Ninja Update: 2005-06 Between the Pipes Superbox

2005-06 Between the Pipes Box

2005-06 Between the Pipes was released by ITG as a box-set product. This was due to the lockout of the previous season. Between the Pipes had been a previously successful product and ITG elected to release the 2005-06 version in a limited fashion. Each “Superbox” contained the full 25-card base set, as well as 2 hits, one of which was guaranteed to be a memorabilia card. The success of this box-set release ushered in the return of BTP as a full product for the 2006-07 season.

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Product Breakdown

Release Date: September 30, 2005
Configuration: Box Set
Box Break: 25 Base Cards; 1 Memorabilia; 1 Other Memorabilia or Autograph

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Base Set

Base Terry Sawchuk
25 Cards

1 Johnny Bower
2 Turk Broda
3 Martin Brodeur
4 Richard Brodeur
5 Gerry Cheevers
6 Tony Esposito
7 Grant Fuhr
8 Ed Giacomin
9 Glenn Hall
10 Ron Hextall
11 Charlie Hodge
12 Mike Palmateer
13 Bernie Parent

14 Jacques Plante
15 Bill Ranford
16 Chico Resch
17 Patrick Roy
18 Terry Sawchuk
19 Billy Smith
20 Jose Theodore
21 Tiny Thompson
22 Vladislav Tretiak
23 Rogie Vachon
24 Georges Vezina
25 Gump Worsley

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Autographs Set

Autographs Rogie Vachon
20 Cards

ABP Bernie Parent
ABR Bill Ranford
ABS Billy Smith
ACH Charlie Hodge
ACR Chico Resch
AEG Ed Giacomin
AGC Gerry Cheevers
AGH Glenn Hall
AGR Grant Fuhr
AGW Gump Worsley

AJB Johnny Bower
AJT Jose Theodore
AMB Martin Brodeur
AMP Mike Palmateer
APR Patrick Roy
ARB Richard Brodeur
ARH Ron Hextall
ARV Rogie Vachon
ATO Tony Esposito
AVT Vladislav Tretiak

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Game-Used Jersey Set

Game-Used Jersey Bill Ranford
12 Cards – Print Run #/80
Parallels: Gold #/20

GUJ1 Patrick Roy
GUJ2 Patrick Roy
GUJ3 Martin Brodeur
GUJ4 Tony Esposito
GUJ5 Vladislav Tretiak
GUJ6 Glenn Hall

GUJ7 Mike Richter
GUJ8 Jose Theodore
GUJ9 Billy Smith
GUJ10 Grant Fuhr
GUJ11 Bill Ranford
GUJ12 Richard Brodeur

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Game-Used Glove Set

Game-Used Glove Grant Fuhr
8 Cards – Print Run #/20
Parallels: Gold #/5

GUG1 Tony Esposito
GUG2 Patrick Roy
GUG3 Gilles Gilbert
GUG4 Vladislav Tretiak

GUG5 Jose Theodore
GUG6 Rogie Vachon
GUG7 Charlie Hodge
GUG8 Grant Fuhr

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Game-Used Pad Set

Game-Used Pad Jose Theodore
8 Cards – Print Run #/20
Parallels: Gold #/5

GUP1 Bernie Parent
GUP2 Grant Fuhr
GUP3 Gerry Cheevers
GUP4 Ron Hextall

GUP5 Martin Brodeur
GUP6 Patrick Roy
GUP7 Jacques Plante
GUP8 Jose Theodore

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Double Memorabilia Set

Double Memorabilia Gold Tony Esposito
8 Cards – Print Run #/40
Parallels: Gold #/10

DM1 Patrick Roy
DM2 Patrick Roy
DM3 Martin Brodeur
DM4 Ron Hextall

DM5 Tony Esposito
DM6 Gerry Cheevers
DM7 Vladislav Tretiak
DM8 Jose Theodore

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Stick and Jersey Set

Stick and Jersey Gold Ed Giacomin
10 Cards – Print Run #/40
Parallels: Gold #/10

SJ1 Patrick Roy
SJ2 Patrick Roy
SJ3 Martin Brodeur
SJ4 Ed Giacomin
SJ5 Johnny Bower

SJ6 Tony Esposito
SJ7 Mike Richter
SJ8 Ron Hextall
SJ9 Jose Theodore
SJ10 Grant Fuhr

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Complete Package Set

Complete Package Terry Sawchuk
7 Cards – Print Run #/10??

CP1 Grant Fuhr
CP2 Patrick Roy
CP3 Jacques Plante
CP4 Gerry Cheevers

CP5 Terry Sawchuk
CP6 Bernie Parent
CP7 Jose Theodore

2005-06 Between the Pipes – Signed Memorabilia Set

Signed Memorabilia Patrick Roy
10 Cards – Print Run #/10

SM1 Patrick Roy
SM2 Patrick Roy
SM3 Martin Brodeur
SM4 Glenn Hall
SM5 Johnny Bower

SM6 Gerry Cheevers
SM7 Ed Giacomin
SM8 Jose Theodore
SM9 Grant Fuhr
SM10 Bernie Parent

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