2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Entertainment Card Checklist

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series is a premium release that offers collectors signed and slabbed cards of some of the biggest names in the movie franchise. Hobby boxes offer one of these cards each, and actors include Hayden Christensen, Harrison Ford, and Adam Driver. Categories include the base autos, design variations, and dual, triple, or quad signed cards. A full actor-by-actor breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Product Breakdown

Release Date: February 16, 2022
Price: Approx. $80USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 1 Card Per Pack; 1 Pack per Box; 20 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Encased Auto

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Auto Set

Auto Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker MOCK UP
146 Cards
Parallels: Blue #/20; Green #/25; Orange #/10; Black #/5; Red 1/1

A-AB Ahmed Best
A-AB1 Ariyon Bakare
A-AB2 Anna Brewster
A-AD Adam Driver
A-AD1 Annabelle Davis
A-AE Ashley Eckstein
A-AE2 Ashley Eckstein
A-AF Anna Francolini
A-AG Anna Graves
A-AG1 Anna Graves
A-AH Alden Ehrenreich
A-AH1 Amanda Hale
A-AK Andrew Kishino
A-AR Alan Ruscoe
A-AS Andy Serkis
A-AT Alan Tudyk
A-AW Andrew Woodall
A-AW1 Alexander Wraith
A-BB Ben Burtt
A-BB1 Blair Bess
A-BD Ben Daniels
A-BH Brian Herring
A-BL Billie Lourd
A-BM1 Ben Mendelsohn
A-BS Bruce Spence
A-BW Billy Dee Williams
A-CA Cas Anvar
A-CB Chris Bartlett
A-CE Chris Edgerly
A-CH Clint Howard
A-CO Candice Orwell
A-CR Clive Revill
A-CS Christopher Sean
A-CW Carl Weathers
A-DB Dee Bradley Baker
A-DB1 Dmitrious Bistrevsky
A-DB2 Dee Bradley Baker
A-DC Dave Chapman
A-DG Domhnall Gleeson
A-DI Diana Lee Inosanto
A-DL Denis Lawson
A-DM Dominic Monaghan
A-DT David Tennant
A-DT1 Dee Tails
A-DY Donnie Yen
A-EC Emilia Clarke
A-EE Emun Elliott
A-EM Ewan McGregor
A-ES Emily Swallow
A-FJ Felicity Jones
A-FPJ Freddie Prinze Jr.
A-FW Forest Whitaker
A-GC Gwendoline Christie
A-GE Giancarlo Esposito
A-GG Greg Grunberg
A-GH Garrick Hagon
A-GH1 Gerald Home
A-GT George Takei
A-HC Hayden Christensen
A-HC1 Hermione Corfield
A-HD Harley Durst
A-HF Harrison Ford
A-HQ Hugh Quarshie
A-IR Ian Ruskin
A-JB John Boyega
A-JB2 Jeremy Bulloch
A-JG Janina Gavankar
A-JI Jason Isaacs
A-JK Jack Klaff
A-JL John Leguizamo
A-KB Kenny Baker
A-KCH Keisha Castle-Hughes
A-KF Kate Fleetwood

A-KL Ken Leung
A-KM Cathy Munroe
A-KMT Kelly Marie Tran
A-KO Katy O’Brian
A-KS1 Kath Soucie
A-LC Lily Cole
A-LD Laura Dern
A-LM Lewis MacLeod
A-LM1 Lars Mikkelsen
A-LS Leilani Shiu
A-LT Lee Towersey
A-LW Leeanna Walsman
A-MA Mark Austin
A-MB Mark Boone Jr.
A-MB1 Michonne Bourriague
A-MC Michael Carter
A-MC1 Michaela Cottrell
A-MD Mark Dodson
A-ME Mike Edmonds
A-MJ Michael Jibson
A-MK Mercedes Varnado
A-ML Matt Lanter
A-MM1 Mads Mikkelsen
A-MP Michael Pennington
A-MW Matthew Wood
A-NA Naomi Ackie
A-NC Nathalie Cuzner
A-NF Nika Futterman
A-NF1 Nina Fallon
A-NK1 Nick Kellington
A-NK2 Nick Kellington
A-NN Nick Nolte
A-OA Omid Abtahi
A-OD Oliver Ford Davies
A-OS Orli Shoshan
A-OW Oliver Walpole
A-PA Philip Alexander
A-PB Paul Bettany
A-PB1 Paul Brooke
A-PB2 Paul Blake
A-PK Paul Kasey
A-PL Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
A-PM Peter Mayhew
A-PR Paul Reubens
A-RA Riz Ahmed
A-RA1 Robin Atkin Downes
A-RA2 Robin Atkin Downes
A-RB Ralph Brown
A-RB1 Richard Brake
A-RO Rena Owen
A-RP Ray Park
A-RP1 Ron Perlman
A-SB Steven Blum
A-SC Scott Capurro
A-SC1 Sean Crawford
A-SG Sarah Michelle Gellar
A-SK Simon Kassianides
A-SL Scott Lawrence
A-SM Suzie McGrath
A-SS Stephanie Silva
A-SS1 Sema-Tawi Smart
A-SW Sam Witwer
A-TB Tom Baker
A-TC Tim Curry
A-TD Tim Dry
A-TG Taylor Gray
A-TM Temuera Morrison
A-TW Taika Waititi
A-VK Valene Kane
A-VM Vanessa Marshall
A-WD Warwick Davis
A-WH Werner Herzog
A-ZJ Zac Jensen

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Auto Design Variant Set

Auto Design Variant Harrison Ford as Han Solo MOCK UP
56 Cards

AV-AD Adam Driver
AV-AD1 Annabelle Davis
AV-AE Alden Ehrenreich
AV-AE1 Ashley Eckstein
AV-AE2 Ashley Eckstein
AV-AS Andy Serkis
AV-AT Alan Tudyk
AV-BW Billy Dee Williams
AV-CB Chris Bartlett
AV-CR Clive Revill
AV-CW Carl Weathers
AV-DB Dee Bradley Baker
AV-DB1 Dmitrious Bistrevsky
AV-DC Dave Chapman
AV-DG Domhnall Gleeson
AV-DY Donnie Yen
AV-EC Emilia Clarke
AV-EM Ewan McGregor
AV-FJ Felicity Jones
AV-FPJ Freddie Prinze Jr.
AV-FW Forest Whitaker
AV-GC Gwendoline Christie
AV-GE Giancarlo Esposito
AV-GG Greg Grunberg
AV-HC Hayden Christensen
AV-HF Harrison Ford
AV-IM Ian McDiarmid
AV-JB John Boyega

AV-JB1 Jeremy Bulloch
AV-JG Janina Gavankar
AV-KB Kenny Baker
AV-KC Keisha Castle-Hughes
AV-LD Laura Dern
AV-MB Mark Boone Jr.
AV-MC Michael Carter
AV-MK Mercedes Varnado
AV-ML Matt Lanter
AV-MW Matthew Wood
AV-NF Nika Futterman
AV-NK Nick Kellington
AV-NN Nick Nolte
AV-OA Omid Abtahi
AV-PA Philip Alexander
AV-PB Paul Bettany
AV-PB1 Paul Blake
AV-RA Robin Atkin Downes
AV-RB Richard Brake
AV-RP Ray Park
AV-SB Steve Blum
AV-SG Sarah Michelle Gellar
AV-SK Simon Kassianides
AV-TG Taylor Gray
AV-TM Temuera Morrison
AV-TW Taika Waititi
AV-WD Warwick Davis
AV-WH Werner Herzog

2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Dual Auto Set

3 Cards
Parallels: Red 1/1

DA-MWT Ray Park / Matthew Wood
DA-FJD Felicity Jones / Donnie Yen
DA-JTA James Arnold Taylor / Anna Graves


2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Triple Auto Set

Triple Auto Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux, Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke MOCK UP
3 Cards
Parallels: Red 1/1

TA-LJ Daisy Ridley / John Boyega / Laura Dern
TA-RO Felicity Jones / Alan Tudyk / Riz Ahmed
TA-FAW Adam Driver / Domhnall Gleeson / Andy Serkis


2022 Topps Star Wars Signature Series – Quad Auto Set

3 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

QA-CW Ashley Eckstein / James Arnold Taylor / Matt Lanter / Dee Bradley Baker
QA-FA Harrison Ford / Carrie Fisher / Daisy Ridley / Adam Driver
QA-SA Ian McDiarmid / Ray Park / Hayden Christensen / Adam Driver

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