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Comic Book Checklists are a fun way to keep track of your comic book collection, comics today are a lot different than the golden age as they have variant covers often. Comics are a nice way to escape reality for a little while as your read stories which often contain superheroes.

Comics also come with Trading cards so check out the Entertainment Checklists Section over at to see some really nice cards from Upper Deck, you can also get Marvel Trading cards on Upper Deck E-Pack.

Breakninja also has a huge comic book section with the checklists for over 6000 Marvel comic books, there is also a bunch of ebay comic books to look at on those pages.


2017 UD Marvel Annual – Checklist

2017 UD Marvel Annual

Acting as a year in review type product, 2017 UD Marvel Annual looks to have the same success that other Marvel branded products have had in recent years. This release, unlike other recent Marvel offerings, focuses solely on the comic book side of the company, rather than the hugely successful movie side. It looks back […]