Ninja Update: 2013-14 ITG Enforcers II

Enforcers II Box

Call them enforcers, call them goons, call them fighters, whatever you may call them these are the players that no one wants to cross. These players are from a different , rougher generation of hockey, and with Enforcers II ITG looks to celebrate their role. As the sequal to the original Enforcers product it picks up where the original base set left off, and tosses in a whole bunch of mem and autos for fans to collect. These may not be the Gretzkys and Beliveaus that collectors are used to, but there will always be a market for the rough and tumble of the NHL’s goon squad.

Enforcers II – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 10, 2013
Price: Approx. $48USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 12 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box
Box Break: 4 Autographs; 3 Memorabilia Cards; 5 Base Cards

Enforcers II – Base Crease Conflicts Set

Enforcers II Crease Conflicts Patrick Roy vs Mike Vernon
9 Cards

91 Felix Potvin/Ron Hextall
92 Phil Myre/Glen Hanlon
93 Curtis Joseph/Tim Cheveldae
94 Olaf Kolzig/Byron Dafoe
95 Tommy Salo/Dan Cloutier

96 Patrick Roy/Mike Vernon
97 Chris Osgood/Patrick Roy
98 Sean Burke/Mark LaForest
99 Bernie Parent/Ed Giacomin

Enforcers II – Base 3000 PIM Club Set

Enforcers II 3000 PIM Club Marty McSorley
9 Cards

100 Tiger Williams
101 Dale Hunter
102 Tie Domi
103 Marty McSorley
104 Bob Probert

105 Rob Ray
106 Craig Berube
107 Tim Hunter
108 Chris Nilan

Enforcers II – Base League Leaders Set

Enforcers II League Leaders Gino Odjick
9 Cards

109 Dave Schultz
110 Paul Baxter
111 Mike Peluso
112 Marty McSorley
113 Bob Probert

114 Joe Kocur
115 Tim Hunter
116 Gino Odjick
117 Maurice Richard

Enforcers II – Base Tag Teams Set

Enforcers II Tag Teams Tiger Williams, Curt Fraser
15 Cards

118 Bob Probert/Joe Kocur
119 Rob Ray/Mike Hartman
120 Louie DeBrusk/Dennis Bonvie
121 Tiger Williams/Curt Fraser
122 Garry Howatt/Bob Nystrom
123 Tim Hunter/Joel Otto
124 Mike Peluso/Cam Russell
125 Jim Dorey/Forbes Kennedy

126 Kevin McClelland/Marty McSorley
127 Brendan Witt/Kevin Kaminski
128 Dave Schultz/Don Saleski
129 Tim Horton/Bob Baun
130 Eddie Shore/Lionel Hitchman
131 Sprague Cleghorn/Odie Cleghorn
132 Gordie Howe/Ted Lindsay

Enforcers II – Base Tale of the Tape Set

Enforcers II Tale of the Tape Ronnie Stern, Shayne Corson
24 Cards

133 Dennis Vial/Paul Laus
134 Chris Dingman/Ryan VandenBussche
135 Brad May/Darren McCarty
136 Bob Probert/Craig Coxe
137 Marty McSorley/Mark Messier
138 Tie Domi/Cam Russell
139 Gino Odjick/Kelly Buchberger
140 Gordie Howe/Lou Fontinato
141 Mick Vukota/Mike Peluso
142 Jay Caufield/Jeff Chychrun
143 Troy Mallette/Kelly Chase
144 Andre Roy/Tie Domi

145 Sean Brown/Jim Cummins
146 Dennis Bonvie/Rob Ray
147 Lanny McDonald/Dennis Polonich
148 Garry Howatt/Dave Schultz
149 Curt Fraser/Terry O’Reilly
150 Jack McIlhargey/Kurt Walker
151 Tiger Williams/Mel Bridgman
152 Cam Neely/Dave Semenko
153 Jody Shelley/Scott Parker
154 Tim Hunter/Marty McSorley
155 Ronnie Stern/Shayne Corson
156 Ken Daneyko/Craig Berube

Enforcers II – Base Bloody Battles Set

Enforcers II Bloody Battles Tie Domi vs Ronnie Stern
24 Cards

157 Mike Peluso/Tie Domi
158 Ken Belanger/Sean Brown
159 Dennis Bonvie/Darren Langdon
160 Jeff Chychrun/Bob Probert
161 Louie DeBrusk/Gino Odjick
162 Jim Cummins/Paul Kruse
163 Darren McCarty/Claude Lemieux
164 Aaron Downey/Todd Fedoruk
165 Darren Kimble/John Kordic
166 Tim Hunter/John Kordic
167 Marty McSorley/Stu Grimson
168 Paul Kruse/Darren McCarty

169 Gino Odjick/Darren Langdon
170 Bob Probert/Kelly Chase
171 Rob Ray/Gordie Dwyer
172 Todd Ewen/Paul Kruse
173 Ken Daneyko/Rob Ray
174 Ryan VandenBussche/Jody Shelley
175 Dennis Vial/Mick Vukota
176 Brendan Witt/Ian Laperriere
177 Louie DeBrusk/Todd Ewen
178 Paul Kruse/Darren Langdon
179 Tie Domi/Ronnie Stern
180 Bob Probert/Stu Grimson

Enforcers II – Autographs Set

Enforcers II Autos Jay Caufield
60 Cards – SP = Short Print

A-AD Aaron Downey
A-AR Andre Roy
A-BH Bob Halkidis
A-BM Brantt Myhres
A-BW Brendan Witt
A-BS Brent Severyn
A-CC Cam Connor
A-CN Cam Neely (sp)
A-CR Cam Russell
A-CD Chris Dingman
A-CS Chris Simon
A-CCO Craig Coxe
A-CF Curt Fraser
A-DK Darin Kimble
A-DL Darren Langdon
A-DM Darren McCarty
A-DH Dave Hanson
A-DB Dennis Bonvie
A-DP Dennis Polonich
A-DV Dennis Vial
A-FK Forbes Kennedy
A-GH Garry Howatt
A-GC Glen Cochrane
A-GD Gordie Dwyer
A-GHO Gordie Howe (sp)
A-IL Ian Laperriere
A-JC Jay Caufield
A-JCA Jeff Carlson
A-JCH Jeff Chychrun
A-JR Jeremy Roenick (sp)

A-JD Jim Dorey
A-JN Jim Nill
A-JS Jim Sandlak
A-JSH Jody Shelley
A-KB Ken Belanger
A-KD Ken Daneyko
A-KK Kevin Kaminski
A-KM Kevin McClelland
A-KC Kim Clackson
A-KW Kurt Walker
A-LP Larry Playfair
A-LD Louie DeBrusk
A-LB Lyndon Byers
A-MV Mick Vukota
A-MH Mike Hartman
A-MP Mike Peluso
A-PB Paul Baxter
A-PK Paul Kruse
A-RT Rocky Thompson
A-RS Ron Stern
A-RV Ryan VandenBussche
A-SK Sami Helenius
A-SP Scott Parker
A-ST Scott Thornton
A-SB Sean Brown
A-SC Steve Carlson
A-TL Ted Lindsay (sp)
A-TH Tim Hunter
A-TF Todd Fedoruk
A-TM Troy Mallette

Enforcers II – Duel Autographs Set

Enforcers II Duel Auto Patrick Roy, Mike Vernon
50 Cards

DA-TDBP Tie Domi/Bob Probert
DA-WCMM Wendel Clark/Marty McSorley
DA-DMCL Darren McCarty/Claude Lemieux
DA-JOWR Jeff Odgers/Warren Rychel
DA-DSTW Dave Schultz/Tiger Williams
DA-MMBP Marty McSorley/Bob Probert
DA-BPCC Bob Probert /Craig Coxe
DA-TDRR Tie Domi/Rob Ray
DA-TDDL Tie Domi/Darren Langdon
DA-TTRR Tony Twist/Rob Ray
DA-TTMP Tony Twist/Mike Peluso
DA-MPKK Mike Peluso/Kevin Kaminski
DA-CNDB Chris Nilan/Dave Brown
DA-BNMB Bob Nystrom/Mel Bridgman
DA-TEBP Todd Ewen/Bob Probert
DA-DBRV Dennis Bonvie/Ryan VandenBussche
DA-TDJC Tie Domi/Jim Cummins
DA-SCBK Steve Carlson/Bob Kelly
DA-DHPB Dave Hanson/Paul Baxter
DA-DHTO Dave Hanson/Terry O’Reilly
DA-JCKC Jeff Carlson/Kim Clackson
DA-JCCC Jeff Carlson/Cam Connor
DA-PRCO Patrick Roy/Chris Osgood
DA-PRMV Patrick Roy/Mike Vernon
DA-BMDS Basil McRae/Dave Semenko

DA-DSKC Dave Semenko/Kim Clackson
DA-DSPB Dave Semenko/Paul Baxter
DA-DSTH Dave Semenko/Tim Hunter
DA-PHNF Paul Holmgren/Nick Fotiu
DA-NFCN Nick Fotiu/Chris Nilan
DA-ADDP Andre Dupont/Dennis Polonich
DA-CGAD Clark Gillies/Andre Dupont
DA-CGDS Clark Gillies/Dave Schultz
DA-ADSJ Andre Dupont/Stan Jonathan
DA-SCBB Shane Churla/Bob Boughner
DA-SCMP Shane Churla/Mike Peluso
DA-SGRT Stu Grimson/Rocky Thompson
DA-SGCN Stu Grimson/Chris Nilan
DA-CNDM Chris Nilan/Dave Manson
DA-JCCN Jay Caufield/Chris Nilan
DA-CNTH Chris Nilan/Tim Hunter
DA-DLBB Denny Lambert/Bob Boughner
DA-KCBM Kelly Chase/Bryan Marchment
DA-KCPL Kelly Chase/Paul Laus
DA-KCJO Kelly Chase/Jeff Odgers
DA-LFGH Lou Fontinato/Gordie Howe
DA-JKTH Jim Kyte/Tim Hunter
DA-LOEL Lyle Odelein/Eric Lindros
DA-ELRP Eric Lindros/Rich Pilon
DA-ELKK Eric Lindros/Kris King

Enforcers II – Triple Autographs Set

Enforcers II Triple Auto Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson, Dave Hanson
1 Card

A-JCSCDH Jeff Carlson/Steve Carlson/Dave Hanson

Enforcers II – Instigator Game Used Set

Enforcers II Instigator Scott Thornton
24 Cards – Print Run #/150
Parallels: Red #/10
Patch Parallels: Black #/20; Red #/10

IM-01 Ken Belanger
IM-02 Dennis Bonvie
IM-03 Jay Caufield
IM-04 Jeff Chychrun
IM-05 Glen Cochrane
IM-06 Chris Simon
IM-07 Chris Dingman
IM-08 Aaron Downey
IM-09 Todd Fedoruk
IM-10 Tim Hunter
IM-11 Darren Langdon
IM-12 Ian Laperriere

IM-13 Troy Mallette
IM-14 Darren McCarty
IM-15 Scott Parker
IM-16 Brantt Myhres
IM-17 Andre Roy
IM-18 Brent Severyn
IM-19 Scott Thornton
IM-20 Rocky Thompson
IM-21 Ryan VandenBussche
IM-22 Mick Vukota
IM-23 Kurt Walker
IM-24 Brendan Witt

Enforcers II – Pugilistic Puck Stoppers Game Used Set

Enforcers II Pugilistic Puck Stoppers Olaf Kolzig
12 Cards – Print Run #/150
Parallels: Red #/10
Patch Parallels: Black #/20; Red #/10

PPSM-01 Tom Barrasso
PPSM-02 Dan Cloutier
PPSM-03 Byron Dafoe
PPSM-04 Ray Emery
PPSM-05 Ron Hextall
PPSM-06 Curtis Joseph

PPSM-07 Olaf Kolzig
PPSM-08 Chris Osgood
PPSM-09 Felix Potvin
PPSM-10 Patrick Roy
PPSM-11 Garth Snow
PPSM-12 Mike Vernon

Enforcers II – Combatants Set

Enforcers II Combatants Ian Laperriere, Keith Tkachuk
38 Cards – Print Run #/150
Parallels: Red #/10

C-01 Ken Belanger/Brad May
C-02 Dennis Bonvie/Ryan VandenBussche
C-03 Jay Caufield/Gino Odjick
C-04 Jeff Chychrun/Wendel Clark
C-05 Glen Cochrane/Reed Larson
C-06 Craig Coxe/Bob Probert
C-07 Chris Dingman/Ryan VandenBussche
C-08 Aaron Downey/Peter Worrell
C-09 Tim Hunter/Marty McSorley
C-10 Darren Langdon/Sandy McCarthy
C-11 Ian Laperriere/Keith Tkachuk
C-12 Troy Mallette/Paul Laus
C-13 Darren McCarty/Claude Lemieux
C-14 Scott Parker/Bob Probert
C-15 Chris Simon/Rob Ray
C-16 Andre Roy/Tie Domi
C-17 Brent Severyn/Mick Vukota
C-18 Chris Simon/Darren McCarty
C-19 Scott Thornton/Paul Laus

C-20 Ryan VandenBussche/Sean Brown
C-21 Rob Ray/Mick Vukota
C-22 Kurt Walker/Stan Jonathan
C-23 Brendan Witt/Joe Thornton
C-24 Bob Probert/Chris Dingman
C-25 Sean Brown/Brad May
C-26 Todd Fedoruk/Aaron Downey
C-27 Dave Brown/Tim Hunter
C-28 Bob Nystrom/Mel Bridgman
C-29 Darren Langdon/Chris Simon
C-30 Terry O’Reilly/Dan Maloney
C-31 Ken Daneyko/Craig Berube
C-32 Jeff Chychrun/Gino Odjick
C-33 Marty McSorley/Mark Messier
C-34 Ken Daneyko/Keith Primeau
C-35 Sean Brown/Ken Belanger
C-36 Mick Vukota/Ken Daneyko
C-37 Mel Bridgman/Tiger Williams
C-38 Andre Roy/Chris Simon

Enforcers II – Between the Pipes Battles Set

Enforcers II BTP Battles Felix Potvin, Ron Hextall
6 Cards – Print Run #/150
Parallels: Red #/10

BTPB-01 Curtis Joseph/Tim Cheveldae
BTPB-02 Patrick Roy/Chris Osgood
BTPB-03 Patrick Roy/Mike Vernon

BTPB-04 Olaf Kolzig/Byron Dafoe
BTPB-05 Felix Potvin/Ron Hextall
BTPB-06 Dan Cloutier/Tommy Salo

Enforcers II – Tough Franchise Set

Enforcers II Tough Franchise Bridgman, Shelly, Brown, Fedoruk
10 Cards – Print Run #/50
Parallels: Red #/10

TF-01 Wayne Cashman/Terry O’Reilly/Cam Neely/Ken Belanger
TF-02 Danny Gare/Jason Woolley/Rob Ray/Brad May
TF-03 Mel Bridgman/Dave Brown/Jody Shelley/Todd Fedoruk
TF-04 Tim Hunter/Gary Roberts/Theoren Fleury/Dion Phaneuf
TF-05 Bob Probert/Jeremy Roenick/Cam Russell/Ryan VandenBussche
TF-06 Chris Chelios/Bob Probert/Joe Kocur/Darren McCarty
TF-07 Chris Dingman/Jeff Odgers/Jim Cummins/Scott Parker
TF-08 Billy Smith/Clark Gillies/Bob Nystrom/Mick Vukota
TF-09 Jeff Chychrun/Marty McSorley/Barry Beck/Dan Maloney
TF-10 Brent Severyn/Peter Worrell/Paul Laus/Rocky Thompson

Enforcers II – Complete Jersey Set

Enforcers II Complete Jersey Aaron Downey
18 Cards – Print Run #/9
Parallels: Red 1/1

CJ-01 Dennis Bonvie
CJ-02 Jeff Chychrun
CJ-03 Ken Daneyko
CJ-04 Chris Dingman
CJ-05 Tie Domi
CJ-06 Aaron Downey
CJ-07 Todd Fedoruk
CJ-08 Ian Laperriere
CJ-09 Troy Mallette

CJ-10 Brantt Myhres
CJ-11 Scott Parker
CJ-12 Bob Probert
CJ-13 Jody Shelley
CJ-14 Chris Simon
CJ-15 Rocky Thompson
CJ-16 Scott Thornton
CJ-17 Ryan Vandenbussche
CJ-18 Brendan Witt

Enforcers II – Fight Strap Set

Enforcers II Fight Strap Dennis Bonvie
20 Cards – Print Run #/4

FS-01 Dennis Bonvie
FS-02 Jay Caufield
FS-03 Jeff Chychrun
FS-04 Chris Dingman
FS-05 Ken Daneyko
FS-06 Aaron Downey
FS-07 Todd Fedoruk
FS-08 Tim Hunter
FS-09 Ian Laperriere
FS-10 Troy Mallette

FS-11 Brantt Myhres
FS-12 Andrei Nazarov
FS-13 Scott Parker
FS-14 Andre Roy
FS-15 Mick Vukota
FS-16 Brent Severyn
FS-17 Rocky Thompson
FS-18 Scott Thornton
FS-19 Ryan VandenBussche
FS-20 Brendan Witt

Enforcers II – Fight Strap Dome Fastener Set

Enforcers II Fight Strap Dome Fastener Aaron Downey
20 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

FSF-01 Dennis Bonvie
FSF-02 Jay Caufield
FSF-03 Jeff Chychrun
FSF-04 Chris Dingman
FSF-05 Ken Daneyko
FSF-06 Aaron Downey
FSF-07 Todd Fedoruk
FSF-08 Tim Hunter
FSF-09 Ian Laperriere
FSF-10 Troy Mallette

FSF-11 Brantt Myhres
FSF-12 Andrei Nazarov
FSF-13 Scott Parker
FSF-14 Andre Roy
FSF-15 Mick Vukota
FSF-16 Brent Severyn
FSF-17 Rocky Thompson
FSF-18 Scott Thornton
FSF-19 Ryan VandenBussche
FSF-20 Brendan Witt

Enforcers II – Tough Nameplates Set

Enforcers II Tough Nameplates Chris Dingman
122 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

TN-01 Jeff Chychrun
TN-02 Jeff Chychrun
TN-03 Jeff Chychrun
TN-04 Jeff Chychrun
TN-05 Jeff Chychrun
TN-06 Jeff Chychrun
TN-07 Jeff Chychrun
TN-08 Jeff Chychrun
TN-09 Brendan Witt
TN-10 Brendan Witt
TN-11 Brendan Witt
TN-12 Brendan Witt
TN-13 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-14 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-15 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-16 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-17 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-18 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-19 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-20 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-21 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-22 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-23 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-24 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-25 Ryan VandenBussche
TN-26 Ron Hextall
TN-27 Ron Hextall
TN-28 Ron Hextall
TN-29 Ron Hextall
TN-30 Ron Hextall
TN-31 Ron Hextall
TN-32 Ron Hextall
TN-33 Ian Laperriere
TN-34 Ian Laperriere
TN-35 Ian Laperriere
TN-36 Ian Laperriere
TN-37 Ian Laperriere
TN-38 Ian Laperriere
TN-39 Ian Laperriere
TN-40 Ian Laperriere
TN-41 Ian Laperriere
TN-42 Ian Laperriere
TN-43 Ken Belanger
TN-44 Ken Belanger
TN-45 Ken Belanger
TN-46 Ken Belanger
TN-47 Ken Belanger
TN-48 Ken Belanger
TN-49 Ken Belanger
TN-50 Ken Belanger
TN-51 Andre Roy
TN-52 Andre Roy
TN-53 Andre Roy
TN-54 Dennis Bonvie
TN-55 Dennis Bonvie
TN-56 Dennis Bonvie
TN-57 Dennis Bonvie
TN-58 Dennis Bonvie
TN-59 Dennis Bonvie
TN-60 Chris Dingman
TN-61 Chris Dingman
TN-62 Chris Dingman
TN-63 Chris Dingman
TN-64 Chris Dingman
TN-65 Chris Dingman
TN-66 Chris Dingman

TN-67 Bob Boughner
TN-68 Bob Boughner
TN-69 Bob Boughner
TN-70 Bob Boughner
TN-71 Bob Boughner
TN-72 Bob Boughner
TN-73 Bob Boughner
TN-74 Bob Boughner
TN-75 Dan Carcillo
TN-76 Dan Carcillo
TN-77 Dan Carcillo
TN-78 Dan Carcillo
TN-79 Dan Carcillo
TN-80 Dan Carcillo
TN-81 Dan Carcillo
TN-82 Dan Carcillo
TN-83 Rocky Thompson
TN-84 Rocky Thompson
TN-85 Rocky Thompson
TN-86 Rocky Thompson
TN-87 Rocky Thompson
TN-88 Rocky Thompson
TN-89 Rocky Thompson
TN-90 Rocky Thompson
TN-91 Brantt Myhres
TN-92 Brantt Myhres
TN-93 Brantt Myhres
TN-94 Brantt Myhres
TN-95 Brantt Myhres
TN-96 Brantt Myhres
TN-97 Scott Thornton
TN-98 Scott Thornton
TN-99 Scott Thornton
TN-100 Scott Thornton
TN-101 Scott Thornton
TN-102 Scott Thornton
TN-103 Scott Thornton
TN-104 Scott Thornton
TN-105 Todd Fedoruk
TN-106 Todd Fedoruk
TN-107 Todd Fedoruk
TN-108 Todd Fedoruk
TN-109 Todd Fedoruk
TN-110 Todd Fedoruk
TN-111 Todd Fedoruk
TN-112 Aaron Downey
TN-113 Aaron Downey
TN-114 Aaron Downey
TN-115 Aaron Downey
TN-116 Aaron Downey
TN-117 Aaron Downey
TN-118 Chris Simon
TN-119 Chris Simon
TN-120 Chris Simon
TN-121 Chris Simon
TN-122 Chris Simon

Enforcers II – Patch ‘Em Up Set

Enforcers II Patch Em Up Ferguson, Corson, Chelios, Thornton
6 Cards – Print Run #/5

PU-01 Zdeno Chara/Milan Lucic/Terry O’Reilly/John Wensink
PU-02 Enrico Ciccone/Ryan VandenBussche/Bob Probert/Dave Manson
PU-03 Bob Probert/Joe Kocur/Gerard Gallant/Darren McCarty
PU-04 John Ferguson/Shayne Corson/Chris Chelios/Scott Thornton
PU-05 Eric Cairns/Darius Kasparaitis/Darren Langdon/Mark Messier
PU-06 Tie Domi/Kurt Walker/Tiger Williams/Colton Orr

Enforcers II – Tough Patch Set

Enforcers II Tough Patch Mick Vukota
80 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

TP-01 Ken Belanger
TP-02 Todd Bertuzzi
TP-03 Craig Berube
TP-04 Dennis Bonvie
TP-05 Aaron Boogaard
TP-06 Derek Boogaard
TP-07 Bob Boughner
TP-08 Donald Brashear
TP-09 Donald Brashear
TP-10 Mel Bridgman
TP-11 Brad Brown
TP-12 Sean Brown
TP-13 Matt Carkner
TP-14 Jay Caufield
TP-15 Kelly Chase
TP-16 Shane Churla
TP-17 Jeff Chychrun
TP-18 Enrico Ciccone
TP-19 Wendel Clark
TP-20 Glen Cochrane
TP-21 Craig Coxe
TP-22 Jim Cummins
TP-23 Chris Dingman
TP-24 Tie Domi
TP-25 Aaron Downey
TP-26 Ray Emery
TP-27 Todd Ewen
TP-28 Todd Fedoruk
TP-29 John Ferguson
TP-30 Todd Gill
TP-31 Clark Gillies
TP-32 Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre
TP-33 Stu Grimson
TP-34 Ron Hextall
TP-35 Dale Hunter
TP-36 Tim Hunter
TP-37 Joe Kocur
TP-38 Jim Kyte
TP-39 Darren Langdon
TP-40 Ian Laperriere

TP-41 Paul Laus
TP-42 Claude Lemieux
TP-43 Troy Mallette
TP-44 Brad May
TP-45 Jamal Mayers
TP-46 Darren McCarty
TP-47 Cody McCormick
TP-48 Basil McRae
TP-49 Marty McSorley
TP-50 Mike Milbury
TP-51 Jay Miller
TP-52 Brantt Myhres
TP-53 Andrei Nazarov
TP-54 Owen Nolan
TP-55 Bob Nystrom
TP-56 Krzysztof Oliwa
TP-57 Scott Parker
TP-58 Dion Phaneuf
TP-59 Felix Potvin
TP-60 Bob Probert
TP-61 Bob Probert
TP-62 Chris Pronger
TP-63 Rob Ray
TP-64 Andre Roy
TP-65 Patrick Roy
TP-66 Cam Russell
TP-67 Ulf Samuelsson
TP-68 Brent Severyn
TP-69 Jody Shelley
TP-70 Chris Simon
TP-71 Rocky Thompson
TP-72 Scott Thornton
TP-73 Jordin Tootoo
TP-74 Ryan VandenBussche
TP-75 Mike Vernon
TP-76 Mick Vukota
TP-77 Kurt Walker
TP-78 Tiger Williams
TP-79 Brendan Witt
TP-80 Peter Worrell

Enforcers II – Duel Tough Patch Set

Enforcers II Duel Tough Patch Rob RayEnforcers II Duel Tough Patch Tony Twist
30 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

DTP-01 Bob Probert/Tie Domi
DTP-02 Marty McSorley/Wendel Clark
DTP-03 Ray Emery/Andrew Peters
DTP-04 Ray Emery/Martin Biron
DTP-05 Bob Boughner/Shane Churla
DTP-06 Curtis Joseph/Tim Cheveldae
DTP-07 Patrick Roy/Mike Vernon
DTP-08 Patrick Roy/Chris Osgood
DTP-09 Todd Ewen/Bob Probert
DTP-10 Dan Cloutier/Tommy Salo
DTP-11 Felix Potvin/Ron Hextall
DTP-12 Rocky Thompson/Stu Grimson
DTP-13 Ryan VandenBussche/Dennis Bonvie
DTP-14 Brendan Witt/Trevor Linden
DTP-15 Ryan VandenBussche/Jeff Odgers

DTP-16 Bob Probert/Kelly Chase
DTP-17 Darren Langdon/Scott Thornton
DTP-18 Joe Kocur/Bob Probert
DTP-19 Bob Probert/Marty McSorley
DTP-20 Terry O’Reilly/Tiger Williams
DTP-21 Brad Brown/Brad May
DTP-22 Tie Domi/Rob Ray
DTP-23 Rob Ray/Tony Twist
DTP-24 Paul Laus/Kelly Chase
DTP-25 Tie Domi/Darren Langdon
DTP-26 Marty McSorley/Eric Lindros
DTP-27 Mel Bridgman/Bob Nystrom
DTP-28 Joe Kocur/Jim Kyte
DTP-29 Gino Odjick/Marty McSorley
DTP-30 Igor Larionov/Peter Forsberg

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