2024 Bowman Sapphire – Baseball Card Checklist

2024 Bowman Sapphire Baseball

2024 Bowman Sapphire is a baseball card release that adds an exclusive parallel to the previously released Bowman Baseball set. Like most Sapphire sets, this is a limited release that was made available early to Montgomery Club members. The set includes a base set, along with numbered parallels, some autographed variations, as well as a Sapphire Selections insert. Hobby boxes offer 1 signed card each and a full breakdown of the release can be found at Breakninja.com.

Matt’s Opinion: I’m not a fan of Sapphire parallels, I have said this repeatedly and this is no different. I see Sapphire sets as a pure cash grab. They are just a parallel set that costs more than the original release. My advice is to stay away from it.

2024 Bowman Sapphire – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 28, 2024 (Montgomery Pre-Sale)
Price: TBA
Configuration: 4 Cards Per Pack; 8 Packs Per Box
Box Break: 1 Auto; 3 Parallels

2024 Bowman Sapphire – Base Set

150 Cards
Sapphire Parallels: Green #/99; Yellow #/75; Gold #/50; Orange #/25; Black #/10; Red #/5; Padpradascha 1/1

BCP-1 Ryan Clifford – New York Mets
BCP-2 Jadher Areinamo – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-3 Jacob Wilson – Oakland Athletics
BCP-4 Bryan Acuña – Minnesota Twins
BCP-5 Jace Jung – Detroit Tigers
BCP-6 Mac Horvath – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-7 Derniche Valdez – Chicago Cubs
BCP-8 Colson Montgomery – Chicago White Sox
BCP-9 Tai Peete – Seattle Mariners
BCP-10 Colt Emerson – Seattle Mariners
BCP-11 Douglas Glod – Atlanta Braves
BCP-12 Josue De Paula – Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-13 Cam Collier – Cincinnati Reds
BCP-14 Allan Castro – Boston Red Sox
BCP-15 Ryan Vanderhei – San Francisco Giants
BCP-16 Abimelec Ortiz – Texas Rangers
BCP-17 Justin Crawford – Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-18 Max Wagner – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-19 Jared Dickey – Kansas City Royals
BCP-20 Antonio Anderson – Boston Red Sox
BCP-21 Isaiah Drake – Atlanta Braves
BCP-22 Roman Anthony – Boston Red Sox
BCP-23 Dylan Crews – Washington Nationals
BCP-24 Termarr Johnson – Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-25 Carlos Sanchez – Cincinnati Reds
BCP-26 Maui Ahuna – San Francisco Giants
BCP-27 Aidan Miller – Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-28 Ramon Landaeta – Oakland Athletics
BCP-29 Ralphy Velazquez – Cleveland Guardians
BCP-30 Matt Shaw – Chicago Cubs
BCP-31 Enrique Jimenez – Detroit Tigers
BCP-32 Spencer Jones – New York Yankees
BCP-33 Carson Roccaforte – Kansas City Royals
BCP-34 Kevin Sim – Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-35 Gabriel Gonzalez – Seattle Mariners
BCP-36 Brock Porter – Texas Rangers
BCP-37 Spencer Nivens – Kansas City Royals
BCP-38 Samuel Basallo – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-39 Diego Benitez – Atlanta Braves
BCP-40 Luisangel Acuña – New York Mets
BCP-41 Jacob Gonzalez – Chicago White Sox
BCP-42 Daniel Susac – Oakland Athletics
BCP-43 Walker Jenkins – Minnesota Twins
BCP-44 Marcelo Mayer – Boston Red Sox
BCP-45 Aidan Smith – Seattle Mariners
BCP-46 Travis Honeyman – St. Louis Cardinals
BCP-47 Jackson Holliday – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-48 Kyle Teel – Boston Red Sox
BCP-49 Johanfran Garcia – Boston Red Sox
BCP-50 Luke Adams – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-51 Alfredo Duno – Cincinnati Reds
BCP-52 Yohandy Morales – Washington Nationals
BCP-53 Enmanuel Bonilla – Toronto Blue Jays
BCP-54 Jett Williams – New York Mets
BCP-55 Hao-Yu Lee – Detroit Tigers
BCP-56 Abraham Nunez – Chicago White Sox
BCP-57 Samuel Zavala – San Diego Padres
BCP-58 Kendall George – Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-59 Daiverson Gutierrez – New York Mets
BCP-60 Druw Jones – Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-61 Adrian Santana – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-62 Brock Vradenburg – Miami Marlins
BCP-63 Estuar Suero – Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-64 Wyatt Langford – Texas Rangers
BCP-65 Carson Rucker – Detroit Tigers
BCP-66 Luis Baez – Houston Astros
BCP-67 Ben Williamson – Seattle Mariners
BCP-68 Jared Serna – New York Yankees
BCP-69 Brice Matthews – Houston Astros
BCP-70 Roc Riggio – New York Yankees
BCP-71 Jose Rodriguez – Minnesota Twins
BCP-72 Elijah Green – Washington Nationals
BCP-73 Capri Ortiz – Los Angeles Angels
BCP-74 Max Clark – Detroit Tigers
BCP-75 Esmil Valencia – Houston Astros
BCP-76 Tommy Troy – Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-77 John Cruz – New York Yankees

BCP-78 John Wimmer – Los Angeles Angels
BCP-79 George Lombard Jr. – New York Yankees
BCP-80 Tony Ruiz – Kansas City Royals
BCP-81 Sebastian Walcott – Texas Rangers
BCP-82 Kemp Alderman – Miami Marlins
BCP-83 Cole Foster – San Francisco Giants
BCP-84 Brando Mayea – New York Yankees
BCP-85 Agustin Ramirez – New York Yankees
BCP-86 Brock Wilken – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-87 Homer Bush Jr. – San Diego Padres
BCP-88 Nazzan Zanetello – Boston Red Sox
BCP-89 Joendry Vargas – Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-90 Yanquiel Fernandez – Colorado Rockies
BCP-91 James Wood – Washington Nationals
BCP-92 Ronny Hernandez – Chicago White Sox
BCP-93 German Ramirez – Houston Astros
BCP-94 Felnin Celesten – Seattle Mariners
BCP-95 Brooks Brannon – Boston Red Sox
BCP-96 Carson Whisenhunt – San Francisco Giants
BCP-97 Michael Arroyo – Seattle Mariners
BCP-98 Alberto Rios – Los Angeles Angels
BCP-99 Brayden Taylor – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-100 Roderick Arias – New York Yankees
BCP-101 Filippo Di Turi – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-102 Ethan Salas – San Diego Padres
BCP-103 Enmanuel Tejeda – New York Yankees
BCP-104 Jack Hurley – Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-105 Ryan Lasko – Oakland Athletics
BCP-106 Jaron Elkins – Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-107 Anthony Scull – Los Angeles Angels
BCP-108 Anthony Huezo – Houston Astros
BCP-109 Dillon Head – San Diego Padres
BCP-110 Lazaro Montes – Seattle Mariners
BCP-111 J.D. Gonzalez – San Diego Padres
BCP-112 Cole Young – Seattle Mariners
BCP-113 TayShaun Walton – Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-114 David Guzman – Toronto Blue Jays
BCP-115 Josh Rivera – Chicago Cubs
BCP-116 Jacob Burke – Chicago White Sox
BCP-117 Blake Mitchell – Kansas City Royals
BCP-118 Luis Guanipa – Atlanta Braves
BCP-119 Ryan Burrowes – Chicago White Sox
BCP-120 Carlos Silva – Minnesota Twins
BCP-121 Felix Morrobel – Los Angeles Angels
BCP-122 Luke Keaschall – Minnesota Twins
BCP-123 Colin Houck – New York Mets
BCP-124 Colton Ledbetter – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-125 Paul Skenes – Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-126 Tre’ Morgan – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-127 Rayner Arias – San Francisco Giants
BCP-128 Max Anderson – Detroit Tigers
BCP-129 Byron Chourio – Minnesota Twins
BCP-130 Sabin Ceballos – Atlanta Braves
BCP-131 Robert Calaz – Colorado Rockies
BCP-132 Tony Blanco Jr. – Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-133 Xavier Isaac – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-134 Bryce Eldridge – San Francisco Giants
BCP-135 Camilo Diaz – Houston Astros
BCP-136 Myles Naylor – Oakland Athletics
BCP-137 Cooper Pratt – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-138 Mike Boeve – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-139 Yoeilin Cespedes – Boston Red Sox
BCP-140 Jackson Chourio – Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-141 Anthony Baptist – New York Mets
BCP-142 Arjun Nimmala – Toronto Blue Jays
BCP-143 Brooks Lee – Minnesota Twins
BCP-144 George Wolkow – Chicago White Sox
BCP-145 Jackson Merrill – San Diego Padres
BCP-146 Raylin Heredia – Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-147 Jonny Farmelo – Seattle Mariners
BCP-148 Garret Forrester – Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-149 Enrique Bradfield Jr. – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-150 Chase Davis – St. Louis Cardinals

Autograph Sets

2024 Bowman Sapphire – Chrome Prospect Sapphire Auto Set

29 Cards
Sapphire Parallels: Green #/99; Gold #/50; Orange #/25; Black #/10; Red #/5; Padpradascha 1/1

BSPA-ACA Allan Castro – Boston Red Sox
BSPA-AHU Anthony Huezo – Houston Astros
BSPA-AM Aidan Miller – Philadelphia Phillies
BSPA-AN Arjun Nimmala – Toronto Blue Jays
BSPA-AO Abimelec Ortiz – Texas Rangers
BSPA-ASM Aidan Smith – Seattle Mariners
BSPA-BE Bryce Eldridge – San Francisco Giants
BSPA-BM Brice Matthews – Houston Astros
BSPA-BW Brock Wilken – Milwaukee Brewers
BSPA-BWI Ben Williamson – Seattle Mariners
BSPA-CO Capri Ortiz – Los Angeles Angels
BSPA-CPR Cooper Pratt – Milwaukee Brewers
BSPA-CR Carson Rucker – Detroit Tigers
BSPA-DC Dylan Crews – Washington Nationals
BSPA-EBR Enrique Bradfield Jr. – Baltimore Orioles
BSPA-GL George Lombard Jr. – New York Yankees

BSPA-GWO George Wolkow – Chicago White Sox
BSPA-JBU Jacob Burke – Chicago White Sox
BSPA-JCZ John Cruz – New York Yankees
BSPA-JDI Jared Dickey – Kansas City Royals
BSPA-JGO J.D. Gonzalez – San Diego Padres
BSPA-JWI Jacob Wilson – Oakland Athletics
BSPA-KT Kyle Teel – Boston Red Sox
BSPA-LA Luke Adams – Milwaukee Brewers
BSPA-RH Raylin Heredia – Philadelphia Phillies
BSPA-TT Tommy Troy – Arizona Diamondbacks
BSPA-WJ Walker Jenkins – Minnesota Twins
BSPA-WLA Wyatt Langford – Texas Rangers
BSPA-WM Walker Martin – San Francisco Giants

2024 Bowman Sapphire – Sapphire Selections Auto Set

13 Cards
Refractor Parallels: Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

SSA-AM Aidan Miller – Philadelphia Phillies
SSA-BE Bryce Eldridge – San Francisco Giants
SSA-BW Brock Wilken – Milwaukee Brewers
SSA-DC Dylan Crews – Washington Nationals
SSA-ES Ethan Salas – San Diego Padres
SSA-GL George Lombard Jr. – New York Yankees

SSA-JC Junior Caminero – Tampa Bay Rays
SSA-JH Jackson Holliday – Baltimore Orioles
SSA-PC Pete Crow-Armstrong – Chicago Cubs
SSA-RA Roman Anthony – Boston Red Sox
SSA-SJ Spencer Jones – New York Yankees
SSA-WJ Walker Jenkins – Minnesota Twins
SSA-WL Wyatt Langford – Texas Rangers

Insert Sets

2024 Bowman Sapphire – Sapphire Selections Set

20 Cards – 1:80 Packs
Refractor Parallels: Gold #/50; Orange #/25; Red #/5; SuperFractor 1/1

BSS-1 Dylan Crews – Washington Nationals
BSS-2 Walker Jenkins – Minnesota Twins
BSS-3 Brock Wilken – Milwaukee Brewers
BSS-4 Bryce Eldridge – San Francisco Giants
BSS-5 George Lombard Jr. – New York Yankees
BSS-6 Aidan Miller – Philadelphia Phillies
BSS-7 Elly De La Cruz – Cincinnati Reds
BSS-8 Junior Caminero – Tampa Bay Rays
BSS-9 Wyatt Langford – Texas Rangers
BSS-10 Max Clark – Detroit Tigers

BSS-11 Jackson Holliday – Baltimore Orioles
BSS-12 Ethan Salas – San Diego Padres
BSS-13 Paul Skenes – Pittsburgh Pirates
BSS-14 Marco Luciano – San Francisco Giants
BSS-15 Pete Crow-Armstrong – Chicago Cubs
BSS-16 Noelvi Marte – Cincinnati Reds
BSS-17 Druw Jones – Arizona Diamondbacks
BSS-18 Spencer Jones – New York Yankees
BSS-19 Roman Anthony – Boston Red Sox
BSS-20 Sebastian Walcott – Texas Rangers

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