2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Wrestling Card Checklist

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed Wrestling is a premium release that offers 8 autographs and 2 relics in every hobby box. This popular annual brand offers some of the biggest names in professional wrestling and includes a mix of on-card and sticker signed autographs. The set also offers original art sketch cards by WWE artist Rob Schamberger, with some of these being signed by the artist or the featured superstar. This is a set that works well both as an individual purchase or as a group break release, and should hold decent value depending on the quality of the superstar autos. A full superstar-by-superstar breakdown will be available at Breakninja.com.

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 16, 2020
Price: Approx. $250USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 10 Packs Per Box; 8 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 8 Autos; 2 Relics

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Base Set

Base Becky Lynch MOCK UP
90 Cards
Parallels: Orange #/99; Green #/50; Blue #/25; Gold #/10; Purple #/5; Red 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

1 Aleister Black – Raw
2 Andrade – Raw
3 Asuka – Raw
4 Becky Lynch – Raw
5 Bianca Belair – Raw
6 Bobby Lashley – Raw
7 Buddy Murphy – Raw
8 Charlotte Flair – Raw
9 Drew McIntyre – Raw
10 Edge – Raw
11 Erik – Raw
12 Humberto Carrillo – Raw
13 Ivar – Raw
14 Kairi Sane – Raw
15 Kevin Owens – Raw
16 Lana – Raw
17 Nia Jax – Raw
18 Randy Orton – Raw
19 Ricochet – Raw
20 Ruby Riott – Raw
21 R-Truth – Raw
22 Samoa Joe – Raw
23 Seth Rollins – Raw
24 Zelina Vega – Raw
25 AJ Styles – SmackDown
26 Alexa Bliss – SmackDown
27 Bayley – SmackDown
28 Big E – SmackDown
29 Braun Strowman – SmackDown
30 The Fiend Bray Wyatt – SmackDown
31 Carmella – SmackDown
32 Cesaro – SmackDown
33 Dana Brooke – SmackDown
34 Daniel Bryan – SmackDown
35 Dolph Ziggler – SmackDown
36 Elias – SmackDown
37 King Corbin – SmackDown
38 Kofi Kingston – SmackDown
39 Lacey Evans – SmackDown
40 Matt Riddle – SmackDown
41 Mustafa Ali – SmackDown
42 Naomi – SmackDown
43 Nikki Cross – SmackDown
44 Robert Roode – SmackDown
45 Roman Reigns – SmackDown

46 Sami Zayn – SmackDown
47 Sasha Banks – SmackDown
48 Sheamus – SmackDown
49 Shinsuke Nakamura – SmackDown
50 The Miz – SmackDown
51 Xavier Woods – SmackDown
52 Adam Cole – NXT
53 Bobby Fish – NXT
54 Candice LeRae – NXT
55 Dakota Kai – NXT
56 Damian Priest – NXT
57 Dominik Dijakovic – NXT
58 Finn Bálor – NXT
59 Io Shirai – NXT
60 Johnny Gargano – NXT
61 Kay Lee Ray – NXT UK
62 Karrion Kross – NXT
63 Keith Lee – NXT
64 Kushida – NXT
65 Kyle O’Reilly – NXT
66 Mia Yim – NXT
67 Pete Dunne – NXT UK
68 Rhea Ripley – NXT
69 Roderick Strong – NXT
70 Scarlett – NXT
71 Shayna Baszler – NXT
72 Tommaso Ciampa – NXT
73 Toni Storm – NXT UK
74 Velveteen Dream – NXT
76 John Cena – WWE
77 Ronda Rousey – WWE
78 Undertaker – WWE
79 Batista – Legends
80 Booker T – Legends
81 Bret “Hit Man” Hart – Legends
82 Diesel – Legends
83 Howard Finkel – Legends
84 Hulk Hogan – Legends
85 Lita – Legends
86 Mr. T – Legends
87 Razor Ramon – Legends
88 “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Legends
89 Trish Stratus – Legends
90 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Legends

Autograph Sets

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Auto Set

Undisputed Auto Shayna Baszler MOCK UP
65 Cards
Parallels: Orange #/99; Green #/50; Blue #/25; Gold #/10; Purple #/5; Red 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

A-4HW Shayna Baszler
A-AB Alexa Bliss
A-AC Adam Cole
A-AJ AJ Styles
A-AN Andrade
A-AS Asuka
A-AT Aleister Black
A-AZ Zelina Vega
A-BA Bayley
A-BB Bianca Belair
A-BD Daniel Bryan
A-BE Big E
A-BF Bobby Fish
A-BM Buddy Murphy
A-BOB Bobby Lashley
A-BS Braun Strowman
A-BT Booker T
A-BW “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
A-CF Charlotte Flair
A-CL Candice LeRae
A-CM Carmella
A-CS Cesaro
A-DB Dana Brooke
A-DD Dominik Dijakovic
A-DK Dakota Kai
A-DM Drew McIntyre
A-DP Damian Priest
A-DZ Dolph Ziggler
A-FB Finn Bálor
A-HC Humberto Carrillo
A-IO Io Shirai
A-IV Ivar
A-JG Johnny Gargano

A-KC King Corbin
A-KK Kofi Kingston
A-KO Kevin Owens
A-KS Kairi Sane
A-KU Kushida
A-LE Lacey Evans
A-LEE Keith Lee
A-LN Lana
A-LT Lita
A-MA Mustafa Ali
A-MR Matt Riddle
A-MY Mia Yim
A-NC Nikki Cross
A-RB Ruby Riott
A-RC Ricochet
A-RD Kyle O’Reilly
A-RIP Rhea Ripley
A-RO Randy Orton
A-ROD Roderick Strong
A-RR Roman Reigns
A-RT R-Truth
A-SB Sasha Banks
A-SG Shorty G
A-SJ Samoa Joe
A-SM Sheamus
A-SN Shinsuke Nakamura
A-SR Seth Rollins
A-SZ Sami Zayn
A-TC Tommaso Ciampa
A-TM The Miz
A-VD Velveteen Dream
A-VR Erik

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Auto Framed Case Hit Set

Undisputed Auto Framed Case Hit Bray Wyatt
1 Card – Serial Numbered #/150

A-FF Bray Wyatt


2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Tag Team Auto Set

Tag Team Auto Asuka, Kairi Sane MOCK UP
3 Cards – Serial Numbered #/25
Parallels: Gold #/10; Purple #/5; Red 1/1

DA-KW Kairi Sane / Asuka
DA-SP Angelo Dawkins / Montez Ford
DA-VR Erik / Ivar


2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Triple Auto Set

2 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Purple #/5; Red 1/1

TA-LP Lince Dorado / Gran Metalik / Kalisto
TA-ND Xavier Woods / Big E / Kofi Kingston


2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Quad Auto Book Set

3 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5

Q-HW Sasha Banks / Charlotte Flair / Becky Lynch / Bayley
Q-IP WALTER / Marcel Barthel / Fabian Aichner / Alexander Wolfe
Q-UE Adam Cole / Bobby Fish / Kyle O’Reilly / Roderick Strong


2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Match Auto Book Set

Undisputed Match Book Auto Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa MOCK UP
3 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5

MBC-AS AJ Styles / Samoa Joe
MBC-DT Daniel Bryan / The Miz
MBC-JT Johnny Gargano / Tommaso Ciampa


2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Tribute Cut Signatures Set

Tribute Cut Signature Ultimate Warrior MOCK UP
21 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

CS-BB Bam Bam Bigelow
CS-BH Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
CS-BM Big Boss Man
CS-BS Bruno Sammartino
CS-DBS Davey Boy Smith
CS-DR Dusty Rhodes
CS-EG Eddie Guerrero
CS-GO Mean Gene Okerlund
CS-JN Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
CS-JS Big John Studd
CS-JT Earthquake

CS-MP Mr. Perfect
CS-NV Nikolai Volkoff
CS-PB Paul Bearer
CS-RP Rowdy Roddy Piper
CS-RR Ravishing Rick Rude
CS-RS Macho Man Randy Savage
CS-UM Umaga
CS-UW Ultimate Warrior
CS-VD Big Van Vader
CS-YO Yokozuna

Relic and Auto Relic Sets

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Dual Relic Auto Set

Dual Relic Auto Kofi Kingston MOCK UP
48 Cards

DRA-AB Aleister Black
DRA-AC Adam Cole
DRA-AD Angelo Dawkins
DRA-AJ AJ Styles
DRA-AL Alexa Bliss
DRA-AN Andrade
DRA-BB Bianca Belair
DRA-BD Bo Dallas
DRA-BF Bobby Fish
DRA-BO Bobby Lashley
DRA-BS Braun Strowman
DRA-CC Cesaro
DRA-CF Charlotte Flair
DRA-CS Cesaro
DRA-DZ Dolph Ziggler
DRA-EL Elias
DRA-FB Finn Bálor
DRA-HHH Triple H
DRA-JD Mia Yim
DRA-JG Johnny Gargano
DRA-KD Killian Dain
DRA-KE Kevin Owens
DRA-KK Kofi Kingston

DRA-KO Kevin Owens
DRA-KR Kyle O’Reilly
DRA-LE Lacey Evans
DRA-LS Bobby Lashley
DRA-MR Matt Riddle
DRA-MZ The Miz
DRA-NJ Nia Jax
DRA-NT Natalya
DRA-PD “The Demon” Bálor
DRA-PP Ricochet
DRA-RB Ruby Riott
DRA-RC Ricochet
DRA-RH Rhea Ripley
DRA-RO Randy Orton
DRA-RR Roman Reigns
DRA-RS Roderick Strong
DRA-RT R-Truth
DRA-SH Shayna Baszler
DRA-SM Shawn Michaels
DRA-SR Seth Rollins
DRA-TC Tommaso Ciampa
DRA-VD Velveteen Dream
DRA-XW Xavier Woods

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Dual Relic Set

Dual Relic Randy Orton MOCK UP
42 Cards
Parallels: Green #/50; Blue #/25; Gold #/10; Purple #/5; Red 1/1

DR-AB Aleister Black
DR-AC Adam Cole
DR-AD Angelo Dawkins
DR-AJ AJ Styles
DR-AN Andrade
DR-BB Bianca Belair
DR-BF Bobby Fish
DR-BO Bobby Lashley
DR-BS Braun Strowman
DR-CF Charlotte Flair
DR-CM Carmella
DR-CS Cesaro
DR-DZ Dolph Ziggler
DR-EK Erik
DR-EL Elias
DR-FB Finn Bálor
DR-HHH Triple H
DR-JD Mia Yim
DR-JG Johnny Gargano
DR-KD Killian Dain
DR-KE Kevin Owens

DR-KK Kofi Kingston
DR-KO Kevin Owens
DR-KR Kyle O’Reilly
DR-KS Kairi Sane
DR-LE Lacey Evans
DR-MR Matt Riddle
DR-MZ The Miz
DR-NJ Nia Jax
DR-NT Natalya
DR-OT Otis
DR-PD “The Demon” Finn Bálor
DR-RB Ruby Riott
DR-RC Ricochet
DR-RO Randy Orton
DR-RR Roman Reigns
DR-RS Roderick Strong
DR-SM Shawn Michaels
DR-SR Seth Rollins
DR-TC Tommaso Ciampa
DR-VD Velveteen Dream
DR-XW Xavier Woods

Schamberger Art Sets

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Schamberger Art Set

Rob Schamberger Art Asuka MOCK UP
10 Cards

RS-1 Mustafa Ali – WWE
RS-2 Asuka – WWE
RS-3 Becky Lynch – WWE
RS-4 Bianca Belair – NXT
RS-5 Eddie Guerrero – WWE Legends

RS-6 “Macho Man” Randy Savage – WWE Legends
RS-7 The Miz – WWE
RS-8 Toni Storm – NXT UK
RS-9 Undertaker – WWE

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Schamberger Art Auto Set

10 Cards – Each Card Signed by Artist

RSRS-AS Mustafa Ali
RSRS-BL Becky Lynch
RSRS-MA Bianca Belair
RSRS-RG Eddie Guerrero

RSRS-RS “Macho Man” Randy Savage
RSRS-TS Toni Storm
RSRS-UT Undertaker

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Undisputed Schamberger Art Superstar Auto Set

4 Cards – Each Card Signed by Superstar

ARS-AS Asuka
ARS-BB Bianca Belair
ARS-MA Mustafa Ali
ARS-TM The Miz


Box Loader Sets

2020 Topps WWE Undisputed – Auto Oversized Box Loader Set

Autographed Oversized Boxloader Sasha Banks
10 Cards

BL-4HW Shayna Baszler
BL-AC Adam Cole
BL-AJ AJ Styles
BL-BA Bayley
BL-BW “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

BL-KK Kofi Kingston
BL-MR Matt Riddle
BL-SB Sasha Banks
BL-SN Shinsuke Nakamura
BL-TM The Miz

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