Ninja Update: 1999-00 Pacific Aurora

Canvas Creations Steve Yzerman

1999-00 Pacific Aurora is a classic example of a low-end, kid friendly product. Offering no memorabilia and only a very slim autograph chance, this product was ideal for set collectors and young hockey fans looking to break into the hobby. It evidently worked, as there is no boxes of it to be found anywhere.  Despite […]

Ninja Update: 1999-00 Pacific Hockey

1999-00 Pacific Hockey

1999-00 Pacific Hockey was a perfect example of the type of product that defined the late nineties. The product we now know are drastically different than this one. 1999-00 Pacific did not offer any memorabilia or autograph cards, but instead placed the focus on base, parallels, and insert sets. This was a product geared towards […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 BAP Memorabilia

2000-01 BAP Memorabilia

2000-01 BAP Memorabilia was a set that focused a lot on the NHL All-Star Game, providing relic cards with pieces of All-Star jerseys, as well as a limited amount of player autographs. The product was released in two parts, the bulk of the product was released first, with an update set released later to deal […]