Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD MVP Hockey

2001-02 UD MVP

2001-02 UD MVP was a low-end product that catered to kids and set collectors. It’s affordability makes it an attractive entry level product, that still offers collectability. Consisting mostly of a base set and multiple insert sets, it caters to those collectors who like to build complete sets, as well as those looking for cards […]

2001-02 UD Mask Collection

Mini Mask Patrick Roy

2001-02 UD Mask Collection appears to have been a popular product, I personally cannot find much information on the configuration or price point at all. Assuming that the 2002-03 Mask Collection would follow a similar vein as 2001-02 than we can theorize that 2001-02 UD Mask Collection likely offered a miniature goalie mask in every […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Legends

2001-02 UD Legends

2001-02 UD Legends was a product dedicated to the best players in NHL history. The base set offered a who’s who of NHL legends and offered 3 subsets in addition to the main base. The product promised collectors 3 memorabilia hits per box, including the beloved Piece of History Sticks set. On the autographs front, […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Ice

2001-02 UD Ice

2001-02 UD Ice was a lot smaller than more recent editions of the brand, but still contained the acetate cards that collectors love. The release included redemption rookies, a selection of memorabilia, and a limited pool of autographs. A later update expanded on the autographs and rookie pool. Boxes of 2001-02 UD Ice were expected […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Honor Roll

2001-02 UD Honor Roll

2001-02 UD Honor Roll was a lower end product that doesn’t seem to have offered any guaranteed hits. This does not mean that hits were not available, there were several class of memorabilia hits inserted into the product, including one on the base set itself. The remainder of the base set consisted of a series […]

2017-18 SP Game Used – Odds Sheet

2017-18 SP Game Used

2017-18 SP Game Used is a memorabilia based product that offers 4 hits per box. While the product focuses on the memorabilia aspect, there autographs included, especially the base parallel sets. These, as well as a host of other sets all require pack odds. Many sets operate on an overall odds format, but there are […]