2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2019-20 UD Clear Cut Hockey

2019-20 UD Clear Cut is a premium release that offers hard signed autographs, each of which comes encased in a magnetic one-touch holder. Hobby boxes offer just 1 card each, which means that these packs could be very hit or miss, but given the collection of names that are included, it does have potential and last years release was popular with collectors. There are also several sets in this release that use pack odds to determine rarity and this page will help break them down. A full checklist can be found here and a team by team breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Product Breakdown

Release Date: March 3, 2021
Price: Approx. $130USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 1 Card Per Box; 30 Boxes Per Case (2 Inners)
Box Break: 1 Auto

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Base Auto Set

27 Cards – 1:11 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:432 Packs

Matthews; McDavid; Crosby; Fleury; Tavares

Group B Odds – 1:354 Packs

Price; Lundqvist; Kane

Group C Odds – 1:76 Packs

Panarin; Burns; Marchand; Boeser; Hischier; Bobrovsky

Group D Odds – 1:14 Packs

DeBrincat; Lee; Vasilevskiy; Barkov; Tkachuk; Hart; Heiskanen; Stone; O’Reilly; Scheifele; Bertuzzi; Wilson

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Base Auto Legends Set

10 Cards – 1:80 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:809 Packs

Lemieux; Yzerman; Gretzky

Group B Odds – 1:590 Packs

Brodeur; Lidstrom

Group C Odds – 1:104 Packs

Orr; Sittler; LeClair; Tkachuk; Roy

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Base Auto Rookies Set

Base Auto Rookies Jack Hughes MOCK UP
37 Cards – 1:4 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:565 Packs

J. Hughes

Group B Odds – 1:291 Packs


Group C Odds – 1:44 Packs

Glass; Frost; Zadina; Shesterkin; Suzuki

Group D Odds – 1:33 Packs

Fox; Merzlikins; Poehling; Sandin; Lafferty

Group E Odds – 1:5 Packs

Boqvist; Texier; Bemstrom; Lizotte; Kubalik; Brannstrom; Grundstrom; Hague; Daccord; Farabee; Schuldt; Walman; Clague; Jones; Dobson; Olofsson; Wahlstrom; Pitlick; Myers; Asplund; MacInnis; Hirose; Bjornfot; Heinola; Volkov


2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Black Amber Auto Set

Black Amber Auto Patrick Kane MOCK UP
17 Cards – 1:60 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:2800 Packs

M. Tkachuk; Gretzky

Group B Odds – 1:319 Packs

Boeser; Marchand; Hart; McDavid; Stone; Kane

Group C Odds – 1:76 Packs

Barkov; DeBrincat; B. Tkachuk; Gibson; Yandle; Heiskanen; O’Reilly; Scheifele; Suter

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Black Amber Rookie Auto Set

31 Cards – 1:20 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:3497 Packs


Group B Odds – 1:207 Packs

Hayton; Makar; Zadina; J. Hughes; Dach; Suzuki; Olofsson

Group C Odds – 1:130 Packs

Fox; Fabbro; Kubalik; Frost; Farabee; Poehling

Group D Odds – 1:27 Packs

Boqvist; Texier; Brannstrom; Bemstrom; Schuldt; Walman; Clague; Ferraro; Dobson; Hague; Koivula; Wahlstrom; Asplund; Sandin; Bjornfot; Hirose; Heinola

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Metal Universe Palladium Auto Set

Metal Universe Palladium Auto Connor McDavid MOCK UP
19 Cards – 1:35 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:605 Packs

Matthews; McDavid; Price; Kane; Crosby

Group B Odds – 1:320 Packs

Panarin; Marchand; Hischier

Group C Odds – 1:153 Packs

Barkov; Boeser; Hart; Stone

Group D Odds – 1:58 Packs

DeBrincat; Tkachuk; Scheifele; Heiskanen; Rinne; O’Reilly; Suter

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Metal Universe Palladium Legends Auto Set

22 Cards – 1:30 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:481 Packs

Gretzky (LA); Lemieux; Lidstrom; Gretzky (EDM)

Group B Odds – 1:329 Packs

D. Sedin; H. Sedin; McDonald

Group C Odds – 1:80 Packs

Chelios; Robinson; Modano; Orr; Roy (MTL); Turgeon; Roy (COL); Clark

Group D Odds – 1:64 Packs

Joseph; Duff; Tkachuk; Gartner; Recchi; LaFontaine; Hextall

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Metal Universe Palladium Rookies Auto Set

18 Cards – 1:18 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:4277 Packs


Group B Odds – 1:1622 Packs


Group C Odds – 1:259 Packs

Makar; Shesterkin; J. Hughes; Poehling

Group D Odds – 1:98 Packs

Fox; Boqvist; Farabee

Group E Odds – 1:25 Packs

Texier; Bemstrom; Brannstrom; Zadina; Hague; Walman; Wahlstrom; Sandin

2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Tribute Autos 1990-91 Upper Deck Set

5 Cards – 1:250 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:2490 Packs


Group B Odds – 1:418 Packs

Gilmour; LaFontaine; Roy

Group C Odds – 1:830 Packs


2019-20 UD Clear Cut – Rookie Tribute Auto Set

Rookie Tribute Auto - 2005-06 The Cup Rookies Sidney Crosby MOCK UP
27 Cards – 1:18 Packs

Group A Odds – 1:724 Packs

Matthews; Hischier; Hart

Group B Odds – 1:243 Packs

Crosby; Stamkos; Panarin; McDavid; Lundqvist

Group C Odds – 1:194 Packs

Gallagher; Guentzel; Boeser

Group D Odds – 1:22 Packs

Koivu; Suter; Parise; Barkov; Sheifele; Wilson; Lee; Gibson; Klingberg; Stone; Parayko; Strome; Chabot; Svechnikov; Tkachuk; Heiskanen

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