2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series – Football Card Checklist

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series is part 1 of a 2 part football release. The set features the top draft eligible NFL prospects, and for many of them offers a first chance at an autograph card. Hobby boxes feature 16 autos per box, while blasters offer 3 each. Some of these autograph sets will be divided among the High Series release which will come later in the year.

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Product Breakdown

Release Date: March 11, 2020
Price: Approx. $116USD Per Hobby Box
Hobby Configuration: 7 Cards Per Pack; 16 Packs Per Box; 16 Boxes Per Case
Blaster Configuration: 71 Cards Per Box; 20 Boxes Per Case
Hobby Box Break: 16 Autos; 16 Exclusive Parallels
Blaster Box Break: 3 Autos; 3 Exclusive Parallels

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Base Set

50 Cards
Parallels: Retail (8 Per Blaster); Hobby (1 Per Pack)

1 Lynn Bowden, Jr. – Kentucky
2 Justin Jefferson – LSU
3 Carter Stanley – Kansas
4 Kalija Lipscomb – Vanderbilt
5 Kamal Martin – Minnesota
6 Sage Lewis – FIU
7 D’andre Swift – Georgia
8 Jaylon Moore – Ut-Martin
9 James Morgan – FIU
10 Zack Baun – Wisconsin
11 Kristian Wilkerson – Southeast Missouri
12 Jordan Love – Utah State
13 Tua Tagovailoa – Alabama
14 Tra Minter – South Alabama
15 Harrison Bryant – Florida Atlantic
16 Sewo Olonilua – TCU
17 Khaleke Hudson – Michigan
18 Mason Kinsey – Berry
19 Raymond Calais – Louisiana-Lafayette
20 Ceedee Lamb – Oklahoma
21 Terrell Burgess – Utah
22 Riley Neal – Vanderbilt
23 Bryan Edwards – South Carolina
24 Davon Hamilton – Ohio State
25 Ronnell Perkins – Missouri

26 Darrynton Evans – Appalachian State
27 Shane Zylstra – Minnesota State
28 Tavien Feaster – South Carolina
29 Tyler Hall – Wyoming
30 Kelly Bryant – Missouri
31 Jovante Moffatt – Middle Tennessee
32 Kendall Futrell – East Carolina
33 Malik Harrison – Ohio State
34 John Hightower – Boise State
35 Troy Dye – Oregon
36 Akeem Davis-Gaither – Appalachian State
37 Cam Akers – Florida State
38 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (5-Star)
39 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (5-Star)
40 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (5-Star)
41 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (5-Star)
42 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (5-Star)
43 Zack Moss – Utah (Next Level)
44 Kyle Dugger – Lenoir-Rhyne (Next Level)
45 K.J. Hamler – Penn State (Next Level)
46 James Morgan – FIU (Next Level)
47 Joe Burrow – LSU
48 Jerry Jeud – Alabama (Next Level)
49 Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin (Next Level)
50 Lynn Bowden, Jr. – Kentucky

Autograph Sets

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Auto Set

45 Cards
Parallels: Black; Red; Gold #/100; Blue Ice 1/1

A1 Tua Tagovailoa
A2 Justin Jefferson
A3 Calvin Taylor
A4 D’andre Swift
A5 Troy Dye
A6 Kalija Lipscomb
A7 Bryan Edwards
A8 Kristian Wilkerson
A9 Tavien Feaster
A10 Ceedee Lamb
A11 Lynn Bowden, Jr.
A12 John Hightower
A13 Tra Minter
A14 Kendall Futrell
A15 James Morgan
A16 Carter Stanley
A17 Harrison Bryant
A18 Tyler Hall
A19 Kamal Martin
A20 Raymond Calais
A21 Sage Lewis
A22 Mason Kinsey
A23 Kelly Bryant

A24 Prince Tega Wanogho
A25 Darrynton Evans
A26 Matt Womack
A27 Jovante Moffatt
A28 Davon Hamilton
A29 Riley Neal
A30 Malik Harrison
A31 Tyler Badiasz
A32 Terrell Burgess
A33 Sewo Olonilua
A34 Jordan Love
A35 Jaylon Moore
A36 Austin Jackson
A37 Shane Zylstra
A38 Raequan Williams
A39 Ronnell Perkins
A40 Robert Hunt
A41 Ben Bredeson
A42 Khaleke Hudson
A43 Akeem Davis-Gaither
A44 Cam Akers
A45 Zack Baun

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Next Level Signatures Set

56 Cards – Distributed Across Low & High Series – Specific Distribution TBA
Parallels: Red; Silver #/25; Gold #/10; Emerald #/5; Blue Ice 1/1

NL-AD Ashtyn Davis
NL-ADG Akeem Davis-Gaither
NL-AH Alex Hornibrook
NL-AJD Aj Dillon
NL-AJT A.J. Terrell
NL-BA Brandon Aiyuk
NL-BE Bryan Edwards
NL-CA Cam Akers
NL-CC Chase Claypool
NL-CDL Ceedee Lamb
NL-CK Cole Kmet
NL-CO Chris Orr
NL-CS Carter Stanley
NL-DE Darrynton Evans
NL-DS D’andre Swift
NL-DT Davion Taylor
NL-HB Harrison Bryant
NL-IS Isaiah Simmons
NL-JB Joe Burrow
NL-JH2 John Hightower
NL-JJ Jerry Jeudy
NL-JJ2 Justin Jefferson
NL-JL Jordan Love
NL-JM James Morgan
NL-JM2 Jaylon Moore
NL-JT1 Jonathan Taylor
NL-KB Kelly Bryant
NL-KD Kyle Dugger

NL-KH Khaleke Hudson
NL-KJH K.J. Hamler
NL-KL Kalija Lipscomb
NL-KLC K’lavon Chaisson
NL-KM Kenneth Murray
NL-KM2 Kamal Martin
NL-KW Kenny Willekes
NL-KW2 Kristian Wilkerson
NL-LAP La’Michael Pettway
NL-LBJ Lynn Bowden, Jr.
NL-LJ Lucky Jackson
NL-MH Malik Harrison
NL-MK Mason Kinsey
NL-PTJ Patrick Taylor, Jr.
NL-RB Ross Blacklock
NL-RC Raymond Calais
NL-RD Raekwon Davis
NL-RN Riley Neal
NL-SO Sewo Olonilua
NL-TB Terrell Burgess
NL-TC Tae Crowder
NL-TD Troy Dye
NL-TF Tavien Feaster
NL-TH Tyler Hall
NL-TS Tommy Stevens
NL-TT Tua Tagovailoa
NL-ZB Zack Baun
NL-ZM Zack Moss

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Peak Performance Auto Set

30 Cards
Parallels: Silver; Red #/50; Blue #/25; Gold #/10; Cracked Ice 1/1

PKA-AH Alex Hornibrook
PKA-BE Bryan Edwards
PKA-CA Cam Akers
PKA-CDL Ceedee Lamb
PKA-CS Carter Stanley
PKA-DE Darrynton Evans
PKA-DS D’andre Swift
PKA-DT Davion Taylor
PKA-HB Harrison Bryant
PKA-JB Joe Burrow
PKA-JH John Hightower
PKA-JJ1 Justin Jefferson
PKA-JL Jordan Love
PKA-JM Jovante Moffatt
PKA-JM Jaylon Moore

PKA-KB Kelly Bryant
PKA-KF Kendall Futrell
PKA-KH K.J. Hamler
PKA-KL Kalija Lipscomb
PKA-KW Kristian Wilkerson
PKA-LBJ Lynn Bowden, Jr.
PKA-MK Mason Kinsey
PKA-RC Raymond Calais
PKA-RN Riley Neal
PKA-SO Sewo Olonilua
PKA-TD Troy Dye
PKA-TF Tavien Feaster
PKA-TM Tra Minter
PKA-TS Tommy Stevens
PKA-ZB Zack Baun

Insert Sets

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Art Gallery Set

18 Cards

AG-1 Tua Tagovialoa
AG-2 Zack Moss
AG-3 Jonathan Taylor
AG-4 Cam Akers
AG-5 Kelly Bryant (Clemson)
AG-6 Ceedee Lamb
AG-7 James Morgan
AG-8 Kalija Lipscomb
AG-9 Harrison Bryant

AG-10 D’andre Swift
AG-11 Jordan Love
AG-12 Cole Kmet
AG-13 Aj Dillon
AG-14 Brandon Aiyuk
AG-15 Chase Claypool
AG-16 Joe Burrow
AG-17 Kelly Bryant (Missouri)
AG-18 Sewo Olonilua

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Art Gallery Original Art Set

32 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

AG-AD Aj Dillon
AG-BA Brandon Aiyuk
AG-BE Bryan Edwards
AG-CA Cam Akers
AG-CC Chase Claypool
AG-CDL Ceedee Lamb
AG-CK Cole Kmet
AG-DD Deejay Dallas
AG-DM Denzel Mims
AG-DS D’andre Swift
AG-GD Grant Delpit
AG-HB Harrison Bryant
AG-JaH1 Jalen Hurts
AG-JB1 Joe Burrow
AG-JF Jake Fromm
AG-JH1 Justin Herbert

AG-JL Jordan Love
AG-JM James Morgan
AG-JO Jeffrey Okudah
AG-JR Jalen Reagor
AG-JT Jonathan Taylor
AG-JUWAN1 Juwan Johnson
AG-KB1 Kelly Bryant (Clemson)
AG-KB2 Kelly Bryant (Missouri)
AG-KL Kalija Lipscomb
AG-LP Lamical Perine
AG-MPJ Michael Pittman, Jr.
AG-NS Nate Stanley
AG-SO Sewo Olonilua
AG-SP Scottie Phillips
AG-TUA2 Tua Tagovialoa
AG-ZM Zack Moss

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Peak Performance Set

30 Cards
Parallels: Silver; Red #/50; Blue #/25; Gold #/10; Cracked Ice 1/1

PK-AH Alex Hornibrook
PK-BE Bryan Edwards
PK-CA Cam Akers
PK-CDL Ceedee Lamb
PK-CS Carter Stanley
PK-DE Darrynton Evans
PK-DS D’andre Swift
PK-DT Davion Taylor
PK-HB Harrison Bryant
PK-JB Joe Burrow
PK-JH John Hightower
PK-JJ1 Justin Jefferson
PK-JL Jordan Love
PK-JM Jovante Moffatt
PK-JM Jaylon Moore

PK-KB Kelly Bryant
PK-KF Kendall Futrell
PK-KH K.J. Hamler
PK-KL Kalija Lipscomb
PK-KW Kristian Wilkerson
PK-LBJ Lynn Bowden, Jr.
PK-MK Mason Kinsey
PK-RC Raymond Calais
PK-RN Riley Neal
PK-SO Sewo Olonilua
PK-TD Troy Dye
PK-TF Tavien Feaster
PK-TM Tra Minter
PK-TS Tommy Stevens
PK-ZB Zack Baun

2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft – Giveaway Cards Set

3 Types of Giveaway Inserts

Signed Jerseys
Game-Worn Jerseys



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