2021 Leaf National Signature Series – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2021 Leaf National Signature Series

2021 Leaf National Signature Series Multi-Sport is a bonus set that offers 1-of-1 encased autographs. The set is included as a bonus for customers that purchase and open boxes at the National Sports Card Convention, which is being held the weekend of July 28th in Chicago. The set includes several different color versions, all of them signed and encased. A player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2021 Leaf National Signature Series – Product Breakdown

Release Date: July 28, 2021
Price: Free With Purchase
Configuration: 1 Card Per Box
Box Break: 1 Encased Auto

2021 Leaf National Signature Series – Base NSCC Autograph Set

2021 Leaf National Signature Series Autographs
120 Cards
Versions: Emerald 1/1; Pink 1/1; Red 1/1; Silver 1/1; Gold 1/1; Blue 1/1; Black 1/1; Bumble Bee 1/1; RWB 1/1; Tiger 1/1

SSN-AD1 Andre Dawson
SSN-AG1 Artis Gilmore
SSN-AP1 Albert Pujols
SSN-AR1 Alex Rodriguez
SSN-AR2 Aaron Rodgers
SSN-AR3 Andre Reed
SSN-BD1 Brian Dawkins Sr.
SSN-BF1 Brett Favre
SSN-BG1 Bob Griese
SSN-BH1 Bobby Hull
SSN-BH2 Brett Hull
SSN-BJ1 Bo Jackson
SSN-BJ2 Blaze Jordan
SSN-BL1 Bayron Lora
SSN-BS1 Barry Sanders
SSN-CC1 Chris Chelios
SSN-CC2 Cris Cyborg
SSN-CD1 Clyde Drexler
SSN-CJ1 Chipper Jones
SSN-CK1 Chloe Kim
SSN-CL1 Carl Lewis
SSN-DB1 Drew Brees
SSN-DH1 Dominik Hasek
SSN-DM1 Dan Marino
SSN-DP1 Drew Pearson
SSN-DR1 Dennis Rodman
SSN-DS1 Deion Sanders
SSN-DS2 Damon Stoudamire
SSN-DS2 DeVonta Smith XRC
SSN-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
SSN-EB1 Eugenie Bouchard
SSN-EC1 Earl Campbell
SSN-ED1 Eric Dickerson
SSN-EH1 Elvin Hayes
SSN-EL1 Eric Lindros
SSN-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff
SSN-FT1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
SSN-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo
SSN-GD1 Grigor Dimitrov XRC
SSN-GF1 Grant Fuhr
SSN-GM1 Greg Maddux
SSN-HB1 Harold Baines
SSN-I1 Ichiro
SSN-IT1 Isiah Thomas
SSN-JB1 Jerome Bettis
SSN-JC1 Jose Canseco
SSN-JE1 John Elway
SSN-JF1 Justin Fields XRC
SSN-JG1 Joe Greene
SSN-JK1 Jim Kelly
SSN-JM1 Jim McMahon
SSN-JM2 Joe Montana
SSN-JM3 Juan Marichal
SSN-JR1 Jeremy Roenick
SSN-JS1 Jack Sikma
SSN-JT1 Joe Torre
SSN-JW1 Jerry West
SSN-JW1 Jaylen Waddle XRC
SSN-K1 Kane
SSN-KDB Kevin De Bruyne

SSN-KG1 Kevin Garnett
SSN-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
SSN-KO1 Kenny Omega
SSN-KP1 Kyle Pitts XRC
SSN-KT1 Kyle Trask XRC
SSN-KT2 Kadarius Toney XRC
SSN-LB1 Larry Bird
SSN-LF1 Leylah Fernandez XRC
SSN-LH1 Lou Holtz
SSN-LT1 Lexi Thompson XRC
SSN-LW1 Lenny Wilkens
SSN-MD1 Marcel Dionne
SSN-MJ1 Magic Johnson
SSN-MJ2 Mac Jones XRC
SSN-ML1 Mario Lemieux
SSN-MM1 Mark Messier
SSN-MM2 Mason Mount
SSN-MR1 Mariano Rivera
SSN-MT1 Mike Tyson
SSN-NH1 Najee Harris XRC
SSN-NR1 Nolan Ryan
SSN-OJ1 O.J. Simpson
SSN-PM1 Paul Molitor
SSN-PM2 Pedro Martinez
SSN-PM3 Peyton Manning
SSN-PR1 Pete Rose
SSN-RA1 Roberto Alomar
SSN-RA1 Ronald Acuna
SSN-RB1 Raymond Bourque
SSN-RC1 Roger Clemens
SSN-RF1 Rollie Fingers
SSN-RL1 Ray Lewis
SSN-RL2 Ronnie Lott
SSN-RS1 Ralph Sampson
SSN-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
SSN-RW1 Randy White
SSN-RY1 Robin Yount
SSN-SC1 Stephen Curry
SSN-SG1 Sergio Garcia
SSN-SK1 Sofia Kenin XRC
SSN-SO1 Shaquille O’Neal
SSN-SS1 Sammy Sosa
SSN-TB1 Terry Bradshaw
SSN-TB2 Tim Brown
SSN-TE1 Travis Etienne XRC
SSN-TF1 Tyson Fury
SSN-TH1 Trevor Hoffman
SSN-TL1 Trevor Lawrence XRC
SSN-TL2 Trey Lance XRC
SSN-TP1 Tony Perez
SSN-TS1 Ted Simmons
SSN-TT1 Thurman Thomas
SSN-VS1 Vin Scully
SSN-VT1 Vladislav Tretiak
SSN-WB1 Wade Boggs
SSN-WF1 Walt Frazier
SSN-WM1 Warren Moon
SSN-WR1 Wayne Rooney
SSN-WS1 Warren Sapp
SSN-ZW1 Zach Wilson XRC
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