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2019-20 UD Ice – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice

2019-20 UD Ice is an annual release that features hard-signed autographs on acetate card stock. The set also offers a second wave of Exquisite Collection cards. Several of the Ice autograph sets depend on pack odds to determine their rarity, these odds can be broken down by groups and players. Hobby boxes offer 1 auto […]

2018-19 UD Ice – Hockey Card Checklist

2018-19 Upper Deck Ice

2018-19 UD Ice is a mid-range hockey card release that focuses on hard signed autographs, and acetate card stock. This is usually a fairly attractive set, that has some passionate fans. Especially popular are the Ice Premieres Rookies, especially the autographed versions. The set also has a variety of autograph sets, that offer signatures of […]

2016-17 UD Ice – Hockey Card Checklist

2016-17 UD Ice

2016-17 UD Ice was a popular release among hockey fans. The acetate card stock makes for attractive cards and the variety of available hits makes for a fun opening experience. The rookie set for this release consist of Ice Premieres which have a tiered level of rarity depending on the potential and collectiablity of each […]

2017-18 UD Ice – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 Upper Deck Ice

2017-18 UD Ice is an extremely attractive product that hold the potential for some big time hits. While the 2017-18 NHL Rookies class is nowhere near as sought after as the previous two years, it does still hold potential with names such as Patrick, Hishier, and Boeser. Add to the already impressive Ice checklist, the […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 UD Ice

2000-01 UD Ice

2000-01 UD Ice was a popular product that featured acetate style cards. The base and rookies sets were complemented by 3 sets of parallels and supplemented by inserts and a jersey set. Also available were Clear Cut Autographs, and the continuation of the 500 Goal Club set that was spread out among the 2000-01 Upper […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 UD Ice

2005-06 Ice Box

2005-06 UD Ice offers a ton of potential, as it includes memorabilia, autographs, and the much loved Ice Premiers rookie cards. On average each box produces 5 Ice Premiers rookies, most numbered /2999, as well as 2 mem cards and an autograph. There is a lot of risk involved with buying 2005-06 UD Ice, as […]