Ninja Update: 2007-08 Trilogy

2007-08 Trilogy

2007-08 Trilogy is an Upper Deck product that provides a very nice mix of hits. The hit per pack layout produces 3 autographs, 3 memorabilia, and 3 rookies in every hobby box. The inclusion of acetate autograph cards closely links the product to Upper Deck Ice, which also is a fan favorite. The memorabilia in […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 UD MVP

2007-08 UD MVP Box

2007-08 UD MVP is a low-end Upper Deck product that caters to young collectors and set builders. The substantial base set and its parallels allow collectors to build sets, while the inserts, jersey cards, and autograph chances provide excitement for young collectors, all at a reasonable per pack cost. MVP is often one of the […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 UD Ice

2007-08 Ice Box

2007-08 UD Ice is an acetate based product that features a hit pool of autographs and memorabilia, as well as the ever popular Ice Premiers rookie cards. The 2007-08 edition offered 3 mem or auto hits, plus 4 Ice Premiers per hobby box, and was well recieved by collectors. Additionally Ice offered a sneak peak […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 Black Diamond

2007-08 Black Diamond Box

2007-08 Black Diamond is a great set, in that it combines the challenge of set collecting, with the joys of individual player or team PCs. The base set, and its parallels, have a system of tiered rarity that intrigues set builders, while the jersey and autograph sets hold big names that player and team PCers […]

2017 Sage Autographed Football

2017 Sage Autographed Football Banner

2017 Sage  Autographed Football is an unlicensed product that offers fans a minimum of 24 signed cards per box, with some boxes containing as many as 26 autographs. The product focuses exclusively on NFL draft prospects, providing fans with an early opportunity to grab some of their favorite players. The product also includes a small […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 BAP Hockey

2007-08 Be A Player Box

2007-08 BAP Hockey (Be A Player) is an autograph focused product that is often overlooked by the collecting community, but still offers some great cards. With 8 autographed cards per box, 1 per pack, there is plenty of opportunity to grab some big names, especially in the star packed 07-08 rookie season. Cards feature anywhere […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 Artifacts

2007-08 Artifacts Box

2007-08 Artifacts is an Upper Deck product that is very heavy with parallels and memorabilia. The early season release, means that the best of the 2007-08 NHL rookies were only available through redemptions, which have long since expired. This was also a good year for the Auto-Facts set, which contains a much bigger and more […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 Series 2

2007-08 Series 2 Box

2007-08 Series 2 is the follow up to Upper Deck’s Series 1 release. It rounds out several sets that were included in Series 1, such as the Young Guns, UD Game Jerseys, and the All-World Team inserts. As is generally the case, Series 2 is not as popular as Series 1, but still holds values, […]