2021 Leaf Signature Series Sports – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2021 Leaf Signature Series

2021 Leaf Signature Series Sports in an online exclusive set that offers only 1-of-1 autographed cards, each of which is encased in a one-touch holder. The release was offered as a Dutch Auction style sale, with hobby boxes starting at $200USD and reducing to $120USD or until it sells out. Hobby boxes can also be expected to pop up on the secondary market. A breakdown of the checklist can be found at Breakninja.com.

2021 Leaf Signature Series – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 14, 2021
Price: Approx. $300USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 1 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box
Box Break: 1 Auto 1/1

2021 Leaf Signature Series – Base Auto Set

118 Cards
Versions: Pink 1/1; Purple 1/1; Orange 1/1; Platinum Blue 1/1; Red 1/1; Black 1/1; Green 1/1 (*No Frazier); Silver 1/1; Gold 1/1; Black/Yellow (Bee) 1/1; Black/White (Zebra) 1/1; Red/White/Blue (Flag) 1/1 (*No Frazier)

SS-AA1 Abraham Ancer
SS-AD1 Andre Dawson
SS-AG1 Artis Gilmore
SS-AI1 Allen Iverson
SS-AP1 Albert Pujols
SS-AR1 Alex Rodriguez
SS-AR2 Aaron Rodgers
SS-AT1 Alan Trammell
SS-BF1 Brett Favre
SS-BG1 Bob Griese
SS-BH1 Bobby Hull
SS-BH2 Brett Hull
SS-BJ1 Bo Jackson
SS-BR1 Brooks Robinson
SS-BS1 Barry Sanders
SS-BT1 Bryan Trottier
SS-BW1 Bill Walton
SS-BW2 Billy Williams
SS-CB1 Craig Biggio
SS-CC1 Cris Carter
SS-CD1 Clyde Drexler
SS-CJ1 Charlie Joiner
SS-CK1 Chloe Kim
SS-CL1 Carl Lewis
SS-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
SS-CS1 Charlie Sheen
SS-DB1 Drew Brees
SS-DB2 Dick Butkus
SS-DC1 Don Cherry
SS-DM1 Dan Marino
SS-DR1 Dennis Rodman
SS-DS1 Deion Sanders
SS-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
SS-EC1 Earl Campbell
SS-ED1 Eric Dickerson
SS-EH1 Elvin Hayes
SS-EL1 Eric Lindros
SS-EM1 Earl Monroe
SS-ES1 Emmitt Smith
SS-ESJ Errol Spence Jr.
SS-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff
SS-FM1 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
SS-FT1 Fran Tarkenton
SS-FT2 Fernando Tatis Jr.
SS-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo
SS-GB1 Gregg Barsby
SS-GC1 Gerry Cheevers
SS-GF1 Grant Fuhr
SS-GG1 George Gervin
SS-GH1 Gordie Howe
SS-GM1 Greg Maddux
SS-GSP Georges St-Pierre
SS-HH1 Hulk Hogan
SS-HS1 Hope Solo
SS-IB1 Isaac Bruce
SS-IT1 Isiah Thomas
SS-JB1 Jeff Bagwell
SS-JB2 Jerome Bettis
SS-JC1 Jose Canseco

SS-JE1 John Elway
SS-JJ1 Jerry Jeudy
SS-JL1 Jack Lambert
SS-JM1 Joe Montana
SS-JM2 Juan Marichal
SS-JP1 Jim Palmer
SS-JR1 Jerry Rice
SS-JW1 Jason Williams
SS-JW2 Jerry West
SS-KG1 Kevin Garnett
SS-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
SS-KO1 Kenny Omega
SS-LB1 Larry Bird
SS-LT1 Lawrence Taylor
SS-LT2 Lexi Thompson
SS-MA1 Marcus Allen
SS-MC1 Mark Cuban
SS-MD1 Mike Ditka
SS-MF1 Marshall Faulk
SS-MH1 Martina Hingis
SS-MI1 Michael Irvin
SS-MJ1 Magic Johnson
SS-ML1 Marv Levy
SS-ML2 Mario Lemieux
SS-MM1 Mark McGwire
SS-MP1 Manny Pacquiao
SS-MR1 Manon Rheaume
SS-MR2 Mariano Rivera
SS-MV1 Michael Vick
SS-N1 Neymar Jr.
SS-NR1 Nolan Ryan
SS-OC1 Orlando Cepeda
SS-OJ1 O.J. Simpson
SS-PC1 Paul Coffey
SS-RA1 Ronald Acuna
SS-RA2 Roberto Alomar
SS-RC1 Rod Carew
SS-RH1 Rickey Henderson
SS-RL1 Ray Lewis
SS-RS1 Roger Staubach
SS-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
SS-RY1 Robin Yount
SS-SB1 Scotty Bowman
SS-SG1 Sergio Garcia
SS-SL1 Steve Largent
SS-SO1 Shaquille O’Neal
SS-SS1 Sammy Sosa
SS-SY1 Steve Young
SS-TB1 Terry Bradshaw
SS-TB2 Tim Brown
SS-TD1 Tony Dorsett
SS-TG1 Tom Glavine
SS-TR1 Tony Romo
SS-TS1 Ted Simmons
SS-VS1 Vin Scully
SS-WF1 Walt Frazier*
SS-WH1 Whitey Herzog
SS-WM1 Warren Moon
SS-WS1 Warren Sapp

2021 Leaf Signature Series – Dual Auto Set

8 Cards
Versions: Pink 1/1; Purple 1/1; Orange 1/1; Platinum Blue 1/1; Red 1/1; Black 1/1 (*No McGwire/Canseco); Green 1/1; Silver 1/1; Gold 1/1; Black/Yellow (Bee) 1/1; Black/White (Zebra) 1/1; Red/White/Blue (Flag) 1/1

SSD-01 Bill Buckner / Mookie Wilson
SSD-02 Mark McGwire / Jose Canseco*
SSD-03 Ronald Acuna / Fernando Tatis Jr.
SSD-04 Ken Griffey Jr. / Alex Rodriguez
SSD-05 Magic Johnson / Jerry West
SSD-06 Aaron Rodgers / Brett Favre
SSD-07 Joe Montana / Jerry Rice
SSD-08 Bobby Hull / Brett Hull



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