Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Vintage

2001-02 UD Vintage

2001-02 UD Vintage was a low-end product that doesn’t seem to have offered much in the way of hits. Instead it was a set builder product that brought a nostalgic feel with bright colors and a 1960s style of design. The large base was clearly aimed at set builders, with the inclusion of team checklists […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Top Shelf

2001-02 UD Top Shelf

2001-02 UD Top Shelf was a mid-range product that focused on memorabilia cards as hits. It offered a variety of memorabilia types, including jerseys, patches, sticks, and even a mix of goalie gear such as pads and blockers. There were some autographs included in the set, but they are rare hits and collectors should not […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD MVP Hockey

2001-02 UD MVP

2001-02 UD MVP was a low-end product that catered to kids and set collectors. It’s affordability makes it an attractive entry level product, that still offers collectability. Consisting mostly of a base set and multiple insert sets, it caters to those collectors who like to build complete sets, as well as those looking for cards […]

2001-02 UD Mask Collection

Mini Mask Patrick Roy

2001-02 UD Mask Collection appears to have been a popular product, I personally cannot find much information on the configuration or price point at all. Assuming that the 2002-03 Mask Collection would follow a similar vein as 2001-02 than we can theorize that 2001-02 UD Mask Collection likely offered a miniature goalie mask in every […]

Ninja Update: 2001-02 UD Legends

2001-02 UD Legends

2001-02 UD Legends was a product dedicated to the best players in NHL history. The base set offered a who’s who of NHL legends and offered 3 subsets in addition to the main base. The product promised collectors 3 memorabilia hits per box, including the beloved Piece of History Sticks set. On the autographs front, […]