Ninja Update: 1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Hockey Card Checklist

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects is a much more complete product than SPx Finite. It has a good mix of base, parallels, rookies, and memorabilia. Really lucky fans could also find an autograph card of either Daniel or Henrik Sedin, both of whom only had autographed rookie cards in the release. The base set also comes with Radiance and Spectrum Parallels that were only available through special 3 card hot packs. While the memorabilia and autographs are by no mean guaranteed hits, this is still a pretty decent product.

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Product Breakdown

Release Date: ?????
Configuration: 3 Cards Per Pack; 18 Packs Per Box
Box Break: 2 Highlight Heroes; 6 Lasting Impressions; 1 Premier Stats; 1 Year of the Great One

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Base Set

Base Wayne Gretzky
60 Cards
Parallels: Radiance #/100; Spectrum 1/1

1 Paul Kariya
2 Teemu Selanne
3 Ray Bourque
4 Sergei Samsonov
5 Joe Thornton
6 Dominik Hasek
7 Theo Fleury
8 Keith Primeau
9 Tony Amonte
10 Doug Gilmour
11 J-P Dumont
12 Chris Chelios
13 Peter Forsberg
14 Patrick Roy
15 Joe Sakic
16 Milan Hejduk
17 Chris Drury
18 Mike Modano
19 Brett Hull
20 Ed Belfour
21 Steve Yzerman
22 Brendan Shanahan
23 Sergei Fedorov
24 Chris Osgood
25 Nicklas Lidstrom
26 Bill Guerin
27 Doug Weight
28 Tom Poti
29 Mark Parrish
30 Rob Blake

31 Pavel Rosa
32 Vincent Damphousse
33 Saku Koivu
34 Mike Dunham
35 Martin Brodeur
36 Zigmund Palffy
37 Eric Brewer
38 Wayne Gretzky
39 Brian Leetch
40 Manny Malhotra
41 Petr Nedved
42 Alexei Yashin
43 Eric Lindros
44 John LeClair
45 John Vanbiesbrouck
46 Keith Tkachuk
47 Jeremy Roenick
48 Daniel Briere
49 Jaromir Jagr
50 Patrick Marleau
51 Al MacInnis
52 Chris Pronger
53 Vincent Lecavalier
54 Curtis Joseph
55 Mats Sundin
56 Tomas Kaberle
57 Mark Messier
58 Pavel Bure
59 Bill Muckalt
60 Peter Bondra

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Rookies Set

Rookies Brendan Morrow
30 Cards – Serial Numbered #/1999 – *Sedin Cards are Autographed
Parallels: Radiance #/100; Spectrum 1/1

61 Brian Finley
62 Roberto Luongo
63 Mike Van Ryn
64 Harold Druken
65 Daniel Tkaczuk
66 Brenden Morrow
67 Jani Rita
68 Tommi Santala
69 Teemu Virkkunen
70 Arto Laatikainen
71 Ilkka Mikkola
72 Miko Jokela
73 Kirill Safronov
74 Denis Shvidki
75 Denis Arkhipov

76 Maxim Afinogenov
77 Alexander Zevakhin
78 Alexei Volkov
79 Daniel Sedin*
80 Henrik Sedin*
81 Jimmie Olvestad
82 Mattias Weinhandl
83 Mathias Tjarnqvist
84 Jakob Johansson
85 Barrett Heisten
86 Tim Connolly
87 Andy Hilbert
88 David Legwand
89 Joe Blackburn
90 Dave Tanabe

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Highlight Heroes Set

Highlight Heroes Mats Sundin
30 Cards – 1:8 Packs

H1 Paul Kariya
H2 Teemu Selanne
H3 Ray Bourque
H4 Sergei Samsonov
H5 Dominik Hasek
H6 Theo Fleury
H7 Doug Gilmour
H8 Joe Sakic
H9 Patrick Roy
H10 Peter Forsberg
H11 Mike Modano
H12 Brett Hull
H13 Brendan Shanahan
H14 Steve Yzerman
H15 Sergei Fedorov

H16 Saku Koivu
H17 Martin Brodeur
H18 Wayne Gretzky
H19 Zigmund Palffy
H20 John Vanbiesbrouck
H21 Eric Lindros
H22 John LeClair
H23 Keith Tkachuk
H24 Jeremy Roenick
H25 Jaromir Jagr
H26 Vincent Lecavalier
H27 Mats Sundin
H28 Curtis Joseph
H29 Pavel Bure
H30 Peter Bondra

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Lasting Impressions Set

Lasting Impressions Martin Brodeur
30 Cards – 1:3 Packs

L1 Vincent Lecavalier
L2 John Vanbiesbrouck
L3 Paul Kariya
L4 Keith Tkachuk
L5 Mike Modano
L6 Dominik Hasek
L7 Teemu Selanne
L8 Mats Sundin
L9 Brendan Shanahan
L10 Pavel Bure
L11 Theo Fleury
L12 Curtis Joseph
L13 Joe Sakic
L14 Eric Lindros
L15 Peter Bondra

L16 Brett Hull
L17 Ray Bourque
L18 Jaromir Jagr
L19 Steve Yzerman
L20 Jeremy Roenick
L21 Martin Brodeur
L22 Saku Koivu
L23 Patrick Roy
L24 John LeClair
L25 Doug Gilmour
L26 Sergei Fedorov
L27 Wayne Gretzky
L28 Peter Forsberg
L29 Zigmund Palffy
L30 Sergei Samsonov

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Premier Stars Set

Premier Stars Mark Messier
30 Cards – 1:17 Packs

PS1 Wayne Gretzky
PS2 Sergei Samsonov
PS3 Ray Bourque
PS4 Dominik Hasek
PS5 Martin Brodeur
PS6 Brian Leetch
PS7 Mike Richter
PS8 Eric Lindros
PS9 John LeClair
PS10 John Vanbiesbrouck
PS11 Jaromir Jagr
PS12 Vincent Lecavalier
PS13 Mats Sundin
PS14 Curtis Joseph
PS15 Peter Bondra

PS16 Wayne Gretzky
PS17 Teemu Selanne
PS18 Paul Kariya
PS19 Theo Fleury
PS20 Tony Amonte
PS21 Patrick Roy
PS22 Joe Sakic
PS23 Peter Forsberg
PS24 Mike Modano
PS25 Brett Hull
PS26 Steve Yzerman
PS27 Brendan Shanahan
PS28 Doug Weight
PS29 Keith Tkachuk
PS30 Mark Messier

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Winning Materials Set

Winning Materials Felix Potvin
12 Cards – 1:251 Packs

CJ Curtis Joseph
CO Chris Osgood
EL Eric Lindros
FP Felix Potvin
JJ Jaromir Jagr
JL John LeClair

JS Joe Sakic
JV John Vanbiesbrouck
MR Mike Richter
MS Mats Sundin
PR Patrick Roy
RB Ray Bourque

1998-99 SPx Top Prospects – Year of the Great One Set

Year of the Great One Wayne Gretzky
30 Cards – 1:17 Packs

WG1 Wayne Gretzky
WG2 Wayne Gretzky
WG3 Wayne Gretzky
WG4 Wayne Gretzky
WG5 Wayne Gretzky
WG6 Wayne Gretzky
WG7 Wayne Gretzky
WG8 Wayne Gretzky
WG9 Wayne Gretzky
WG10 Wayne Gretzky
WG11 Wayne Gretzky
WG12 Wayne Gretzky
WG13 Wayne Gretzky
WG14 Wayne Gretzky
WG15 Wayne Gretzky

WG16 Wayne Gretzky
WG17 Wayne Gretzky
WG18 Wayne Gretzky
WG19 Wayne Gretzky
WG20 Wayne Gretzky
WG21 Wayne Gretzky
WG22 Wayne Gretzky
WG23 Wayne Gretzky
WG24 Wayne Gretzky
WG25 Wayne Gretzky
WG26 Wayne Gretzky
WG27 Wayne Gretzky
WG28 Wayne Gretzky
WG29 Wayne Gretzky
WG30 Wayne Gretzky

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