2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Edition – Entertainment Card Checklist

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Edition

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Edition in an entertainment card release that sees The Mandalorian Disney+ series introduced to the Chrome brand. Already a recipient of a series 1 and series 2 set, The Mandalorian makes its debut as a Chrome release with this set and offers base, parallels, autos, sketches, and inserts. A full breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Product Breakdown

Release Date: August 31, 2022
Price: Approx. $135USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 4 Cards Per Pack; 18 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Auto or Sketch
Case Break: 2 Sketches

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Base Set

Base Treat for Grogu MOCK UP
100 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Base Refractor; Blue #/99; Purple #/75; Green #/50; Orange #/25; Black #/10; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

Season 1
S1-1 Enter the Hunter
S1-2 Checking in with Greef Karga
S1-3 The Client
S1-4 The Mandalorian Foundling
S1-5 The Helpful Kuiil
S1-6 IG-11
S1-7 Crushing the Hunters
S1-8 Defending the Razor Crest
S1-9 Jawas on the Defensive
S1-10 Riding the Sandcrawler
S1-11 The Mudhorn Stopped!
S1-12 Handing over the Egg
S1-13 Delivering the “Asset”
S1-14 Paid in Beskar Steel
S1-15 Forging New Armor
S1-16 A Messy Infiltration
S1-17 Taking Grogu
S1-18 The Fight is on
S1-19 Reunited and Away!
S1-20 Village Under Siege
S1-21 Little Green Button Pusher
S1-22 The Scary Cat
S1-23 The AT-ST has Awoken
S1-24 The Village Fights Back
S1-25 Grossing out the Kids
S1-26 Peli’s New Job
S1-27 Tusken Raider Territory
S1-28 Bounty Bait
S1-29 The Plan For Fennec Shand
S1-30 Fennec Shand Captured
S1-31 Safe and Sound
S1-32 The Crew Assembled
S1-33 The Mandalorian’s Secret Passenger
S1-34 Pure Firepower
S1-35 No Match for The Mandalorian
S1-36 Evasion Tactics
S1-37 The New Republic Closes in
S1-38 Recruiting Kuiil
S1-39 The Assassin Reborn
S1-40 Remote Rendezvous
S1-41 Greef Karga’s Gift
S1-42 Moff Gideon’s Arrival
S1-43 Kuiil and The Kid
S1-44 IG-11’s Rescue
S1-45 An Uncertain Negotiation
S1-46 Showdown in the Streets of Nevarro
S1-47 Fate of the Mandalorians
S1-48 The Armorer Unleashed
S1-49 The Mandalorian Takes off
S1-50 Successful and Reunited

Season 2
S2-1 The Meeting with Gor Koresh
S2-2 Back on Tatooine
S2-3 Cobb Vanth’s Tale
S2-4 Taking Back Mos Pelgo
S2-5 Tension at the Tusken Camp
S2-6 The Mandalorian’s Bold Move
S2-7 Return to Mos Eisley
S2-8 Peli’s Sketchy lead
S2-9 Crashing Through the Ice
S2-10 Waking up the Beast
S2-11 The Ice Beast Returns
S2-12 Saved by the New Republic
S2-13 Dropping into Trask
S2-14 Sailing into the Trap
S2-15 An Unexpected Rescue
S2-16 Bo-Katan Revealed
S2-17 Storming the Imperial Cruiser
S2-18 In Search of the Darksaber
S2-19 The Child’s New Friend
S2-20 Return to Nevarro
S2-21 A Daring Escape Plan
S2-22 Speeder Bike Pursuit
S2-23 TIE Fighter Assault
S2-24 Mando’s big Save
S2-25 Good News for Moff Gideon
S2-26 One with the Force
S2-27 Ahsoka’s Ultimatum
S2-28 Meeting the Jedi
S2-29 Trials in the Force
S2-30 Battle Against Beskar
S2-31 One Last Assault
S2-32 Boba’s Brutal Assault
S2-33 Fennec Fires!
S2-34 The Legend Returns
S2-35 Enter the Dark Troopers
S2-36 The New Marshal
S2-37 Back with the Empire
S2-38 Mayfeld’s Surprise Visitor
S2-40 Saved by the…Empire?!
S2-41 Din Breaking in
S2-42 Echoes of the Past
S2-43 The Escape
S2-44 Gideon’s Prize Force
S2-45 Threats of the Moff
S2-46 Fight to the Finish
S2-47 The Child’s Connection
S2-48 Coming Face to Face
S2-49 The Jedi Revealed
S2-50 The Child’s New Journey

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Base SP Set

Base SP In the Mudhorn Pit MOCK UP
25 Cards

SB-1 The Mandalorian Meets The Client
SB-2 A Bounty Like No Other
SB-3 Carson Teva Takes Aim
SB-4 The Mandalorian and Clan Kryze
SB-5 Class Participation
SB-6 Nevarro Nummies for Grogu
SB-7 Lang and Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth
SB-8 Ahsoka Tano
SB-9 The Return of Boba Fett
SB-10 Fennec Shand and The Mandalorian Back-to-Back
SB-11 Mando Unmasked!
SB-12 Migs Mayfeld Serving His Sentence
SB-13 A Mysterious Jedi Approaches
SB-14 A Clan of Two

SB-15 In the Mudhorn Pit
SB-16 Grogu in His Pram
SB-17 Greef Karga on Nevarro
SB-18 Omera Tries to Unmask The Mandalorian
SB-19 Peli Motto and Grogu
SB-20 Toro Calican Conspires with The Mandalorian
SB-21 Burg and Migs Mayfeld
SB-22 Moff Gideon and His Death Troopers
SB-23 Kuiil Discovers IG-11
SB-24 Mando Hoists the E-WEB heavy blaster cannon
SB-25 Cobb Vanth, the Marshal of Mos Pelgo

Autograph Sets

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Chrome Auto Set

Chrome Auto SuperFractor Pedro Pascal MOCK UP
39 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Blue #/150; Green #/99; Purple #/50; Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

A-AS Amy Sedaris
A-AW Alexander Wraith
A-BUL Bernard Bullen
A-CB Chris Bartlett
A-CBT Chris Bartlett
A-CHB Chris Bartlett
A-CW Carl Weathers
A-DB Dmitrious Bistrevsky
A-DLI Diana Lee Inosanto
A-ES Emily Swallow
A-GE Giancarlo Esposito
A-IS Isaac Singleton Jr.
A-ISF Isla Farris
A-JJ Julia Jones
A-JKC Jake Cannavale
A-JL John Leguizamo
A-KO Katy O’Brian
A-KS Katee Sackhoff
A-LS Leilani SHIU
A-MBJ Mark Boone Jr.

A-MNW Ming-Na Wen
A-MR Misty Rosas
A-MRK Misty Rosas
A-MV Mercedes Varnado
A-MW Matthew Wood
A-NN Nick Nolte
A-OA Omid Abtahi
A-PA Philip Alexander
A-PL Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
A-PP Pedro Pascal
A-RB Richard Brake
A-RD Rosario Dawson
A-RW Ryan Watson
A-SK Simon Kassianides
A-TAW Taika Waititi
A-TF Tait Fletcher
A-TM Temuera Morrison
A-WEB W. Earl Brown
A-WH Werner Herzog

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – The Mandalorian Legends Die-Cut Auto Set

8 Cards

MLA-1 Pedro Pascal
MLA-2 Carl Weathers
MLA-3 Rosario Dawson
MLA-4 Nick Nolte

MLA-5 Taika Waititi
MLA-6 Ming-Na Wen
MLA-7 Temuera Morrison
MLA-8 Katee Sackhoff

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Dual Auto Set

9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/25
Refractor Parallels: Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

DA-EH Giancarlo Esposito / Werner Herzog
DA-HA Werner Herzog / Omid Abtahi
DA-MW Temuera Morrison / Ming-Na Wen
DA-NW Nick Nolte / Taika Waititi
DA-PD Pedro Pascal / Rosario Dawson
DA-PG Pedro Pascal / Giancarlo Esposito
DA-PW Pedro Pascal / Carl Weathers
DA-SP Katee Sackhoff / Pedro Pascal
DA-SV Katee Sackhoff / Mercedes Varnado


2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Triple Auto Set

4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5
Refractor Parallels: SuperFractor 1/1

TA-MWW Temuera Morrison / Ming-Na Wen / Matthew Wood
TA-PNW Pedro Pascal / Nick Nolte / Taika Waititi
TA-PWE Pedro Pascal / Carl Weathers / Giancarlo Esposito
TA-SKV Katee Sackhoff / Simon Kassianides / Mercedes Varnado


2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Sketch Set

2 Per Case

No Checklist Provided


Insert Sets

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Armored & Ready Set

10 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Blue #/99; Green #/50; Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

AR-1 The Mandalorian
AR-2 Boba Fett
AR-3 The Armorer
AR-4 Clan Kryze
AR-5 Cobb Vanth

AR-6 Dark Trooper
AR-7 Paz Vizsla
AR-8 IG-11
AR-9 The Mandalorian
AR-10 Fennec Shand

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Chrome Comic Covers Set

Chrome Comic Cover Ahsoka MOCK UP
5 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Blue #/99; Green #/50; Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

CC-1 The Mandalorian
CC-2 The Nite Owls
CC-3 Boba Fett
CC-4 Ahsoka Tano
CC-5 Grogu


2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – Illustrated Characters Set

25 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Blue #/99; Green #/50; Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

IC-1 Cobb Vanth Helmet
IC-2 Cobb Vanth No helmet
IC-3 Fennec Shand
IC-4 Mando
IC-5 Boba Fett
IC-6 Ahsoka Tano
IC-7 Ahsoka Tano
IC-8 Ahsoka & Grogu
IC-9 Mando Carrying Gear
IC-10 Grogu Soup
IC-11 Grogu
IC-12 Bo-Katan and Crew
IC-13 Bo-Katan Kryze

IC-14 Koska Reeves
IC-15 Axe Woves
IC-16 Dark Troopers
IC-17 Mando Dark Saber
IC-18 Mando & Moff Gideon
IC-19 Luke Skywalker, Dark Tropper
IC-20 Mando, Dark Trooper
IC-21 Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Grogu
IC-22 Luke Skywalker
IC-23 Fennec Shand, Boba Fett
IC-24 Grogu on Ship
IC-25 Grogu Meditating

2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars – The Mandalorian Legends Die-Cut Set

The Mandalorian Legends Die-Cut Grogu MOCK UP
10 Cards

ML-1 Grogu
ML-2 The Mandalorian
ML-3 Kuiil
ML-4 IG-11
ML-5 Boba Fett

ML-6 Greef Karga
ML-7 Ahsoka Tano
ML-8 Fennec Shand
ML-9 Cobb Vanth
ML-10 Bo-Katan Kryze

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