14 MacKenzie Gore
CQ15 Vladimir Guerrero
CQ16 Cristian Hernandez
CQ17 Miguel Hiraldo
CQ18 Tyler Ivey
CQ19 Greg Jones Jr
CQ20 Marco Luciano
CQ21 Kevin Made
CQ22 Alek Manoah

CQ23 Noelvi Marte
CQ24 Mason Martin
CQ25 Orelvis Martinez
CQ26 Ronny Mauricio
CQ27 Hans Montero
CQ28 Wildred Patino
CQ29 Erick Pena
CQ30 Fabian Pertuz
CQ31 Mike Piazza
CQ32 Pedro Pineda
CQ33 Robert Puason
CQ34 Ronnier Quintero
CQ35 Kristian Robinson
CQ36 Julio Rodriguez
CQ37 Luis Rodriguez
CQ38 Cristian Santana
CQ39 Gleyber Torres
CQ40 Jhon Torres
CQ41 George Valera
CQ42 Leonel Valera
CQ43 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Glory Auto Set

43 Cards – Serial Numbered #/4

GL01 Ronald Acuna
GL02 Joey Bart
GL03 Edward Cabrera
GL04 Roberto Campos
GL05 Alexander Canario
GL06 Yiddi Cappe
GL07 Jean Casanova
GL08 Carlos Colmenarez
GL09 Jasson Dominguez
GL10 Estevan Florial
GL11 Wander Franco
GL12 Richard Gallardo
GL13 Luis Gil
GL14 MacKenzie Gore
GL15 Vladimir Guerrero
GL16 Cristian Hernandez
GL17 Miguel Hiraldo
GL18 Tyler Ivey
GL19 Greg Jones Jr
GL20 Marco Luciano
GL21 Kevin Made
GL22 Alek Manoah

GL23 Noelvi Marte
GL24 Mason Martin
GL25 Orelvis Martinez
GL26 Ronny Mauricio
GL27 Hans Montero
GL28 Wildred Patino
GL29 Erick Pena
GL30 Fabian Pertuz
GL31 Mike Piazza
GL32 Pedro Pineda
GL33 Robert Puason
GL34 Ronnier Quintero
GL35 Kristian Robinson
GL36 Julio Rodriguez
GL37 Luis Rodriguez
GL38 Cristian Santana
GL39 Gleyber Torres
GL40 Jhon Torres
GL41 George Valera
GL42 Leonel Valera
GL43 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Home Run Auto Set

39 Cards – Serial Numbered #/3

HR01 Ronald Acuna
HR02 Edward Cabrera
HR03 Roberto Campos
HR04 Alexander Canario
HR05 Yiddi Cappe
HR06 Jean Casanova
HR07 Carlos Colmenarez
HR08 Jasson Dominguez
HR09 Estevan Florial
HR10 Wander Franco
HR11 Richard Gallardo
HR12 Luis Gil
HR13 MacKenzie Gore
HR14 Vladimir Guerrero
HR15 Cristian Hernandez
HR16 Miguel Hiraldo
HR17 Tyler Ivey
HR18 Greg Jones Jr
HR19 Marco Luciano
HR20 Kevin Made

HR21 Alek Manoah
HR22 Noelvi Marte
HR23 Mason Martin
HR24 Orelvis Martinez
HR25 Ronny Mauricio
HR26 Hans Montero
HR27 Wildred Patino
HR28 Erick Pena
HR29 Fabian Pertuz
HR30 Mike Piazza
HR31 Pedro Pineda
HR32 Robert Puason
HR33 Ronnier Quintero
HR34 Julio Rodriguez
HR35 Cristian Santana
HR36 Gleyber Torres
HR37 Jhon Torres
HR38 Leonel Valera
HR39 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Legacy Auto Set

30 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10

LY01 Edward Cabrera
LY02 Roberto Campos
LY03 Alexander Canario
LY04 Yiddi Cappe
LY05 Jean Casanova
LY06 Carlos Colmenarez
LY07 Jasson Dominguez
LY08 Estevan Florial
LY09 Wander Franco
LY10 Richard Gallardo
LY11 Luis Gil
LY12 MacKenzie Gore
LY13 Cristian Hernandez
LY14 Miguel Hiraldo
LY15 Tyler Ivey

LY16 Kevin Made
LY17 Orelvis Martinez
LY18 Hans Montero
LY19 Wildred Patino
LY20 Erick Pena
LY21 Fabian Pertuz
LY22 Pedro Pineda
LY23 Ronnier Quintero
LY24 Julio Rodriguez
LY25 Luis Rodriguez
LY26 Cristian Santana
LY27 Jhon Torres
LY28 George Valera
LY29 Leonel Valera
LY30 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Lineup Auto Set

37 Cards – Serial Numbered #/8

LN01 Joey Bart
LN02 Edward Cabrera
LN03 Roberto Campos
LN04 Alexander Canario
LN05 Yiddi Cappe
LN06 Jean Casanova
LN07 Carlos Colmenarez
LN08 Jasson Dominguez
LN09 Estevan Florial
LN10 Wander Franco
LN11 Richard Gallardo
LN12 Luis Gil
LN13 MacKenzie Gore
LN14 Cristian Hernandez
LN15 Miguel Hiraldo
LN16 Tyler Ivey
LN17 Greg Jones Jr
LN18 Kevin Made
LN19 Alek Manoah

LN20 Noelvi Marte
LN21 Mason Martin
LN22 Orelvis Martinez
LN23 Hans Montero
LN24 Wildred Patino
LN25 Nate Pearson
LN26 Erick Pena
LN27 Fabian Pertuz
LN28 Pedro Pineda
LN29 Ronnier Quintero
LN30 Kristian Robinson
LN31 Julio Rodriguez
LN32 Luis Rodriguez
LN33 Cristian Santana
LN34 Jhon Torres
LN35 George Valera
LN36 Leonel Valera
LN37 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Prominent Auto Set

Prominent Auto Roberto Campos
25 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

PT01 Edward Cabrera
PT02 Roberto Campos
PT03 Yiddi Cappe
PT04 Jean Casanova
PT05 Carlos Colmenarez
PT06 Estevan Florial
PT07 Richard Gallardo
PT08 Luis Gil
PT09 Miguel Hiraldo
PT10 Kevin Made
PT11 Noelvi Marte
PT12 Orelvis Martinez
PT13 Hans Montero

PT14 Wildred Patino
PT15 Nate Pearson
PT16 Erick Pena
PT17 Fabian Pertuz
PT18 Pedro Pineda
PT19 Robert Puason
PT20 Ronnier Quintero
PT21 Luis Rodriguez
PT22 Cristian Santana
PT23 Jhon Torres
PT24 George Valera
PT25 Leonel Valera

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Timeless Auto Set

Timeless Auto Luis Gil
40 Cards – Serial Numbered #/7

TM01 Joey Bart
TM02 Edward Cabrera
TM03 Roberto Campos
TM04 Alexander Canario
TM05 Yiddi Cappe
TM06 Jean Casanova
TM07 Carlos Colmenarez
TM08 Jasson Dominguez
TM09 Estevan Florial
TM10 Wander Franco
TM11 Richard Gallardo
TM12 Luis Gil
TM13 MacKenzie Gore
TM14 Cristian Hernandez
TM15 Miguel Hiraldo
TM16 Tyler Ivey
TM17 Greg Jones Jr
TM18 Marco Luciano
TM19 Kevin Made
TM20 Alek Manoah

TM21 Noelvi Marte
TM22 Mason Martin
TM23 Orelvis Martinez
TM24 Ronny Mauricio
TM25 Hans Montero
TM26 Wildred Patino
TM27 Nate Pearson
TM28 Erick Pena
TM29 Fabian Pertuz
TM30 Pedro Pineda
TM31 Robert Puason
TM32 Ronnier Quintero
TM33 Kristian Robinson
TM34 Julio Rodriguez
TM35 Luis Rodriguez
TM36 Cristian Santana
TM37 Jhon Torres
TM38 George Valera
TM39 Leonel Valera
TM40 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Tribute Auto Set

Tribute Auto Ronald Acuna Jr MOCK UP
42 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10

TRB01 Ronald Acuna
TRB02 Edward Cabrera
TRB03 Roberto Campos
TRB04 Alexander Canario
TRB05 Yiddi Cappe
TRB06 Jean Casanova
TRB07 Carlos Colmenarez
TRB08 Jasson Dominguez
TRB09 Estevan Florial
TRB10 Wander Franco
TRB11 Richard Gallardo
TRB12 Luis Gil
TRB13 MacKenzie Gore
TRB14 Vladimir Guerrero
TRB15 Cristian Hernandez
TRB16 Miguel Hiraldo
TRB17 Tyler Ivey
TRB18 Greg Jones Jr
TRB19 Marco Luciano
TRB20 Kevin Made
TRB21 Alek Manoah

TRB22 Noelvi Marte
TRB23 Mason Martin
TRB24 Orelvis Martinez
TRB25 Ronny Mauricio
TRB26 Hans Montero
TRB27 Wildred Patino
TRB28 Nate Pearson
TRB29 Erick Pena
TRB30 Fabian Pertuz
TRB31 Mike Piazza
TRB32 Pedro Pineda
TRB33 Robert Puason
TRB34 Ronnier Quintero
TRB35 Julio Rodriguez
TRB36 Luis Rodriguez
TRB37 Cristian Santana
TRB38 Gleyber Torres
TRB39 Jhon Torres
TRB40 George Valera
TRB41 Leonel Valera
TRB42 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Triumph Auto Set

43 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5

TR01 Ronald Acuna
TR02 Joey Bart
TR03 Edward Cabrera
TR04 Roberto Campos
TR05 Alexander Canario
TR06 Yiddi Cappe
TR07 Jean Casanova
TR08 Carlos Colmenarez
TR09 Jasson Dominguez
TR10 Estevan Florial
TR11 Wander Franco
TR12 Richard Gallardo
TR13 Luis Gil
TR14 MacKenzie Gore
TR15 Vladimir Guerrero
TR16 Cristian Hernandez
TR17 Miguel Hiraldo
TR18 Tyler Ivey
TR19 Greg Jones Jr
TR20 Marco Luciano
TR21 Kevin Made
TR22 Alek Manoah

TR23 Noelvi Marte
TR24 Mason Martin
TR25 Orelvis Martinez
TR26 Ronny Mauricio
TR27 Hans Montero
TR28 Wildred Patino
TR29 Erick Pena
TR30 Fabian Pertuz
TR31 Mike Piazza
TR32 Pedro Pineda
TR33 Robert Puason
TR34 Ronnier Quintero
TR35 Kristian Robinson
TR36 Julio Rodriguez
TR37 Luis Rodriguez
TR38 Cristian Santana
TR39 Gleyber Torres
TR40 Jhon Torres
TR41 George Valera
TR42 Leonel Valera
TR43 Bobby Witt Jr.

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Victory Auto Set

Victory Auto Wander Franco
41 Cards – Serial Numbered #/2

VC01 Ronald Acuna
VC02 Joey Bart
VC03 Edward Cabrera
VC04 Roberto Campos
VC05 Alexander Canario
VC06 Yiddi Cappe
VC07 Jean Casanova
VC08 Carlos Colmenarez
VC09 Jasson Dominguez
VC10 Estevan Florial
VC11 Wander Franco
VC12 Richard Gallardo
VC13 Luis Gil
VC14 MacKenzie Gore
VC15 Vladimir Guerrero
VC16 Cristian Hernandez
VC17 Miguel Hiraldo
VC18 Tyler Ivey
VC19 Greg Jones Jr
VC20 Marco Luciano
VC21 Kevin Made

VC22 Alek Manoah
VC23 Noelvi Marte
VC24 Mason Martin
VC25 Orelvis Martinez
VC26 Hans Montero
VC27 Wildred Patino
VC28 Erick Pena
VC29 Fabian Pertuz
VC30 Mike Piazza
VC31 Pedro Pineda
VC32 Robert Puason
VC33 Ronnier Quintero
VC34 Julio Rodriguez
VC35 Luis Rodriguez
VC36 Cristian Santana
VC37 Gleyber Torres
VC38 Jhon Torres
VC39 George Valera
VC40 Leonel Valera
VC41 Bobby Witt Jr.

Auto Relic Sets

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Grand Slam Auto Relics Set

Grand Slam Auto Relics Gregory Jones Jr MOCK UP
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

GS1 Edward Cabrera
GS2 Tyler Ivey
GS3 Greg Jones Jr
GS4 Marco Luciano
GS5 Noelvi Marte

GS6 Mason Martin
GS7 Ronny Mauricio
GS8 Taylor Trammell
GS9 Drew Waters

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Masters Auto Relics Set

10 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

MS1 Edward Cabrera
MS2 Tyler Ivey
MS3 Greg Jones Jr
MS4 Marco Luciano
MS5 Noelvi Marte

MS6 Mason Martin
MS7 Ronny Mauricio
MS8 Robert Puason
MS9 Taylor Trammell
MS10 Drew Waters

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Nostalgia Auto Relics Set

9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/7

NS1 Edward Cabrera
NS2 Tyler Ivey
NS3 Greg Jones Jr
NS4 Marco Luciano
NS5 Noelvi Marte

NS6 Mason Martin
NS7 Ronny Mauricio
NS8 Robert Puason
NS9 Drew Waters

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Victory Auto Relics Set

5 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5

VC1 Tyler Ivey
VC2 Greg Jones Jr
VC3 Marco Luciano
VC4 Mason Martin
VC5 Ronny Mauricio


24KT Gold Plated Framed Auto Sets

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Memostars Auto Relics 24KT Framed Set

Memostars Auto Relics 24KT Framed Ronny Mauricio
11 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

MEM01 Edward Cabrera
MEM02 Tyler Ivey
MEM03 Greg Jones Jr
MEM04 Marco Luciano
MEM05 Noelvi Marte
MEM06 Mason Martin

MEM07 Ronny Mauricio
MEM08 Robert Puason
MEM09 Ichiro Suzuki
MEM10 Taylor Trammell
MEM11 Drew Waters

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Mythicals Auto 24KT Framed Set

4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

MYTH01 Vladimir Guerrero
MYTH02 Randy Johnson
MYTH03 Mike Piazza
MYTH04 Nolan Ryan


2020 Futera Unique Onyx – Phenoms Auto 24KT Framed Set

Phenoms Auto 24KT Framed Jasson Dominguez MOCK UP
44 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9

PH01 Ronald Acuna
PH02 Joey Bart
PH03 Edward Cabrera
PH04 Roberto Campos
PH05 Alexander Canario
PH06 Yiddi Cappe
PH07 Jean Casanova
PH08 Carlos Colmenarez
PH09 Jasson Dominguez
PH10 Estevan Florial
PH11 Wander Franco
PH12 Richard Gallardo
PH13 Luis Gil
PH14 MacKenzie Gore
PH15 Cristian Hernandez
PH16 Miguel Hiraldo
PH17 Tyler Ivey
PH18 Greg Jones Jr
PH19 Marco Luciano
PH20 Kevin Made
PH21 Alek Manoah
PH22 Noelvi Marte

PH23 Mason Martin
PH24 Orelvis Martinez
PH25 Ronny Mauricio
PH26 Hans Montero
PH27 Wildred Patino
PH28 Nate Pearson
PH29 Erick Pena
PH30 Fabian Pertuz
PH31 Pedro Pineda
PH32 Robert Puason
PH33 Ronnier Quintero
PH34 Kristian Robinson
PH35 Julio Rodriguez
PH36 Luis Rodriguez
PH37 Cristian Santana
PH38 Gleyber Torres
PH39 Jhon Torres
PH40 Taylor Trammell
PH41 George Valera
PH42 Leonel Valera
PH43 Drew Waters
PH44 Bobby Witt Jr.

One-of-One Sets

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – 1-of-1 24KT Framed Auto Set

1-of-1 z24KT Framed Auto George Valera
41 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

  • Alek Manoah
  • Alexander Canario
  • Bobby Witt Jr.
  • Cristian Hernandez
  • Drew Waters
  • Edward Cabrera
  • Erick Pena
  • Fabian Pertuz
  • George Valera
  • Greg Jones Jr
  • Hans Montero
  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • Jasson Dominguez
  • Jean Casanova
  • Jhon Torres
  • Joey Bart
  • Julio Rodriguez
  • Kristian Robinson
  • Leonel Valera
  • Luis Gil
  • MacKenzie Gore
  • Marco Luciano
  • Mason Martin
  • Miguel Hiraldo
  • Mike Piazza
  • Nate Pearson
  • Noelvi Marte
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Orelvis Martinez
  • Pedro Pineda
  • Richard Gallardo
  • Robert Puason
  • Roberto Campos
  • Ronald Acuna
  • Ronnier Quintero
  • Ronny Mauricio
  • Tyler Ivey
  • Vladimir Guerrero
  • Wander Franco
  • Wildred Patino
  • Yiddi Cappe

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – 1-of-1 24KT Framed Auto Relics Set

11 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

  • Drew Waters
  • Edward Cabrera
  • Greg Jones Jr
  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • Marco Luciano
  • Mason Martin
  • Noelvi Marte
  • Robert Puason
  • Ronny Mauricio
  • Taylor Trammell
  • Tyler Ivey

2020 Futera Unique Onyx – 1-of-1 24KT Framed Cut Auto Set

14 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

  • Al Kaline
  • Derek Jeter
  • Duke Snider
  • Hank Aaron
  • Harmon Killebrew
  • Joe DiMaggio
  • Johnny Bench
  • Luke Appling
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Satchel Paige
  • Stan Musial
  • Warren Spahn
  • Willie Mays
  • Yogi Berra

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