2021-22 UD AHL – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2021-22 UD AHL Hockey

2021-22 UD AHL Hockey is an annual release that is dedicated to the American Hockey League, which acts as a developmental league for the NHL. Hobby boxes offer at least 1 signed card each, with all of the autographed sets using pack odds to determine rarity. This sheet will breakdown these odds to find out your chances of pulling specific players. The full checklist can be found here, and a player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2021-22 UD AHL – Product Breakdown

Release Date: July 27, 2022
Price: Approx. $50USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 10 Cards Per Pack; 12 Packs per Box; 24 Boxes Per Case (2 Inners)
Box Break: 1 Auto; 1 Additional Chae Card (Parallel, Insert, or Auto); 1 #’d Base Parallel; 12 Star Rookies; 12 Inserts

2021-22 UD AHL – Base Auto Set

Base Auto Alex Turcotte MOCK UP
72 Cards – 1:18 Hobby/ePack

Group A Odds – 1:4920 Packs

Ratcliffe; Guhle; Studnicka

Group B Odds – 1:3189 Packs

Sikura; Turcotte

Group C Odds – 1:635 Packs

Boldy; Schneider; Toy; Velano; Ouellet; Schilling

Group D Odds – 1:294 Packs

Beaudin; Asselin; Fortier; Harvey-Pinard; Fagemo; Cotton; Barratt

Group E Odds – 1:20 Packs

Ronning; Phillips; Letteri; Gettinger; Dugan; Leschyshyn; Bitten; Foote; Martin; Barber; Dumont; Anas; Fleury; Sokolov; Heinola; Hammond; Laaksonen; Bellerive; Delia; Mayhew; Ho-Sang; Tucker; De Leo; Angello; Zetterlund; Somppi; Caamano; Grosenick; Dalpe; Giroux; Marody; Perreault; Appleby; Luukkonen; Philip; Willman; Heponiemi; Bokk; Reichel; Thomson; Meloche; McCormick; MacDonald; Foudy; Rafferty; Suzuki; Dudas; Pekar; Blichfeld; Focht; Terry; Sgarbossa; Brodzinski; Fasching

2021-22 UD AHL – Star Rookies Auto Set

32 Cards – 1:36 Hobby/ePack

Group A Odds – 1:3342 Packs

Rossi; Holtz

Group B Odds – 1:3633 Packs


Group C Odds – 1:2785 Packs


Group D Odds – 1:1741 Packs


Group E Odds – 1:38 Packs

Hutsko; Klimovich; Angle; Schneider; Tyutyayev; Cajkovic; Gogolevl Poulin; Ahcan; Berggren; McCallum; Koepke; Tracey; Miromanov; Kawaguchi; Lundmark; Pajuniemi; Meireles; Der-Arguchintsev; Jarventie; Thompson; Slavin; Afanasyev; Lavoie; Perunovich; Peterka; Wolf

2021-22 UD AHL – All-Stars Auto Set

9 Cards – 1:400 Hobby/ePack

Group A Odds – 1:1483 Packs

Swayman; Barron; Sokolov; Franson; Barber; Marody

Group B Odds – 1:3005 Packs


Group C Odds – 1:670 Packs

Laaksonen; Schilling

2021-22 UD AHL – Captain’s Auto Set

4 Cards – 1:750 Hobby/ePack

Group A Odds – 1:6930 Packs


Group B Odds – 1:1733 Packs

O’Reilly; Schneider

Group C Odds – 1:1634 Packs


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