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Lovers of vintage stick cards rejoice! Hot off the presses from Leaf is the new Lumber Kings product. This product, dedicated entirely to stick cards, takes the place of Leaf/ITG’s Stickwork product, that was immensely popular with fans. Originally slated to be released in October, the product is now ready, and it looks fantastic. Each box includes 4 cards, up from the 3 seen in Stickwork. A huge part of this product is dedicated to vintage memorabilia with names like Richard, Howe, Kennedy, and even Dryden being available. Additionally this product is extremely short printed, with no card having a print run higher than 15. This is a must have for all hockey fans.

Lumber Kings – Product Breakdown

Release Date: December 19, 2016
Price: Approx. $130USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 4 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 10 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 4 Stick Relic Cards

Lumber Kings – Twig Sigs Set

Twig Sigs Paul Coffey
19 Cards – Individual Serial Numbers Noted
Parallels: Platinum #/5 or Less; Red #/3 (#MR2 is #/2); Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

TS-BB1 Bill Barber #/ 15
TS-BH1 Bobby Hull #/ 12
TS-BT1 Bryan Trottier #/ 15
TS-CJ1 Curtis Joseph #/ 12
TS-GH1 Gordie Howe #/ 10
TS-GL1 Guy Lafleur #/ 12
TS-JB3 Johnny Bucyk #/ 12
TS-JS1 Joe Sakic #/ 15
TS-JV1 John Vanbiesbrouck #/ 12
TS-MR2 Mike Richter #/ 10

TS-PB1 Pavel Bure #/ 15
TS-PC1 Paul Coffey #/ 15
TS-RML Rick MacLeish #/ 15
TS-SL1 Steve Larmer #/ 12
TS-TL1 Ted Lindsay #/ 15
TS-TL2 Trevor Linden #/ 15
TS-TS1 Teemu Selanne #/ 10
TS-VH1 Vic Hadfield #/ 12
TS-WC1 Wendel Clark #/ 15

Lumber Kings – 50 Goal Club Set

50 Goal Club Dale Hawerchuk
56 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12
Parallels: Platinum #/5; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

GC-AM Alexander Mogilny
GC-BB Bill Barber
GC-BB Brian Bellows
GC-BC Bobby Carpenter
GC-BF Bernie Geoffrion
GC-BH Bobby Hull
GC-BH Brett Hull
GC-BN Bernie Nicholls
GC-BS Brendan Shanahan
GC-BT Bryan Trottier
GC-CN Cam Neely
GC-CS Charlie Simmer
GC-DA Dave Andreychuk
GC-DC Dino Ciccarelli
GC-DH Dale Hawerchuk
GC-GA Glenn Anderson
GC-GL Guy Lafleur
GC-GR Gary Roberts
GC-JB Johnny Bucyk
GC-JJ Jaromír Jágr
GC-JK Jari Kurri
GC-JLC John LeClair
GC-JM Joe Mullen
GC-JN Joe Nieuwendyk
GC-JS Joe Sakic
GC-KS Kevin Stevens
GC-LMD Lanny McDonald
GC-LR Luc Robitaille

GC-MB Mike Bossy
GC-MD Marcel Dionne
GC-MG Michel Goulet
GC-MG Mike Gartner
GC-ML Mario Lemieux
GC-MM Mark Messier
GC-MM Mike Modano
GC-MR Mark Recchi
GC-MR Maurice Richard
GC-PB Pavel Bure
GC-PB Peter Bondra
GC-PE Phil Esposito
GC-PL Pat LaFontaine
GC-PL Pierre Larouche
GC-PT Pierre Turgeon
GC-RL Reggie Leach
GC-RM Rick Martin
GC-RM Rick Middleton
GC-RML Rick MacLeish
GC-RV Rick Vaive
GC-SF Sergei Fedorov
GC-SR Stephane Richer
GC-SS Steve Shutt
GC-SY Steve Yzerman
GC-TF Theoren Fleury
GC-TS Teemu Selanne
GC-VH Vic Hadfield
GC-WG Wayne Gretzky

Lumber Kings – 500 Goal Club Set

500 Goal Club Howe, Hull, Esposito, Mahovlich, Richard, Beliveau, Gretzky, Lafleur
5 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

5H-01 Gordie Howe / Maurice Richard / Bobby Hull / Jean Béliveau / Phil Esposito / Wayne Gretzky / Frank Mahovlich / Guy Lafleur
5H-02 Mike Bossy / Marcel Dionne / Johnny Bucyk / Stan Mikita / Michel Goulet / Gilbert Perreault / Lanny McDonald / Bryan Trottier
5H-03 Dave Andreychuk / Dino Ciccarelli / Peter Bondra / Mike Gartner / Dale Hawerchuk / Jari Kurri / Joe Nieuwendyk / Mark Recchi
5H-04 Jaromír Jágr / Mario Lemieux / Mark Messier / Mike Modano / Luc Robitaille / Mats Sundin / Mike Gartner / Pierre Turgeon
5H-05 Joe Sakic / Brendan Shanahan / Teemu Selanne / Pat Verbeek / Steve Yzerman / Mark Messier / Peter Bondra / Mario Lemieux

Lumber Kings – All Star History Set

All Star History Richard, Kennedy, Lindsay, Stewart
18 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/5; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

AS-01 Maurice Richard / Ted Lindsay / Ted Kennedy / Gaye Stewart
AS-02 Gordie Howe / Ted Lindsay / Maurice Richard / Ted Kennedy
AS-03 Alex Delvecchio / Gordie Howe / Jean Béliveau / Bernie Geoffrion
AS-04 Tim Horton / Jean Béliveau / Gordie Howe / Marcel Pronovost
AS-05 George Armstrong / Alex Delvecchio / Henri Richard / Maurice Richard
AS-06 Andy Bathgate / Frank Mahovlich / Jean Béliveau / Henri Richard
AS-07 Tim Horton / Norm Ullman / Bobby Hull / Stan Mikita
AS-08 Bobby Hull / Gordie Howe / Dave Keon / Bobby Baun
AS-09 Yvan Cournoyer / Bobby Rousseau / Stan Mikita / Rod Gilbert

AS-10 Phil Esposito / Jacques Laperrière / Dean Prentice / Bobby Clarke
AS-11 Bobby Orr / Ken Dryden / Bobby Hull / Gump Worsley
AS-12 Marcel Dionne / Guy Lafleur / Tom Lysiak / Denis Potvin
AS-13 Rick Martin / Steve Shutt / Rick MacLeish / Bryan Trottier
AS-14 Larry Robinson / Darryl Sittler / Mike Bossy / Bobby Clarke
AS-15 Gilbert Perreault / Gordie Howe / Wayne Gretzky / Mike Bossy
AS-16 Peter Stastny / Larry Robinson / Wayne Gretzky / Dale Hawerchuk
AS-17 Raymond Bourque / Michel Goulet / Rick Vaive / Bernie Nicholls
AS-18 Mario Lemieux / Chris Chelios / Randy Carlyle / Marcel Dionne

Lumber Kings – All Time Lumber Team 8’s Set

All Time Lumber Team 8's Orr, Bucyk, Sanderson, Neely, Bourque, Shore, Park
9 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/4 (Cards 07-09 are #/5); Red #/2; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

AT-01 Dave Keon / Ted Kennedy / Tim Horton / Frank Mahovlich / Borje Salming / Darryl Sittler / George Armstrong / Mats Sundin
AT-02 Jean Béliveau / Maurice Richard / Henri Richard / Guy Lafleur / Bernie Geoffrion / Yvan Cournoyer / Ken Dryden / Steve Shutt
AT-03 Bobby Orr / Raymond Bourque / Johnny Bucyk / Eddie Shore / Derek Sanderson / Brad Park / Cam Neely / Willie O’Ree
AT-04 Andy Bathgate / Rod Gilbert / Jean Ratelle / Brad Park / Dean Prentice / Mike Richter / Vic Hadfield / Mark Messier
AT-05 Gordie Howe / Norm Ullman / Ted Lindsay / Alex Delvecchio / Marcel Pronovost / Sergei Fedorov / Steve Yzerman / Frank Mahovlich
AT-06 Marcel Dionne / Dave Taylor / Charlie Simmer / Wayne Gretzky / Bernie Nicholls / Butch Goring / Luc Robitaille / Rob Blake
AT-07 Bill Barber / Bobby Clarke / John LeClair / Eric Lindros / Reggie Leach / Ron Hextall / Mikeal Renberg / Mark Recchi
AT-08 Wayne Gretzky / Paul Coffey / Jari Kurri / Glenn Anderson / Mark Messier / Esa Tikkanen / Doug Weight / Jason Arnott
AT-09 Mario Lemieux / Ron Francis / Jaromír Jágr / Tom Barrasso / Kevin Stevens / Larry Murphy / Joe Mullen / Paul Coffey

Lumber Kings – Blade 2 Blade Set

Blade 2 Blade Clancy, Conacher
14 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10 or as Noted
Parallels: Platinum #/5 or Less; Red #/3 or #/2; Emerald #/2 or 1/1; Gold 1/1

BB-01 Patrick Roy / Vladislav Tretiak
BB-02 Wayne Gretzky / Steve Yzerman
BB-03 Lionel Conacher / King Clancy #/ 7
BB-04 Mark Messier / Sergei Fedorov
BB-05 Maurice Richard / Norm Ullman
BB-06 Wayne Gretzky / Brett Hull
BB-07 Felix Potvin / Curtis Joseph

BB-08 Bobby Orr / Tim Horton
BB-09 Larry Robinson / Nicklas Lidstrom
BB-10 Stan Mikita / Phil Esposito
BB-11 Terry Sawchuk / Harry Lumley
BB-12 Sergei Fedorov / Alexander Ovechkin
BB-13 Phil Housley / Al MacInnis
BB-14 Borje Salming / Larry Robinson

Lumber Kings – Classic Cup Finals Set

Classic Cup Finals Beliveau, Cournoyer, Hull, Mikita
13 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/2; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

CC-01 Gordie Howe / Ted Lindsay / Ted Kennedy / Gaye Stewart
CC-02 Gordie Howe / Alex Delvecchio / Maurice Richard / Bernie Geoffrion
CC-03 Henri Richard / Jean Béliveau / Bobby Hull / Stan Mikita
CC-04 Jean Béliveau / Yvan Cournoyer / Bobby Hull / Stan Mikita
CC-05 Bobby Orr / Phil Esposito / Jean Ratelle / Rod Gilbert
CC-06 Bobby Clarke / Bill Barber / Bobby Orr / Phil Esposito
CC-07 Bobby Clarke / Reggie Leach / Gilbert Perreault / Rick Martin

CC-08 Guy Lafleur / Steve Shutt / Jean Ratelle / Brad Park
CC-09 Mike Bossy / Bryan Trottier / Bobby Clarke / Bill Barber
CC-10 Wayne Gretzky / Paul Coffey / Mike Bossy / Bryan Trottier
CC-11 Wayne Gretzky / Jari Kurri / Rick Tocchet / Ron Hextall
CC-12 Al MacInnis / Joe Mullen / Chris Chelios / Bobby Smith
CC-13 Mark Messier / Brian Leetch / Pavel Bure / Trevor Linden

Lumber Kings – Fantasy Stick Rack Set

Fantasy Stickrack Shore, Kennedy, Richard, Abel. Howe, Lindsay, Stewart, Beliveau
10 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/5; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

FS-01 Jean Béliveau / Alex Delvecchio / Gordie Howe / Wayne Gretzky / Tim Horton / Bobby Hull / Bobby Orr / Bernie Geoffrion
FS-02 Sid Abel / Gordie Howe / George Armstrong / Norm Ullman / Ted Kennedy / Ted Lindsay / Henri Richard / Stan Mikita
FS-03 Bobby Clarke / Phil Esposito / Yvan Cournoyer / Guy Lafleur / Marcel Dionne / Jacques Laperrière / Brad Park / Dave Keon
FS-04 Eddie Shore / Gordie Howe / Ted Kennedy / Ted Lindsay / Maurice Richard / Gaye Stewart / Sid Abel / Jean Béliveau
FS-05 Pavel Bure / Wayne Gretzky / Mario Lemieux / Wendel Clark / Mats Sundin / Sergei Fedorov / Raymond Bourque / Chris Chelios
FS-06 Frank Mahovlich / Dave Keon / Jean Ratelle / Guy Lapointe / Andy Bathgate / Steve Shutt / Yvan Cournoyer / Rod Gilbert
FS-07 Denis Potvin / Gilbert Perreault / Borje Salming / Larry Robinson / Bill Barber / Marcel Dionne / Johnny Bucyk / Yvan Cournoyer
FS-08 Gordie Howe / Ken Dryden / Wayne Gretzky / Bobby Orr / Mario Lemieux / Raymond Bourque / Bobby Hull / Steve Yzerman
FS-09 Bobby Orr / Tim Horton / Scott Stevens / Borje Salming / Raymond Bourque / Denis Potvin / Larry Robinson / Guy Lapointe
FS-10 Teemu Selanne / Joe Sakic / Curtis Joseph / Pavel Bure / Phil Housley / Mark Messier / Chris Chelios / Paul Coffey

Lumber Kings – Game-Used Goalie Stick Set

Game Used Goalie Stick Patrick Roy
20 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12 or as Noted
Parallels: Platinum #/3; Red #/2; Emerald 1/1; Gold 1/1

GS-01 Andy Moog
GS-02 Arturs Irbe
GS-03 Bob Sauve
GS-04 Curtis Joseph
GS-05 Felix Potvin
GS-06 Frank Brimsek
GS-07 Gump Worsley
GS-08 Henrik Lundqvist
GS-09 John Vanbiesbrouck
GS-10 Johnny Bower #/ 5

GS-11 Ken Dryden
GS-12 Kirk McLean
GS-13 Manon Rheaume
GS-14 Martin Brodeur
GS-15 Mike Liut
GS-16 Mike Richter
GS-17 Mike Vernon
GS-18 Patrick Roy
GS-19 Ron Hextall
GS-20 Tom Barrasso

Lumber Kings – Game-Used Sick Set

Game Used Stick Mario Lemieux
75 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12 or as Noted
Parallels: Platinum #/4 (BG1 & JB1 are #/3); Red #/2; Emerald 1/1; Gold 1/1

GS-AB1 Andy Bathgate
GS-AM1 Alexander Mogilny
GS-AS1 Allan Stanley
GS-BB1 Bobby Baun
GS-BC1 Bobby Clarke
GS-BG1 Bob Gainey
GS-BG1 Butch Goring
GS-BH1 Brett Hull
GS-BL1 Brian Leetch
GS-BN1 Bernie Nicholls
GS-BP1 Bob Pulford
GS-BP1 Brad Park
GS-BR1 Bobby Rousseau
GS-BS1 Brendan Shanahan
GS-BT1 Bryan Trottier
GS-CC1 Chris Chelios
GS-CN1 Cam Neely
GS-CS1 Charlie Simmer
GS-DG1 Doug Gilmour
GS-DH1 Dale Hawerchuk
GS-DH2 Dale Hunter
GS-DP1 Dean Prentice
GS-DP2 Denis Potvin
GS-DS1 Darryl Sittler
GS-DS1 Derek Sanderson
GS-EL1 Eric Lindros
GS-GA1 Glenn Anderson
GS-GL1 Guy Lafleur
GS-GL2 Guy Lapointe
GS-GP1 Gilbert Perreault
GS-IL1 Igor Larionov
GS-JB1 Johnny Bucyk
GS-JJ1 Jaromír Jágr
GS-JK1 Jari Kurri
GS-JL1 Jacques Laperrière
GS-JLC1 John LeClair
GS-JM1 Joe Mullen
GS-JM2 John McKenzie

GS-JR1 Jean Ratelle
GS-JS1 Joe Sakic
GS-KS1 Kevin Stevens
GS-LMD1 Lanny McDonald
GS-LR1 Larry Robinson
GS-MB1 Mike Bossy
GS-MD1 Marcel Dionne
GS-MG1 Michel Goulet
GS-MG1 Mike Gartner
GS-ML1 Mario Lemieux
GS-MM1 Mark Messier
GS-MM2 Mike Modano
GS-MS1 Mats Sundin
GS-PB1 Pavel Bure
GS-PB2 Peter Bondra
GS-PC1 Paul Coffey
GS-PL1 Pat LaFontaine
GS-PL2 Pierre Larouche
GS-PS1 Peter Stastny
GS-PV1 Pat Verbeek
GS-RB1 Raymond Bourque
GS-RB2 Rob Blake
GS-RF1 Ron Francis
GS-RG1 Rod Gilbert
GS-RM1 Rick Martin
GS-SF1 Sergei Fedorov
GS-SS1 Scott Stevens
GS-TF1 Theoren Fleury
GS-TG1 Ted Green
GS-TH1 Terry Harper
GS-TS1 Teemu Selanne
GS-VH1 Vic Hadfield
GS-VK1 Vladimir Krutov
GS-WC1 Wendel Clark
GS-WG1 Wayne Gretzky
GS-WO1 Willie O’Ree
GS-YC1 Yvan Cournoyer #/ 9

Lumber Kings – Legendary Lines Set

Legendary Lines Krutov, Larianov, Marakov
8 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

LL-01 Sid Abel / Gordie Howe / Ted Lindsay
LL-02 Alex Delvecchio / Gordie Howe / Frank Mahovlich
LL-03 Guy Lafleur / Pete Mahovlich / Steve Shutt
LL-04 Reggie Leach / Bobby Clarke / Bill Barber
LL-05 Mario Lemieux / Jaromír Jágr / Kevin Stevens
LL-06 Charlie Simmer / Dave Taylor / Marcel Dionne
LL-07 Mikeal Renberg / John LeClair / Eric Lindros
LL-08 Vladimir Krutov / Igor Larionov / Sergei Makarov

Lumber Kings – Legendary Lumber Set

Legendary Lumber Frank Mahovlich
26 Cards – Serial Numbered #/9
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/2; Emerald 1/1; Gold 1/1

LLS-01 Alex Delvecchio
LLS-02 Bernie Geoffrion
LLS-03 Bobby Hull
LLS-04 Bobby Orr
LLS-05 Borje Salming
LLS-06 Dave Keon
LLS-07 Eddie Shore
LLS-08 Frank Mahovlich
LLS-09 Gaye Stewart
LLS-10 George Armstrong
LLS-11 Gordie Howe
LLS-12 Gump Worsley
LLS-13 Henri Richard

LLS-14 Jean Béliveau
LLS-15 Ken Dryden
LLS-16 Marcel Pronovost
LLS-17 Maurice Richard
LLS-18 Mike Bossy
LLS-19 Norm Ullman
LLS-20 Phil Esposito
LLS-21 Sid Abel
LLS-22 Stan Mikita
LLS-23 Ted Kennedy
LLS-24 Ted Lindsay
LLS-25 Tim Horton
LLS-26 Wayne Gretzky

Lumber Kings – Original Sticks Set

Original Sticks Maurice Richard
22 Cards – Serial Numbered #/12
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

OS-01 Alex Delvecchio
OS-02 Allan Stanley
OS-03 Andy Bathgate
OS-04 Bernie Geoffrion
OS-05 Bobby Hull
OS-06 Bobby Orr
OS-07 Eddie Shore
OS-08 Frank Mahovlich
OS-09 Gaye Stewart
OS-10 George Armstrong
OS-11 Gordie Howe

OS-12 Jean Béliveau
OS-13 Jean Ratelle
OS-14 Marcel Pronovost
OS-15 Maurice Richard
OS-16 Norm Ullman
OS-17 Rod Gilbert
OS-18 Sid Abel
OS-19 Stan Mikita
OS-20 Ted Kennedy
OS-21 Ted Lindsay
OS-22 Tim Horton

Lumber Kings – Original Sticks Six Set

Original Sticks Six Geoffrion, Lindsay, Mikita, Kennedy, Shore, Esposito
4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/15
Parallels: Platinum #/4; Red #/3; Emerald #/2; Gold 1/1

GS-01 Stan Mikita / Gordie Howe / Jean Ratelle / Tim Horton / Jean Béliveau / Bobby Orr
GS-02 Bobby Hull / Rod Gilbert / Maurice Richard / Dave Keon / Alex Delvecchio / Phil Esposito
GS-03 Bernie Geoffrion / Ted Kennedy / Ted Lindsay / Eddie Shore / Stan Mikita / Phil Esposito
GS-04 Marcel Pronovost / Bobby Hull / Henri Richard / George Armstrong / Brad Park / Bobby Orr

Lumber Kings – Nameplates Set

Nameplates Ken Dryden
76 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

NP-AD Alex Delvecchio
NP-AM Alexander Mogilny
NP-AS Allan Stanley
NP-BB Brian Bellows
NP-BC Bobby Clarke
NP-BG Bob Gainey
NP-BH Bobby Hull
NP-BL Rob Blake
NP-BN Bernie Nicholls
NP-BP Bob Pulford
NP-BR Bobby Rousseau
NP-BS Bobby Smith
NP-CJ Curtis Joseph
NP-CS Charlie Simmer
NP-DC Dino Ciccarelli
NP-DH Dale Hunter
NP-DK Dave Keon
NP-DP Dean Prentice
NP-DT Dave Taylor
NP-DW Doug Weight
NP-EL Eric Lindros
NP-ET Esa Tikkanen
NP-GA George Armstrong
NP-GF Guy Lafleur
NP-GH Gordie Howe
NP-GL Glenn Anderson
NP-GP Gilbert Perreault
NP-GT Mike Gartner
NP-HR Henri Richard
NP-HW Dale Hawerchuk
NP-HX Ron Hextall
NP-IL Igor Larionov
NP-JA Jason Arnott
NP-JB Jean Béliveau
NP-JJ Jaromír Jágr
NP-JR Jean Ratelle
NP-JS Joe Sakic
NP-KD Ken Dryden

NP-KM Kirk McLean
NP-KS Kevin Stevens
NP-LM Larry Murphy
NP-LMD Lanny McDonald
NP-LR Luc Robitaille
NP-MG Michel Goulet
NP-MM Mark Messier
NP-MO Andy Moog
NP-MR Maurice Richard
NP-MV Mike Vernon
NP-PI Pierre Larouche
NP-PL Pat LaFontaine
NP-PO Denis Potvin
NP-PS Peter Stastny
NP-PT Pierre Turgeon
NP-PV Pat Verbeek
NP-RB Raymond Bourque
NP-RE Mark Recchi
NP-RG Rod Gilbert
NP-RH Manon Rheaume
NP-RM Rick Middleton
NP-RML Rick MacLeish
NP-RT Rick Tocchet
NP-SA Sid Abel
NP-SL Steve Larmer
NP-SM Sergei Makarov
NP-SS Scott Stevens
NP-TB Tom Barrasso
NP-TF Theoren Fleury
NP-TH Tim Horton
NP-TK Ted Kennedy
NP-TL Trevor Linden
NP-TS Teemu Selanne
NP-VH Vic Hadfield
NP-VK Vladimir Krutov
NP-WG Wayne Gretzky
NP-WO Willie O’Ree
NP-YC Yvan Cournoyer

Lumber Kings – Dual Nameplates Set

Nameplates Dual Front Bobby HullNameplates Dual Back Brett Hull
9 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

NPD-BP Johnny Bucyk / Brad Park
NPD-CK Paul Coffey / Jari Kurri
NPD-MH Stan Mikita / Bobby Hull
NPD-RJ Mike Richter / Curtis Joseph
NPD-RL Mikeal Renberg / John LeClair

NPD-SC Mats Sundin / Wendel Clark
NPD-SF Brendan Shanahan / Sergei Fedorov
NPD-SS Borje Salming / Darryl Sittler
NPD-TB Bryan Trottier / Mike Bossy

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