2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Football Card Checklist

2020 Leaf Trinity Football

2020 Leaf Trinity Football is another all autographed set from the company that has become known for the format. Leaf offers 5 autographed cards per box this time, with as usual, the main focus being on up and coming prospects. In addition to the main autograph set, and it’s parallels, there are also patch autographs, and acetate autographs to chase. The combination of these cards makes for some decent potential for collectors looking to invest in the next cop of NFL stars. A full player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 27, 2020
Price: Approx. 175USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 10 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 5 Autographs

2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Signatures Set

Autographs Green Justin Herbert MOCK UP
73 Cards – Redemptions Noted
Foil Parallels: Platinum #/25; Green #/20; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1

A-AJ1 Anfernee Jennings
A-AJD AJ Dillon
A-AM1 Austin Mack
A-AO2 Albert Okwuegbunam
A-BA1 Brandon Aiyuk
A-BH1 Brycen Hopkins
A-BV1 Binjimen Victor
A-CA1 Cam Akers
A-CC1 Chase Claypool
A-CD1 Cameron Dantzler
A-CDL CeeDee Lamb – Partial Redemption
A-CJ1 Collin Johnson
A-CJH CJ Henderson
A-CK1 Cole Kmet
A-CM1 Cole McDonald
A-CW2 Charlie Woerner
A-CY1 Chase Young – Redemption
A-DB2 Derrick Brown
A-DD1 Devin Duvernay
A-DM1 Denzel Mims
A-DS1 D’Andre Swift
A-EB1 Eno Benjamin
A-GD1 Grant Delpit
A-GD2 Gabriel Davis
A-JB1 Joe Burrow – Redemption
A-JB2 Jake Breeland
A-JE1 Jacob Eason
A-JF1 Jake Fromm
A-JH2 Justin Herbert
A-JJ1 Jerry Jeudy
A-JJ3 Justin Jefferson – Redemption
A-JJ4 Juwan Johnson
A-JJT J.J. Taylor
A-JK2 Joshua Kelley
A-JKD J.K. Dobbins – Redemption
A-JL1 Jordan Love
A-JMH JaMycal Hasty

A-JO1 Jeff Okudah
A-JO2 Julian Okwara
A-JP2 Jared Pinkney
A-JR3 Joe Reed
A-JT1 Jonathan Taylor
A-KB1 Kelly Bryant
A-KH2 KJ Hamler
A-KJH K.J. Hill
A-KK1 Khalid Kareem
A-KL1 Kalija Lipscomb
A-KLC K’Lavon Chaisson
A-KM2 Kenneth Murray
A-KR1 Kendrick Rogers
A-KSV Ke’Shawn Vaughn
A-KT1 Khalil Tate
A-LBJ Lynn Bowden Jr.
A-LP1 Lamical Perine
A-LSJ Laviska Shenault Jr.
A-MPJ Michael Pittman Jr.
A-NG1 Neville Gallimore
A-NS1 Nate Stanley
A-QD1 Quartney Davis – Redemption
A-RC1 Reggie Corbin
A-RD1 Raekwon Davis
A-SG1 Stephen Guidry
A-SP1 Shea Patterson
A-TD1 Trevon Diggs
A-TD2 Troy Dye
A-TH1 Tee Higgins
A-TH2 Tyler Huntley
A-TL1 Terrell Lewis
A-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa
A-VJ1 Van Jefferson
A-XM1 Xavier McKinney
A-YGM Yetur Gross-Matos
A-ZM1 Zack Moss

2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Patch Auto Set

Patch Auto Chase Claypool
75 Cards – Redemptions Noted
HoloFoil Parallels: Platinum #/50; Green #/25; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1

PA-AJ1 Anfernee Jennings
PA-AJD AJ Dillon
PA-AM1 Austin Mack
PA-AO2 Albert Okwuegbunam
PA-BA1 Brandon Aiyuk
PA-BH1 Brycen Hopkins
PA-BL1 Brian Lewerke
PA-BV1 Binjimen Victor
PA-CA1 Cam Akers
PA-CC1 Chase Claypool
PA-CD1 Cameron Dantzler
PA-CDL CeeDee Lamb – Partial Redemption
PA-CJ1 Collin Johnson
PA-CJH CJ Henderson
PA-CK1 Cole Kmet
PA-CM1 Cole McDonald
PA-CW2 Charlie Woerner
PA-DB2 Derrick Brown
PA-DD1 Devin Duvernay
PA-DM1 Denzel Mims
PA-DS1 D’Andre Swift
PA-EB1 Eno Benjamin
PA-GD1 Grant Delpit
PA-GD2 Gabriel Davis
PA-HR3 Henry Ruggs III
PA-JB1 Joe Burrow – Redemption
PA-JB2 Jake Breeland
PA-JE1 Jacob Eason
PA-JF1 Jake Fromm
PA-JH1 Jalen Hurts
PA-JH2 Justin Herbert
PA-JJ1 Jerry Jeudy
PA-JJ3 Justin Jefferson – Redemption
PA-JJ4 Juwan Johnson
PA-JJT J.J. Taylor
PA-JK2 Joshua Kelley
PA-JKD J.K. Dobbins – Redemption
PA-JL1 Jordan Love


PA-JMH JaMycal Hasty
PA-JO2 Julian Okwara
PA-JP2 Jared Pinkney
PA-JR3 Joe Reed
PA-JT1 Jonathan Taylor
PA-KB1 Kelly Bryant
PA-KH2 KJ Hamler
PA-KJH K.J. Hill
PA-KK1 Khalid Kareem
PA-KL1 Kalija Lipscomb
PA-KLC K’Lavon Chaisson
PA-KM2 Kenneth Murray
PA-KR1 Kendrick Rogers
PA-KSV Ke’Shawn Vaughn
PA-KT1 Khalil Tate
PA-LBJ Lynn Bowden Jr.
PA-LP1 Lamical Perine
PA-LSJ Laviska Shenault Jr.
PA-MPJ Michael Pittman Jr.
PA-NG1 Neville Gallimore
PA-NS1 Nate Stanley
PA-QD1 Quartney Davis – Redemption
PA-RC1 Reggie Corbin
PA-RD1 Raekwon Davis
PA-SG1 Stephen Guidry
PA-SM1 Steven Montez
PA-SP1 Shea Patterson
PA-TD1 Trevon Diggs
PA-TD2 Troy Dye
PA-TH1 Tee Higgins
PA-TH2 Tyler Huntley
PA-TL1 Terrell Lewis
PA-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa
PA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
PA-XM1 Xavier McKinney
PA-YGM Yetur Gross-Matos
PA-ZM1 Zack Moss

2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Patch Auto Printing Plates Set

3 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1
Versions: Black; Cyan; Magenta; Yellow

PA-JK2 Joshua Kelley
PA-LSJ Laviska Shenault Jr.
PA-SG1 Stephen Guidry


2020 Leaf Trinity Football – Clear Auto Set

Clear Auto James Proche
47 Cards – Redemptions Noted
HoloFoil Parallels: Pink #/50; Platinum #/25; Green #/20; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1

CA-AG1 Anthony Gordon
CA-AGG Antonio Gandy-Golden
CA-AJD AJ Dillon
CA-AT1 Adam Trautman
CA-BA1 Brandon Aiyuk
CA-BE1 Bryan Edwards
CA-BP1 Bryce Perkins
CA-CC1 Chase Claypool
CA-CDL CeeDee Lamb
CA-CEH Clyde Edwards-Helaire
CA-CM1 Cole McDonald
CA-CW1 Curtis Weaver
CA-DB2 Derrick Brown
CA-DM1 Denzel Mims
CA-DPJ Donovan Peoples-Jones
CA-DS1 D’Andre Swift
CA-GD2 Gabriel Davis
CA-HB1 Harrison Bryant
CA-JB1 Joe Burrow – Redemption
CA-JE1 Jacob Eason
CA-JF1 Jake Fromm
CA-JH2 Justin Herbert
CA-JJ1 Jerry Jeudy
CA-JJ3 Justin Jefferson – Redemption

CA-JK2 Joshua Kelley
CA-JKD J.K. Dobbins – Redemption
CA-JM1 James Morgan
CA-JO2 Julian Okwara
CA-JP1 James Proche
CA-JP3 Jacob Phillips
CA-JR1 Jalen Reagor
CA-JR2 James Robinson
CA-JT1 Jonathan Taylor
CA-KLC K’Lavon Chaisson
CA-KM2 Kenneth Murray
CA-KT1 Khalil Tate
CA-MPJ Michael Pittman Jr.
CA-NG1 Neville Gallimore
CA-NR1 Nathan Rourke
CA-NS1 Nate Stanley
CA-PTJ Patrick Taylor Jr.
CA-TD1 Trevon Diggs
CA-TJ1 Tyler Johnson
CA-TT1 Tua Tagovailoa
CA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
CA-XM1 Xavier McKinney
CA-YGM Yetur Gross-Matos

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