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2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive Multi-Sport Box

2023 Leaf Metal eBay Exclusive is a new concept set that offers 1 signed card per box. The boxes are available only through Leaf’s eBay page for a $149.99USD per box or $1399.99 per 10 box case. The set marks the first time a major company sells a product exclusively on eBay, and could prove […]

2023 Panini NSCC Gold VIP Packs – Multi-Sport Card Checklist

2023 Panini National Convention Gold VIP Packs

2023 Panini NSCC Gold VIP Packs are a promotional release that was exclusive to those lucky collectors to be invited to Panini’s NSCC VIP party. While these packs are normally given out at the event, this year’s edition shipped a week later. The packs offer an exclusive base/insert set as well as autographs and a […]

2022 Donruss Racing – NASCAR Card Checklist

2022 Donruss Racing NASCAR

2022 Donruss¬† Racing is a mid-range NASCAR release that mixes base, parallels, autographs, relics, and inserts into a fun product. Offering 24 packs per hobby box, the set is great for young collectors who can’t afford high-end releases. Hobby boxes include several top names including Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr, and while autographs appear […]