Tear-iffic Tuesd…Wednesday: 2015/16 Panini Noir Basketball: A Slam Dunk

Ok, ok, I get it. I’m a day late with this one, time got the better of me, but never mind that. This one was worth waiting for.  Basketball fans rejoice, because Panini Noir has arrived! The high end basketball product is back and it looks awesome. Making use of colour contrast and short prints Panini has created a popular and attractive product. With plenty of mem and autos to chase this is sure to be a hit with collectors.


colour baseFor Noir, Panini has created a dual set of complementary base cards. The Black & White set and the Colour set both have identical checklists, but different card colour and player images. Additionally each has a SSP parallel that is numbered out of 10. With a total of 70 base and 30 rookies in each these will be very collectible base cards. Although, given the product price this should come as no surprise.

Panini Noir Autographs

panini noir rpa

Devin Booker RPA

The dual version checklists also carry over into the autograph selection with all the main sets using the B&W/Colour approach. With Noir, Panini has managed to create a spectacular and well thought out collection of player signatures. The Spotlight Signatures for example, features a large signing area that offers attractive autographs, while the Rookie Championship Dreams set pairs autographs with championship jersey tags. This marks the first time that NBA Championship tags have been used in a trading card product. The Spotlight Signatures set makes use of players such as Andrew Wiggins and Harrison Barnes, and boasts a single version checklist of cards numbered /99 or less. The Rookie Championship Dreams set, on the other hand, makes full use of the dual layout system while featuring the likes of Anthony Brown and Bobby Portis.

Other notable autograph series include Patch Rookies, Panini Noir Autographs, and Panini Noir Prime Autos. This large selection of autographs is what collectors have come to expect from high end products, and Panini Noir doesn’t disappoint. The only knock against it that I can see is that it has no 1/1 autograph sets included in the product (although I fully expect to see the words eBay 1/1).

Panini Noir Memorabillia

noir prime tag

Tag Cards Galore

Equally impressive as the autographs are the memorabilia chances that Panini Noir offers. Fans can get excited by large multi-colour patches and jersey swatches, as well as an abundance of SSP tag cards. The dual checklist system is abandoned here as cards feature a stunning mix of the two. Vibrant patches stand out against the sleek black and white cardstock, while subtle colouring highlights the player images. Sets such as the Acetate Noir Prime and the Jumbo Material Prime offer an exciting mix that blows away the competition.


With no traditional insert sets Panini Noir relies heavily on its autos and mem. At a price of about $550usd per box, expectations are understandably high. Each box contains only 7 cards, so collectors will be demanding value. This promises to be a hot resale product, with collectors scrambling to fill their PCs. I’d recommend box purchases to high end collectors, as well as basketball box breakers. In my opinion Panini Noir is a slam dunk product and its completion should take note.

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