2016 Marvel Masterpieces Card Gallery

Marvel Masterpieces Card Gallery

The Marvel Masterpieces card gallery, a simple blog post showing a card sample or two from each set possible.


Some Marvel Masterpieces on Ebay, these cards are the ones with most bids so most likely the coolest or rarest of the crop.



Base Cards

Base cards numbering starts at 1999 all the way down to 99 Copies.

Marvel Masterpieces Base SP Doctor Doom

Base Card SP Doctor Doom /99



Base Cards Gold

Several Different Tiers with this Set, from 1 in 1.5 packs up to 288 packs.

Marvel Masterpieces Base Gold Deadpool

Base Gold Deadpool Tier 4 – 1 in 288 Packs


Marvel Masterpieces Base Gold Example

She Hulk Gold Base – Tier 3 – 1 in 14 Packs


Base Gold Spiderman

Base Gold Spiderman – Tier 4 – 1 in 288 Packs



Battle Spectra

1 in 14 packs with the Gems Parallel being /99

Marvel Masterpieces Battle Spectra

Battle Spectra Moon Knight vs Bushman


Battle Spectra Thor Vs Hercules

Battle Spectra Thor Vs Hercules Gem /99



Joe Jusko BuyBacks

Buybacks feature cards from the 1992 version of this product and fall about 1 in 12 packs.

Marvel Masterpieces Buy Back non auto

1992 Buyback with the Avengers Iron Man




Canvas High Series fall about 1 in 13.5 packs and have 2 Parallels and Printing Plates.

Storm Canvas 2016 Masterpieces

Storm Canvas




Falling about 1 in 15 Packs, the Holofoil set has two parallels, Speckle /99 and Kaleidoscope /25

Holofoil Doctor Strange

Holofoil Speckle with Doctor Strange


Wolverine Holofoil

Holofoil Speckle with Wolverine



Autographed Buybacks

All are serial numbered out of 15 copies

Red Skull buyback Autograph

Red Skull Buyback Auto /15




Fairly rare hits falling 1 in 144 packs

Marvel Masterpieces Mirage

Mirage Card Example



Sketch Cards

The coolest in my opinion, artist drawn 1/1 sketch cards.

Marvel Masterpieces Sketch 1/1 Rogue

Nice Rogue 1/1


Marvel Masterpieces 1/1 Sketch Cap

Pencil Captain America Sketch 1/1

What If?

Ranging from print runs of 1999 down to 50. Autograph versions /10 and 4 different printing plate 1/1’s per card.

Marvel Masterpieces What if Marvel Girl

2016 Marvel Masterpieces Marvel Girl /499


Marvel Masterpieces What if Silver Surfer SP

Silver Surfer SP /50 – Defenders #1

Silver Surfer SP /50 back

Back scan for Silver Surfer




Right now on Ebay:
1992 Marvel Masterpieces Factory Sealed Box, Never Opened!! 🔥🔥🔥

Price $ 420.0

Number of Bids: 39

Time Left - Ending Soon
Right now on Ebay:
1995 Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards COMPLETE BASE SET, #1-151 Fleer

Price $ 100.0

Number of Bids: 31

Time Left - Ending Soon


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