2022 Pro Set Draft Blaster – Football Card Checklist

2022 Pro Set Draft Football

2022 Pro Set Draft Blaster Football is a prospect based set that offers a full base set, as well as 2 signed cards. There are also three parallel sets for both base and autographs. No information has been released for the print runs of any card, but the parallels will undoubtedly be rarer than the base versions. The autograph set includes Extended Rookies (XRC) and Amateur Rookies (ARC) as well as normal autos. A full player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2022 Pro Set Draft Blaster – Product Breakdown

Release Date: June 2022
Price: TBA
Configuration: 12 Cards Per Box
Box Break: 2 Autos; Full Base Set

2022 Pro Set Draft Blaster – Base Set

Base XRC Kenny Pickett MOCK UP
10 Cards – Full Set Per Box
Parallels: Red; Blue; Gold

PS-01 Bryce Young
PS-02 C.J. Stroud
PS-03 Quinn Ewers
PS-04 Caleb Williams ARC
PS-05 TreVeyon Henderson ARC

PS-06 Chris Olave XRC
PS-07 Garrett Wilson XRC
PS-08 Jameson Williams XRC
PS-09 Kenneth Walker III XRC
PS-10 Kenny Pickett XRC

Autograph Sets

2022 Pro Set Draft Blaster – Auto Set

Base Auto XRC Sam Howell MOCK UP
196 Cards – Redemptions Noted
Parallels: Red; Blue; Gold

PSA-AA1 Austin Allen XRC
PSA-AB1 Amare Barno XRC
PSA-AE1 Akayleb Evans XRC
PSA-AG1 Ahmad Gardner XRC
PSA-AH2 Aidan Hutchinson XRC
PSA-AM1 Adonai Mitchell ARC
PSA-AP1 Alec Pierce XRC
PSA-AS1 Abram Smith XRC
PSA-AT1 Alontae Taylor XRC
PSA-BA1 Bear Alexander ARC
PSA-BB1 Bubba Bolden XRC
PSA-BC1 Bryan Cook XRC
PSA-BH1 Brad Hawkins XRC
PSA-BH2 Breece Hall XRC
PSA-BM1 Bo Melton XRC
PSA-BR1 Bernhard Raimann XRC
PSA-BRJ Brian Robinson Jr. XRC
PSA-BZ1 Bailey Zappe XRC
PSA-CA1 Calvin Austin III XRC
PSA-CB1 Caleb Burton ARC
PSA-CB2 Coby Bryant XRC
PSA-CC1 Charles Cross XRC
PSA-CG1 Chase Garbers XRC
PSA-CH1 Chris Hinton XRC
PSA-CH2 Connor Heyward XRC
PSA-CH3 Christian Harris XRC
PSA-CK1 Charlie Kolar XRC
PSA-CK2 Cole Kelley XRC
PSA-CK3 Corey Kiner ARC
PSA-CL2 Chase Lucas XRC
PSA-CM1 Chauncey Manac XRC
PSA-CM2 Cade Mays XRC
PSA-CM3 Chad Muma XRC
PSA-CO1 Chris Oladokun XRC
PSA-CO2 Cade Otton XRC
PSA-CO3 Chris Olave XRC
PSA-CR1 Charleston Rambo XRC
PSA-CS1 Corey Sutton XRC
PSA-CS2 Clayton Smith ARC
PSA-CS3 Carson Strong XRC
PSA-CT1 Channing Tindall XRC
PSA-CT2 Clayton Tune ARC
PSA-CT3 Cole Turner XRC
PSA-CT4 Chris Tyree ARC
PSA-CT5 Cameron Thomas XRC
PSA-CW1 Caleb Williams ARC
PSA-DB2 David Bell XRC
PSA-DC1 Damone Clark XRC
PSA-DF1 Daniel Faalele XRC
PSA-DG1 Danny Gray XRC
PSA-DG2 Dillon Gabriel XRC
PSA-DH1 Daxton Hill XRC
PSA-DJ1 Drake Jackson XRC – Redemption
PSA-DK1 Darian Kinnard XRC
PSA-DL1 DeMarvin Leal XRC
PSA-DL2 Drake London XRC
PSA-DMC Donaven McCulley ARC
PSA-DO1 David Ojabo XRC
PSA-DP1 Drew Plitt XRC
PSA-DP2 D’Vonte Price XRC
PSA-DR1 Demani Richardson ARC
PSA-DR2 Desmond Ridder XRC
PSA-DS1 Derek Stingley Jr. XRC
PSA-DT1 Dallas Turner XRC
PSA-DT1 Dallas Turner XRC
PSA-DW2 Devonte Wyatt XRC
PSA-DY1 Dareke Young XRC
PSA-EA1 Elijah Arroyo ARC
PSA-EB1 Ellis Brooks XRC
PSA-EE1 Erik Ezukanma XRC
PSA-EE2 Emeka Emezie XRC
PSA-EI1 Ed Ingram XRC
PSA-EN1 Evan Neal XRC – Redemption
PSA-GC1 Grant Calcaterra XRC
PSA-GD1 Gervon Dexter ARC
PSA-GD2 Gregg Dulcich XRC
PSA-GK1 George Karlaftis XRC
PSA-GM1 Grant Morgan XRC
PSA-GW1 Garrett Wilson XRC
PSA-HH1 Hendon Hooker XRC
PSA-HT1 Henry To’oto’o XRC
PSA-IL1 Isaiah Likely XRC
PSA-IN1 Isaiah Neyor ARC
PSA-IS1 Isaiah Spiller XRC
PSA-IT1 Isaiah Thomas XRC
PSA-ITS Isaac Taylor-Stuart XRC
PSA-JC1 Jalen Cropper ARC
PSA-JCB Ja’Corey Brooks ARC
PSA-JD1 Jojo Domann XRC
PSA-JD2 Jordan Davis XRC
PSA-JD3 Jahan Dotson XRC
PSA-JDL Jayden De Laura ARC
PSA-JE2 Jerrion Ealy XRC
PSA-JF2 Jerome Ford XRC
PSA-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs ARC
PSA-JJ1 Jaylon Jones ARC
PSA-JJ3 Josh Jobe XRC

PSA-JK1 Jaylan Knighton ARC
PSA-JL1 Jesse Luketa XRC
PSA-JM1 John Metchie III XRC
PSA-JM2 Justyn Martin ARC
PSA-JMC Jase McClellan ARC
PSA-JN1 Joseph Ngata XRC
PSA-JP1 Jalen Pitre XRC
PSA-JP2 Jayden Peevy XRC
PSA-JR3 John Ridgeway XRC
PSA-JR4 Jeremy Ruckert XRC
PSA-JS1 Jack Sawyer ARC
PSA-JT1 Jalen Tolbert XRC
PSA-JT2 Jerreth Sterns XRC
PSA-JW1 Jelani Woods XRC
PSA-JW2 Jermaine Waller XRC
PSA-JW3 Jaylen Watson XRC
PSA-JW4 Jalen Wydermyer XRC
PSA-KA1 Kaytron Allen ARC
PSA-KA2 Kevin Austin Jr. XRC
PSA-KB1 Kennedy Brooks XRC
PSA-KG1 Kyler Gordon XRC
PSA-KG2 Kaylon Geiger XRC
PSA-KH1 Kevin Harris XRC
PSA-KH2 Katin Houser ARC
PSA-KH3 Kyle Hamilton XRC
PSA-KI1 Keaontay Ingram XRC
PSA-KK1 Keanu Koht ARC
PSA-KP1 Kobe Pace ARC
PSA-KP2 Kyle Philips XRC
PSA-KP3 Kenny Pickett XRC
PSA-KS1 Keeshawn Silver ARC
PSA-KS2 Khalil Shakir XRC
PSA-KT1 Kayvon Thibodeaux XRC
PSA-KW1 Kenneth Walker III XRC
PSA-KW2 Kyren Williams XRC
PSA-LB1 Leddie Brown XRC
PSA-LB2 Luther Burden ARC
PSA-LC1 Leo Chenal XRC
PSA-LH1 Logan Hall XRC
PSA-LK1 Lucas Krull XRC
PSA-LO1 Leon O’Neal XRC
PSA-LS1 Lecitus Smith XRC
PSA-MC2 Myron Cunningham XRC
PSA-MC3 Malik Cunningham XRC
PSA-MC4 Matt Corral XRC
PSA-ME1 Martin Emerson XRC
PSA-MG1 Mario Goodrich XRC
PSA-MG2 Monkell Goodwine ARC
PSA-MJJ Mike Jones Jr. ARC
PSA-MM3 Max Mitchell XRC
PSA-MN1 Malik Nabers ARC
PSA-MW2 Michael Woods II XRC
PSA-MW3 Mario Williams ARC
PSA-MW4 Malik Willis XRC – Redemption
PSA-ND1 Nathaniel Dell ARC
PSA-ND2 Nakobe Dean XRC – Redemption
PSA-NS2 Nephi Sewell XRC
PSA-OD1 Oscar Delp ARC
PSA-PM1 Phidarian Mathis XRC
PSA-PSJ Pierre Strong Jr. XRC
PSA-PW1 Perrion Winfrey XRC
PSA-QJ1 Quentin Johnston ARC
PSA-QL1 Quentin Lake XRC
PSA-RR1 Ronnie Rivers XRC
PSA-RR2 Reggie Roberson Jr. XRC
PSA-RR3 Rashee Rice ARC
PSA-RT1 Rashad Torrence II ARC
PSA-RW1 Roydell Williams ARC
PSA-SB1 Slade Bolden XRC
PSA-SH1 Sam Howell XRC
PSA-SM1 Smoke Monday XRC
PSA-SM2 Sincere McCormick XRC
PSA-SM3 Skyy Moore XRC
PSA-ST1 Samori Toure XRC
PSA-ST2 Skylar Thompson XRC
PSA-SW1 Sam Williams XRC
PSA-TA1 Tyler Allgeier XRC
PSA-TB1 Tyler Badie XRC
PSA-TB2 Terrel Bernard XRC
PSA-TB3 Treylon Burks XRC
PSA-TE1 Tiyon Evans ARC
PSA-TF1 Ty Fryfogle XRC
PSA-TG1 Tyler Goodson XRC
PSA-TH2 TreVeyon Henderson ARC
PSA-TJ1 Tavorus Jones ARC
PSA-TJ2 Travis Jones XRC
PSA-TM1 Tay Martin XRC
PSA-TM2 Trent McDuffie XRC
PSA-TMB Trey McBride XRC
PSA-TS2 Tyreke Smith XRC
PSA-TT1 Tre Turner XRC
PSA-TT2 Ty Thompson ARC
PSA-TVD Tyler Van Dyke ARC
PSA-TW1 Tariq Woolen XRC
PSA-VJJ Velus Jones Jr. XRC
PSA-ZK1 Zonovan Knight XRC
PSA-ZTF Zion Tupuola-Fetui ARC
PSA-ZW1 Zamir White XRC

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