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2019-20 UD Stature – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2019-20 Upper Deck Stature

2019-20 UD Stature Hockey is a new product from Upper Deck, the 3rd new brand that they have released this year, joining Allure and Credentials. Like those other releases, Stature focuses heavily on foil technology to create a flashy finish. One detail that is different is that Stature offer hard-signed autographs, where the other products […]

2019-20 UD Ice – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice

2019-20 UD Ice is an annual release that features hard-signed autographs on acetate card stock. The set also offers a second wave of Exquisite Collection cards. Several of the Ice autograph sets depend on pack odds to determine their rarity, these odds can be broken down by groups and players. Hobby boxes offer 1 auto […]

2019-20 UD Allure – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2019-20 Upper Deck Allure Hockey

2019-20 UD Allure Hockey is a brand new product that seems to combine aspects of several sets, such as OPC Platinum, Countours, Tim Hortons, and Trilogy. The set relies heavily on sticker autographs, which won’t please collectors. Several cards are also die-cuts which could create quality control issues. Several sets use pack odds to determine […]

2019-20 Upper Deck Synergy – Odds

2019-20 UD Synergy

2019-20 Upper Deck Synergy is the 3rd straight year for the much maligned release. The product, which focuses on serial numbered base and parallels has not been popular with collectors, but continues to be made. As with the previous releases, there are not a tonne of autos included in the set, but there are a […]