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Ninja Update: 1999-00 Pacific Revolution

1999-00 Pacifc Revolution

1999-00 Pacific Revolution was a bit of an oddball product, even by Pacific’s standards. The base set included all the regular parallels that are expected from Pacific, but the inserts were rather different. The Ice Sculptures set offered a metallic type card with a raised figure, something more closely resembling a Han Solo Star Wars […]

Ninja Update: 1999-00 Pacific Prism

1999-00 Pacific Prism

1999-00 Pacific Prism was a small but inviting product that looks like it would have been fun to collect, especially for kids. It offers no memorabilia or autographs, but instead offers inserts that are not too rare, but still rare enough to provide a challenge. The Dial-a-Stats and Sno-Globes sets are among the better looking […]

Ninja Update: 1999-00 Pacific Paramount

1999-00 Pacific Paramount

1999-00 Pacific Paramount follows the same path as most other Pacific release for the 1999-00 collecting season. It offers a healthy base set, as well as multiple inserts, all while holding off on the memorabilia and autographs that today’s collectors would expect. Pacific is the type of product that young fans and set builders tend […]