2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men

In what has become an annual tradition for Leaf, 2017-18 Leaf Masked Men celebrates the goalies of hockey in this premium style product. Each box offers 6 cards, 3 Masked Men/Masked Women cards which use foiled cards to highlight the goalie masks, as well as 3 memorabilia or autograph cards. Included in the set this year is Yvon Barrette who played Denis Lemieux in the cult classic movie Slap Shot. Collectors will be happy to find that Leaf has continued its celebration of hockey history by including vintage memorabilia once again. While Masked Men may not have the flash or following that Ultimate and In The Game Used have, it is still a great product for fans of goaltenders and of vintage memorabilia.

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 18, 2018
Price: Approx $100USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 6 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 3 Autographs or Memorabilia; 3 Masked Men/Masked Women

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Masked Men/Masked Women Set

Masked Women Kim St-Pierre
20 Cards
Parallels: Blue #/35; Purple #/15; Pink #/10; Black #/7; Green #/5; Orange #/3; Red #/2; Gold 1/1; Super 1/1
Wave Parallels: Silver; Blue #/20; Purple #/9; Pink #/6; Black #/5; Green #/4; Orange #/3; Red #/2; Gold 1/1

Masked Men
1 Bill Ranford
2 Clint Benedict
3 Dan Bouchard
4 Yvon Barrette
5 Gary Bromley
6 Gilles Gilbert
7 Gilles Gratton
8 Gilles Meloche
9 Glenn Resch
10 Grant Fuhr

11 Jacques Plante
12 Jocelyn Thibault
13 John Garrett
14 Pelle Lindbergh
15 Roger Crozier
16 Rogie Vachon
17 Warren Skorodenski
Masked Women
18 Charline Labonte
19 Kim St-Pierre
20 Manon Rheaume

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Goalie Graphs Set

Goalie Graphs Yvon Barrette
19 Cards – Serial Numbered #/20 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/9; Platinum #/5; Purple #/3; Silver #/2; Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

GGR-BR1 Bill Ranford
GGR-CL1 Charline Labonte
GGR-DB1 Dan Bouchard
GGR-GB1 Gary Bromley
GGR-GC1 Gerry Cheevers #/15
GGR-GF1 Grant Fuhr #/15
GGR-GG1 Gilles Gilbert
GGR-GG2 Gilles Gratton
GGR-GR1 Glenn Resch
GGR-JG1 John Garrett

GGR-JT1 Jocelyn Thibault
GGR-KS1 Kim St-Pierre
GGR-MR1 Manon Rheaume
GGR-PL1 Patrick Lalime
GGR-RV1 Rogie Vachon
GGR-TE1 Tony Esposito #/15
GGR-VT1 Vladislav Tretiak #/15
GGR-WS1 Warren Skorodenski
GGR-YB1 Yvon Barrette

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Signature Goalies Set

Signature Goalies Manon Rheaume
16 Cards – Serial Numbered #/20 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/9 (*Gilbert/Vachon are #/7); Platinum #/5; Purple #/3; Silver #/2; Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

SG-BR1 Bill Ranford
SG-CL1 Charline Labonte
SG-DB1 Dan Bouchard
SG-GC1 Gerry Cheevers
SG-GF1 Grant Fuhr #/15
SG-GG1 Gilles Gilbert #/15*
SG-GM1 Gilles Meloche
SG-GR1 Glenn Resch

SG-JG1 John Garrett
SG-JT1 Jocelyn Thibault
SG-KSP Kim St-Pierre
SG-MB1 Martin Brodeur #/15
SG-MR1 Manon Rheaume
SG-PL1 Patrick Lalime
SG-RV1 Rogie Vachon #/15*
SG-VT1 Vladislav Tretiak

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – 300 Win Club Relics Set

300 Win Club Martin Brodeur
31 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/7 or Less; Platinum #/5 or Less; Purple #/3 (*Worsley #/2);      Silver #/2; Gold 1/1

3WC-01 Andy Moog
3WC-02 Billy Smith #/12
3WC-03 Chris Osgood
3WC-04 Curtis Joseph
3WC-05 Dominik Hasek
3WC-06 Ed Belfour
3WC-07 Evgeni Nabokov
3WC-08 Glenn Hall
3WC-09 Grant Fuhr
3WC-10 Gump Worsley #/5*
3WC-11 Harry Lumley #/6
3WC-12 Henrik Lundqvist
3WC-13 Jacques Plante #/7
3WC-14 John Vanbiesbrouck
3WC-15 Marc-André Fleury
3WC-16 Martin Brodeur

3WC-17 Miikka Kiprusoff
3WC-18 Mike Richter #/20
3WC-19 Mike Vernon
3WC-20 Nikolai Khabibulin
3WC-21 Olaf Kolzig
3WC-22 Patrick Roy
3WC-23 Roberto Luongo
3WC-24 Rogie Vachon #/9
3WC-25 Ryan Miller
3WC-26 Sean Burke
3WC-27 Terry Sawchuk #/12
3WC-28 Tom Barrasso
3WC-29 Tomas Vokoun #/20
3WC-30 Tony Esposito #/7
3WC-31 Turk Broda #/6

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Cup Confrontation Dual Relics Set

Cup Confrontation Terry Sawchuk, Jacques Plante
14 Cards – Serial Numbered #/20 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/7 or #/6; Platinum #/5; Purple #/3 (* #04 is #/4); Silver #/2; Gold 1/1
Notes: **All Parallels for CC-01 are 1/1

CC-01 Charlie Gardiner / George Hainsworth #/2**
CC-02 Chris Osgood / Marc-André Fleury
CC-03 Ed Belfour / Dominik Hasek
CC-04 Glenn Hall / Gump Worsley #/7*
CC-05 Grant Fuhr / Ron Hextall
CC-06 JS Giguere / Martin Brodeur
CC-07 Johnny Bower / Terry Sawchuk #/7

CC-08 Ken Dryden / Gerry Cheevers #/12
CC-09 Miikka Kiprusoff / Nikolai Khabibulin
CC-10 Mike Richter / Kirk McLean
CC-11 Patrick Roy / Martin Brodeur
CC-12 Terry Sawchuk / Jacques Plante #/9
CC-13 Tim Thomas / Roberto Luongo
CC-14 Tony Esposito / Ken Dryden #/9

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Decade of Dominance 6 Relics Set

Decade of Dominance Clint Benedict, Roy Worters, Tiny Thompson, George Hainsworth, Georges Vezina, Charlie Gardiner
8 Cards – Serial Numbered #/20 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/7; Platinum #/5; Purple #/3; Silver #/2; Gold 1/1
Notes: *All Parallels for DD-01 are 1/1

  • DD-01 Clint Benedict / George Hainsworth / Roy Worters / Georges Vézina / Tiny Thompson / Charlie Gardiner #/2*
  • DD-02 Martin Brodeur / Roberto Luongo / Evgeni Nabokov / Miikka Kiprusoff / Jose Theodore / Marty Turco
  • DD-03 Grant Fuhr / Rejean Lemelin / Andy Moog / Billy Smith / Tom Barrasso / Rick Wamsley
  • DD-04 Glenn Hall / Jacques Plante / Roger Crozier / Terry Sawchuk / Ed Giacomin / Johnny Bower
  • DD-05 Henrik Lundqvist / Marc-André Fleury / Corey Crawford / Carey Price / Jonathan Quick / Braden Holtby
  • DD-06 Patrick Roy / Ed Belfour / Curtis Joseph / Martin Brodeur / Dominik Hasek / Mike Richter
  • DD-07 Rogie Vachon / Ken Dryden / Tony Esposito / Gerry Cheevers / Bernie Parent / Glenn Resch
  • DD-08 John Vanbiesbrouck / Chris Osgood / Bill Ranford / Felix Potvin / Kirk McLean / Tom Barrasso


2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Enshrined Relics Set

Enshrined Paddy Moran
28 Cards – Serial Numbered as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/5; Platinum #/5 or Less; Purple #/3 or #/2; Silver #/2 or 1/1;       Gold 1/1
Notes: *Players Noted Only Included in Platinum/Purple/Silver/Gold Parallels

E-01 Bernie Parent #/6
E-02 Bill Durnan #/3*
E-03 Billy Smith #/6
E-04 Charlie Gardiner #/3*
E-05 Clint Benedict #/3*
E-06 Dominik Hasek #/6
E-07 Ed Belfour #/6
E-08 Ed Giacomin #/6
E-09 Frank Brimsek #/3*
E-10 George Hainsworth #/3*
E-11 Georges Vézina #/3*
E-12 Gerry Cheevers #/6
E-13 Glenn Hall #/6
E-14 Grant Fuhr #/6

E-15 Gump Worsley #/3*
E-16 Harry Lumley #/3*
E-17 Jacques Plante #/6
E-18 Johnny Bower #/3*
E-19 Ken Dryden #/6
E-20 Paddy Moran #/3*
E-21 Patrick Roy #/6
E-22 Percy LeSueur #/3*
E-23 Rogie Vachon #/5*
E-24 Terry Sawchuk #/3*
E-25 Tiny Thompson #/3*
E-26 Tony Esposito #/4*
E-27 Turk Broda #/3*
E-28 Vladislav Tretiak #/4*

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Goalie Gear Relics Set

Goalie Gear Roberto Luongo
22 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/7; Platinum #/5; Purple #/3;Silver #/2; Gold 1/1

GG-01 Bill Ranford
GG-02 Chris Osgood
GG-03 Curtis Joseph
GG-04 Dominik Hasek
GG-05 Gerry Cheevers #/12
GG-06 Glenn Resch
GG-07 Grant Fuhr
GG-08 Henrik Lundqvist
GG-09 Jacques Plante #/12
GG-10 Jocelyn Thibault
GG-11 John Vanbiesbrouck

GG-12 Jose Theodore
GG-13 Ken Dryden #/9
GG-14 Manon Rheaume #/9
GG-15 Martin Brodeur
GG-16 Marty Turco
GG-17 Miikka Kiprusoff
GG-18 Patrick Roy
GG-19 Pelle Lindbergh #/12
GG-20 Roberto Luongo
GG-21 Rogie Vachon #/12
GG-22 Terry Sawchuk

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Jumbo Patch Set

Jumbo Patch Roman Turek
24 Cards – Serial Numbered #/6
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/5; Platinum #/4; Purple #/3;Silver #/2; Gold 1/1

JP2-01 Antti Niemi
JP2-02 Arturs Irbe
JP2-03 Corey Schneider
JP2-04 Dwayne Roloson
JP2-05 Evgeni Nabokov
JP2-06 Felix Potvin
JP2-07 Fred Brathwaite
JP2-08 Guy Hebert
JP2-09 IIya Bryzgalov
JP2-10 Jamie Storr
JP2-11 Jean-Sebastien Giguere
JP2-12 Jeff Hackett

JP2-13 Manny Fernandez
JP2-14 Marty Turco
JP2-15 Patrick Lalime
JP2-16 Pekka Rinne
JP2-17 Philippe Sauve
JP2-18 Roman Cechmenak
JP2-19 Roman Turek
JP2-20 Ron Tugnutt
JP2-21 Sean Burke
JP2-22 Steve Mason
JP2-23 Steve Shields
JP2-24 Trevor Kidd

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Jumbo Pad Set

Jumbo Pad Curtis Joseph
18 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/8; Platinum #/5; Purple #/3;Silver #/2; Gold 1/1

JP-01 Bernie Parent
JP-02 Brian Boucher
JP-03 Carey Price
JP-04 Curtis Joseph
JP-05 Dominik Hasek
JP-06 Ed Belfour
JP-07 Henrik Lundqvist
JP-08 Jeff Hackett
JP-09 Jocelyn Thibault

JP-10 John Vanbiesbrouck
JP-11 Kelly Hrudey
JP-12 Mike Vernon
JP-13 Patrick Roy
JP-14 Roman Cechmenak
JP-15 Ron Tugnutt
JP-16 Sean Burke
JP-17 Steve Shields
JP-18 Tomas Vokoun

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Pillars of Hockey Relics Set

Pillars of Hockey Bill Durnan, Harry Lumley, Johnny Bower, Frank Brimsek
5 Cards – Serial Numbered #/6 or as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/5 (#04 is #/6); Platinum #/4; Purple #/3;Silver #/2; Gold 1/1
Notes: *All Parallels for PH-05 are 1/1

PH-01 Gerry Cheevers / Bernie Parent / Tony Esposito / Ken Dryden
PH-02 Bill Durnan / Harry Lumley / Johnny Bower / Frank Brimsek
PH-03 Paddy Moran / Charlie Gardiner / Tiny Thompson / Turk Broda
PH-04 Jacques Plante / Ken Dryden / Glenn Hall / Terry Sawchuk #/9
PH-05 Georges Vézina / Percy LeSueur / Clint Benedict / Roy Worters 1/1*


2017-18 Leaf Masked Men – Vintage Goalie Relics Set

Vintage Goalies George Hainsworth
15 Cards – Serial Numbered as Noted
Metallic Parallels: Emerald #/4 (Plante #/6); Platinum #/4 or #/3; Purple #/3 or #/2; Silver #/2 or 1/1; Gold 1/1
Notes: *Players Noted Are Only in Platinum/Purple/Silver/Gold Parallels; **Players Noted Are Only in Emerald/Platinum/Purple/Silver/Gold Parallels

VG-01 Bill Durnan #/4*
VG-02 Charlie Gardiner #/3*
VG-03 Clint Benedict #/3*
VG-04 Frank Brimsek #/4**
VG-05 George Hainsworth #/3*
VG-06 Georges Vézina #/3*
VG-07 Harry Lumley #/3*
VG-08 Jacques Plante #/9

VG-09 Johnny Bower #/4**
VG-10 Paddy Moran #/3*
VG-11 Percy LeSueur #/3*
VG-12 Roy Worters #/5
VG-13 Terry Sawchuk #/5
VG-14 Tiny Thompson #/4*
VG-15 Turk Broda #/4**

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