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If you are looking for a golf checklist for the most recent golf trading cards then this may be the perfect place for you to browse.

Golf trading cards today are a lot better than the old ones as you can easily get some memorabilia or autographs from your favorite players. Golf cards a made by a few trading card companies with Upper Deck probably being the biggest.

Our sister site at also has some content related to golf memorabilia checklists and may be a good website to check out.



2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive Multi-Sport Box

2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive is a new concept set that offers 1 signed card per box. The boxes are available only through Leaf’s eBay page for a $149.99USD per box or $1399.99 per 10 box case. The set marks the first time a major company sells a product exclusively on eBay, and could prove […]

2023 Upper Deck National Convention Wrapper Redemption – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2023 Upper Deck National Convention Wrapper Redemption Details

2023 Upper Deck National Convention Wrapper Redemption is a promo release that is available exclusively at the annual convention. The promo packs are given to fans who buy select products from Upper Deck Diamond Dealers, with a limit of 6 packs per day. There is also an additional autograph redemption for those who buy cases […]

2021 SP Authentic Golf – Golf Card Checklist

2021 SP Authentic Golf

2021 SP Authentic Golf is the latest release from Upper Deck’s newly revived Golf department. The SP Authentic brand is one that has previously been seen by golf card collectors, and indeed this release pays respects to some of these previous releases. Like its hockey counterpart, SP Authentic Golf offers 2 signed cards, as well […]

2017 Leaf Q Multisport – Checklist Added

2017 Leaf Q Multisport

2017 Leaf Q is a multisport high-end product from Leaf. It draws from across the sporting worlds, uniting names such as Babe Ruth, Gordie Howe, Michael Jordan, and Pele all under one product line. This creates an opportunity for stunning memorabilia and an amazing line-up of autograph signers. Sets such as Patch Perfect (both of […]