2016 Topps Star Wars Rogue One Series 1 – Full Checklist

Rogue One Series 1 Header

Timed to coincide with the release of the movie, Star Was Rogue One Series 1 offers up a set that honours this latest entry into the Star Wars narrative. As the first stand-alone movie to come from the Star Wars franchise Rogue One breaks new ground and lays the groundwork for a new generation of fans. Having thus far received positive reviews we hope that the trading cards series can live up to the movie.

Rogue One Series 1 – Product Breakdown

Release Date: December 16, 2016
Price: Approx. $82USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 2 Total Hits (Autos, Sketch, Medallion, Plates); 24 Inserts; 24 Death Star Parallels; 12 Green Squad Parallels; 6 Blue Squad Parallels; 192 Total Cards

Rogue One Series 1 – Base Set

Rogue One Series 1 Base Shoretrooper
89 Cards
Parallels: Death Star (1 Per Pack); Green Squad (1:2 Packs); Blue Squad (1:4 Packs); Gray Squad #/100′ Gold Squad #/50; Orange Squad 1/1

1 Jyn Erso
2 Captain Cassian Andor
3 Baze Malbus
4 Bodhi Rook
5 Chirrut Îmwe
6 Saw Gerrera
7 Bistan
8 Mon Mothma
9 Blue Leader
10 General Draven
11 Darth Vader
12 Death Trooper
13 Director Krennic
14 Royal Guard
15 Red Squadron Pilots
16 Officers of the Empire
17 General Jan Dodonna
18 Benthic and Edrio Two Tubes
20 Imperial Stormtroopers
21 Jyn Undercover
22 Patrol on Jedha
23 The Death Trooper and destruction
24 Ready to Depart
25 A brotherhood of two
26 Defense of Scarif
27 Imperial Forces take cover
28 Baze fights back
29 Storming the Beach
30 The Spiritual Soul of Chirrut
31 Bodhi on Board
32 Death Troopers on the Hunt
33 In the streets of Jedha
34 Corporal Pao on Scarif
35 Patrolling the Scarif Shores
36 The Yavin 4 Hangar
37 Blue Squadron
38 Galen Erso
39 Lt. Zal Dinnes (Red Eight)
40 Rebels keep watch
41 Imperial Shoretrooper
42 Shoretroopers prepare
43 Pilgrims to Jedha
44 Death Trooper in Action
45 Preparing for the arrival
46 Rebel Hero Jyn Erso

47 The Growing Threat
48 Rushing to Respond
49 Blue Leader Takes Flight
50 Rebels Engage
51 Jyn’s Departure
52 Reporting to Krennic
53 Confrontation with the Assault tank
54 Unleashed on the Empire
55 Pilgrims on Jedha
56 Patrol of Oppression
57 Rebel Pathfinder
58 After the Assault
59 Helming the Assault Tank
60 Scarif Attack
61 Rush to Duty
62 A Call to Action
63 Ragged Rebels
64 Meeting of the Mon Calamari
65 Death Star Gunner
66 A Meeting of Krennic and Erso
67 Launching the Rebel Fighters
68 Servants of the Empire
69 Stormtrooper in the Jungle
70 Jyn gears up
71 Hammering out the Plan
72 The Battle Approaches
73 The Leadership of Mon Mothma
74 A Rebellion United
75 Rebellion Commando
76 Baze takes aim
77 Cassian listens in
78 Harbingers in Black
79 After the fight
80 An offer to Jyn
81 Chirrut’s Warning
82 Briefing for the Mission Ahead
83 Director Krennic’s Obsession
84 Taking on the Empire
85 Rebellion Ground Forces
86 Lieutenant Sefla
87 The alliance confers before battle
88 Bistan prepares in the hangar
89 Troopers on Patrol
90 Baze back at Base

Rogue One Series 1 – Autographs Set

Rogue One Series 1 Forest Whitaker Auto
7 Cards
Parallels: Black Death Star #/50

Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso (Redemption)
Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera
Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma

 Nick Kellington as Bistan
Paul Kasey as Two Tubes
Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus

Rogue One Series 1 – Dual Autographs Set

3 Cards (Hobby Exclusive)

Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera & Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe
Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma & Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera
Paul Kasey as Two Tubes & Nick Kellington as Bistan

Rogue One Series 1 – Triple Autographs Set

2 Cards (Hobby Only)

Donnie Yen, Nick Kellington, & Paul Kasey as Two Tubes
Genevieve O’Reilly, Forest Whitaker, & Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus

Rogue One Series 1 – Blueprints of Ships and Vehicles Set

Rogue One Series 1 Blueprints of Ships and Vehicles Death Trooper
8 Cards

BP-1 U-Wing
BP-2 K-2SO
BP-3 Death Trooper
BP-4 TIE Striker

BP-5 Galactic Empire Transport Shuttle
BP-7 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle
BP-8 Death Star

Rogue One Series 1 – Character Icon Set

Rogue One Series 1 Character Icon Darth Vader
11 Cards

CI-1 Darth Vader
CI-2 Director Krennic
CI-3 Stormtrooper
CI-4 Death Trooper
CI-5 Shoretrooper
CI-6 Jyn Erso

CI-7 Captain Cassian Andor
CI-8 K-2SO
CI-9 Chirrut Îmwe
CI-10 Baze Malbus
CI-11 Bodhi Rook

Rogue One Series 1 – Character Stickers Set

18 Cards

CS-1 Jyn Erso
CS-2 Captain Cassian Andor
CS-3 K-2SO
CS-4 Chirrut Îmwe
CS-5 Baze Malbus
CS-6 Bodhi Rook
CS-7 Darth Vader
CS-8 Death Trooper
CS-9 Director Krennic

CS-10 Shoretrooper
CS-11 Stormtrooper
CS-12 Bistan
CS-13 Saw Gerrera
CS-14 Mon Mothma
CS-15 Moroff
CS-16 Edrio Two Tubes
CS-17 Admiral Raddus
CS-18 Imperial Assault Tank Commander

Rogue One Series 1 – Darth Vader Continuity Set

Darth Vader Continuity Set
5 Cards – Set Numbering Picks Up From Mission Briefing

6 Darth Vader
7 Darth Vader
8 Darth Vader
9 Darth Vader
10 Darth Vader

Rogue One Series 1 – Gallery Set

Rogue One Series 1 Gallery Set
10 Cards
Parallels: Printing Plates 1/1

G-1 Jyn Erso 1
G-2 Jyn Erso 2
G-3 Jyn Erso 3
G-4 Jyn Erso 4
G-5 Jyn Erso 5

G-6 Jyn Erso 6
G-7 Jyn Erso 7
G-8 Shoretrooper 1
G-9 Shoretrooper 2
G-10 Death Star

Rogue One Series 1 – Heroes of the Rebel Alliance Set

Heroes of the Rebel Alliance Jyn Erso
14 Cards

HR-1 Jyn Erso
HR-2 Captain Cassian Andor
HR-3 K-2SO
HR-4 Chirrut ÎMWE
HR-5 Baze Malbus
HR-6 Bodhi Rook
HR-7 Admiral Raddus

HR-8 Saw Gerrera
HR-9 Bistan
HR-10 Pao
HR-11 Mon Mothma
HR-12 Moroff
HR-13 L-1 Droid
HR-14 Edrio Two Tubes

Rogue One Series 1 – Medallions Set

Rogue One Series 1 Shoretrooper Medallion
20 Cards

Baze Malbus with Y-Wing
Bistan with U-Wing
Bodhi Rook with Y-Wing
C2-B5 with Death Star
Captain Cassian Andor with X-Wing
Captain Cassian Andor with U-Wing
Chirrut Îmwe with Y-Wing
Darth Vader with Death Star
Darth Vader with Imperial Star Destroyer
Death Trooper with Imperial Star Destroyer
Director Krennic with Death Star
Director Krennic with Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle
Director Krennic with Imperial Star Destroyer
Edrio Two Tubes with U-Wing

Jyn Erso with X-Wing
Jyn Erso with U-Wing
Jyn Erso with Death Star
K-2SO with X-Wing
Mon Mothma with Death Star
Moroff with U-Wing
Pao with U-Wing
Saw Gerrera with U-Wing
Shoretrooper with AT-ST
Shoretrooper with AT-ACT
Stormtrooper with AT-ST
Stormtrooper with AT-ACT
TIE Fighter Pilot with TIE Striker
TIE Fighter Pilot with TIE Fighter

Rogue One Series 1 – Montages Set

Rogue One Series 1 Montages
9 Cards

M-1 Rebels
M-2 Empire
M-3 Empire 2
M-4 Jyn, K2-SO, and Cassian
M-5 Bistan, K2-SO, and Pao

M-6 Imperial Tank and Troopers
M-7 Empire Silhouettes
M-8 Jyn and X-Wings
M-9 Join the Rebellion

Rogue One Series 1 – Villains of the Galactic Empire Set

Villains of the Galactic Empire Darth Vader
8 Cards

VE-1 Darth Vader
VE-2 Death Trooper
VE-3 Director Krennic
VE-4 Stormtrooper

VE-5 Shoretrooper
VE-6 TIE Fighter Pilot
VE-7 C2-B5
VE-8 Imperial Tank Driver

Rogue One Series 1 – Sketch Cards Set

Rogue One Series 1 Sketch Cards
78 Artists – Each Card is 1/1

Achilleas Kokkinakis
Alex Iniguez
Anil Sharma
Anthony Skubis
Ben AbuSaada
Bill Pulkovski
Bob Hepner
Bob Stevlic
Brad Hudson
Brad Tabar
Brad Utterstrom
Brendan Purchase
Brent Ragland
Brett Farr
Brian Kong
Carlos Cabaleiro
Cathy Razim
Chad LaForce
Charlie Cody
Chris Meeks
D.J. Coffman
Dan Bergren
Dan Burn Webster
Dan Curto
Daniel Cooney
Darrin Pepe
David Rabbitte
Elfie Lebouleux
Eric Lehtonen
Eric Muller
Freddy Lopez
Gabe Farber
George Joseph
Ingrid Hardy
Jamie Cosley
Jason Davies
Jason Durden
Jeff Mallinson
Jennifer Allyn

Jessica Hickman
Jim Mehsling
John Sloboda
Jon Gregory
Jordan Maison
Kaela Croft
Kate Carleton
Kevin Graham
Kevin Liell
Kevin P. West
Kris Penix
Ksenia Zelentsova
Kyle Babbitt
Kyle Hickman
Lawrence Reynolds
Lee Lightfoot
Marcia Dye
Mark Mangum
Marsha Parkins
Matt Steffens
Matt Stewart
Melike Acar
Pablo Diaz
Patrick Giles
Patrick Richardson
Phil Hassewer
Ray Paez
Rich Molinelli
Robert Hendrickson
Roy Cover
Scott Houseman
Scott Jones
Shaow Siong
Solly Mohamed
Stephanie Swanger
Steve Potter
Tim Dowler
Tim Proctor
Tina Berardi

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