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2016-17 UD The Cup – Hockey Card Checklist

2016-17 UD The Cup

2016-17 UD The Cup is the company’s annual premium release. Much loved by fans this product always falls late in the collecting season, usually the last product released.. The 2016-17 release was highly anticipated for the Rookie Patch Autographs of guys such as Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine. Each tin contains a single pack, which […]

2016-17 The Cup – Odds Sheet

2016-17 UD The Cup

2016-17 The Cup is finally here. The much anticipated Upper Deck product brings with it waves of collector excitement. While the main appeal of The Cup is no doubt the rookie patch autographs, there are still a vast array of cards that also make up the product. The majority of these cards use a serial […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 The Cup

2005-06 The Cup Tin

2005-06 The Cup is Upper Deck’s highest-end product for the season, and also the most sought after by fans. While each tin contains only 4 cards, they often have the most resale value of all products. Of these 4 cards, 2 are autographed, one being signed by a rookie. The inclusion of Sidney Crosby and […]

Ninja Update: 2006-07 The Cup

2006-07 The Cup Box

2006-07 The Cup is Upper Deck’s highest-end product for the collecting season, and the one collectors wait anxiously for. Each 4 card box offers at least 2 autographed patch cards, including 1 Rookie Patch Auto. While this year’s checklist is smaller compared to later years, it is still massive when stacked against other products. With […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 The Cup

2007-08 The Cup Box

2007-08 The Cup is a high-end offering from Upper Deck that offers a total of 4 cards per box. Two cards are guaranteed to be patch autos, including 1 rookie RPA, there will also be one other hit card and a base card. The Cup always offers a series of cards that are extremely limited […]