2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection

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The rise of UFC fighting has exploded over the last few years, so it should come as no surprise that trading card companies are looking to cash in. In the past Topps has sought to celebrate the UFC through products such as Knockout, which was popular enough that they have now elected to aim higher. With Topps UFC Museum Collection, the company has created a high-end product that offers up a variety of autographs and memorabilia from inside the octagon.

Topps UFC – Product Breakdown

Release Date: November 30, 2016
Price: Approx. $83USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 On-Card Autograph; 1 Autographed Relic; 1 Relic

Topps UFC – Base Set

Topps UFC Base Miesha Tate
45 Cards
Parallels: Copper #d; Gold #/75; Sapphire #/50; Ruby #/25; Emerald 1/1

1 Georges St-Pierre
2 Miesha Tate
3 Jessica Aguilar
4 Stipe Miocic
5 Matt Hughes
6 Fabricio Werdum
7 Joanna Jędrzejczyk
8 Paige VanZant
9 Rafael Dos Anjos
10 Ronda Rousey
11 Anderson Silva
12 Michael Bisping
13 Tecia Torres
14 Conor McGregor
15 Anthony Johnson
16 Cris Justino
17 Cat Zingano
18 Ryan Hall
19 Antonio Silva
20 Glover Teixeira
21 Rashad Evans
22 Tyron Woodley
23 Frankie Edgar

24 Forrest Griffin
25 Demian Maia
26 Cain Velasquez
27 Dominick Cruz
28 Daniel Cormier
29 Chuck Liddell
30 José Aldo
31 T.J. Dillashaw
32 Demetrious Johnson
33 Cub Swanson
34 Frank Mir
35 Rose Namajunas
36 Henry Cejudo
37 Chris Weidman
38 Max Holloway
39 Robbie Lawler
40 Lyoto Machida
41 Holly Holm
42 Amanda Nunes
43 Khabib Nurmagomedov
44 Carla Esparza
45 Leslie Smith

Topps UFC – Archival Autographs Set

Archival Autographs Chris Justino
55 Cards – Serial Nmbered
Parallels: Gold #/25; Ruby #/10; Emerald 1/1

AA-AA Andrei Arlovski
AA-AC Arianny Celeste
AA-ASA Andrew Sanchez
AA-ASI Anderson Silva
AA-ASL Antonio Silva
AA-CCO Carlos Condit
AA-CCY Cris Justino
AA-CG Cláudia Gadelha
AA-CGA Cody Garbrant
AA-CL Chuck Liddell
AA-CMC Conor McGregor
AA-CV Cain Velasquez
AA-CW Chris Weidman
AA-CZ Cat Zingano
AA-DCO Daniel Cormier
AA-DJ Demetrious Johnson
AA-DP Dustin Poirier
AA-FE Frankie Edgar
AA-FG Forrest Griffin
AA-FMI Frank Mir
AA-FW Fabricio Werdum
AA-GS Georges St-Pierre
AA-GT Glover Teixeira
AA-HC Henry Cejudo
AA-JAG Jessica Aguilar
AA-JC Johnny Case
AA-JCA Joanne Calderwood

AA-JDO Junior Dos Santos
AA-JH Johny Hendricks
AA-JJ Joanna Jędrzejczyk
AA-JJO Jon Jones
AA-JM Jim Miller
AA-JP Julianna Peña
AA-LM Lyoto Machida
AA-MB Michael Bisping
AA-MCH Michael Chiesa
AA-MHU Matt Hughes
AA-MT Miesha Tate
AA-MW Michelle Waterson
AA-NAD Nate Diaz
AA-NID Nick Diaz
AA-OS Ovince Saint Preux
AA-PV Paige VanZant
AA-RBD Ryan Bader
AA-RD Rafael Dos Anjos
AA-RE Rashad Evans
AA-RH Ryan Hall
AA-RN Rose Namajunas
AA-RR Ronda Rousey
AA-SM Stipe Miocic
AA-TD TJ Dillashaw
AA-TW Tyron Woodley
AA-UF Urijah Faber
AA-YR Yoel Romero

Topps UFC – Dual Autographs Set

4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10

DA-GJ Cláudia Gadelha/Joanna Jędrzejczyk
DA-HP Matt Hughes/BJ Penn
DA-HS Matt Hughes/Georges St-Pierre
DA-VD Cain Velasquez/Junior Dos Santos

Topps UFC – Canvas Collection Originals Set

29 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

Anderson Silva
Andrei Arlovski
Anthony Johnson
Cain Velasquez
Chris Justino
Chris Weidman
Chuck Liddell
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor
Daniel Cormier
Demetrious Johnson
Dominick Cruz
Eddie Alvarez
Forrest Griffin

Glover Teixeira
Holly Holm
Joanna Jędrzejczyk
José Aldo
Lyoto Machida
Matt Hughes
Michael Bisping
Paige VanZant
Robbie Lawler
Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey
Stipe Miocic
TJ Dillashaw
Uriah Faber

Topps UFC – Meaningful Material Relics Set

24 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Gold #/35; Copper #/10; Emerald 1/1

MMR-AS Antonio Silva
MMR-ASI Anderson Silva
MMR-CCO Carlos Condit
MMR-CCY Cris Justino
MMR-CL Chuck Liddell
MMR-CM Conor McGregor
MMR-CW Chris Weidman
MMR-DC Dominick Cruz
MMR-DCO Daniel Cormier
MMR-DJ Demetrious Johnson
MMR-FE Frankie Edgar
MMR-FW Fabricio Werdum

MMR-GS Georges St-Pierre
MMR-KN Khabib Nurmagomedov
MMR-LM Lyoto Machida
MMR-MH Matt Hughes
MMR-MT Miesha Tate
MMR-NID Nick Diaz
MMR-PV Paige VanZant
MMR-RD Rafael Dos Anjos
MMR-RL Robbie Lawler
MMR-SM Stipe Miocic
MMR-TD TJ Dillashaw

Topps UFC – Museum Collection Framed Autographs Set

Framed Autograph Demetrious Johnson
25 Cards
Parallels: Gold Frame #/15; Silver Frame #/5; Black Frame 1/1

MCC-ASI Anderson Silva
MCC-CC Cris Justino
MCC-CCO Carlos Condit
MCC-CG Cláudia Gadelha
MCC-CL Chuck Liddell
MCC-CM Conor McGregor
MCC-CW Chris Weidman
MCC-DCO Daniel Cormier
MCC-DCR Dominick Cruz
MCC-DJ Demetrious Johnson
MCC-FG Forrest Griffin

MCC-FW Fabricio Werdum
MCC-GSP Georges St-Pierre
MCC-JAL José Aldo
MCC-JJE Joanna Jędrzejczyk
MCC-LM Lyoto Machida
MCC-MH Matt Hughes
MCC-MT Miesha Tate
MCC-NID Nick Diaz
MCC-PVZ Paige VanZant
MCC-RR Ronda Rousey
MCC-TD TJ Dillashaw
MCC-UFA Urijah Faber

Topps UFC – Museum Memorabilia Set

Topps UFC Memorabilia Ronda Rousey
20 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

MM-ANS Anderson Silva
MM-CC Carlos Condit
MM-CL Chuck Liddell
MM-CM Conor McGregor
MM-DC Daniel Cormier
MM-DCR Dominick Cruz
MM-DJ Demetrious Johnson
MM-FW Fabricio Werdum
MM-GS Georges St-Pierre
MM-GT Glover Teixeira

MM-JA José Aldo
MM-LM Lyoto Machida
MM-MH Matt Hughes
MM-NID Nick Diaz
MM-PV Paige VanZant
MM-RD Rafael Dos Anjos
MM-RR Ronda Rousey
MM-SM Stipe Miocic
MM-TD TJ Dillashaw

Topps UFC – Single Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relics Set

28 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallel Cards: Copper #/25; Gold #/1-; Emerald 1/1

PPQ-AJ Anthony Johnson
PPQ-ASI Antonio Silva
PPQ-CC Carlos Condit
PPQ-CE Carla Esparza
PPQ-CM Chad Mendes
PPQ-CMC Conor McGregor
PPQ-CS Cub Swanson
PPQ-CV Cain Velasquez
PPQ-CW Chris Weidman
PPQ-CZ Cat Zingano
PPQ-DC Daniel Cormier
PPQ-DCR Dominick Cruz
PPQ-DJ Demetrious Johnson
PPQ-DM Demian Maia

PPQ-FE Frankie Edgar
PPQ-FW Fabricio Werdum
PPQ-KN Khabib Nurmagomedov
PPQ-MB Michael Bisping
PPQ-MT Miesha Tate
PPQ-ND Nick Diaz
PPQ-PV Paige VanZant
PPQ-RD Rafael Dos Anjos
PPQ-RE Rashad Evans
PPQ-RL Robbie Lawler
PPQ-SM Stipe Miocic
PPQ-TD TJ Dillashaw
PPQ-TW Tyron Woodley
PPQ-UF Urijah Faber

Topps UFC – Single Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relics Legends Set

Prime Pieces Legends Georges St-Pierre
11 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Gold #/5; Emerald 1/1

PPQL-AS Anderson Silva
PPQL-CC Cris Justino
PPQL-CL Chuck Liddell
PPQL-DC Donald Cerrone
PPQL-FM Frank Mir
PPQL-FW Fabricio Werdum

PPQL-GS Georges St-Pierre
PPQL-LM Lyoto Machida
PPQL-MH Matt Hughes
PPQL-MR Maurício Shogun Rua
PPQL-UFA Urijah Faber

Topps UFC – Four Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relics Set

6 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Copper #/25; Gold #/10; Emerald 1/1

4PQR-CDFC TJ Dillashaw/Urijah Faber/Dominick Cruz/Bryan Caraway
4PQR-CDME TJ Dillashaw/Dominick Cruz/Frankie Edgar/Conor McGregor
4PQR-JCML Conor McGregor/Dominick Cruz/Robbie Lawler/Demetrious Johnson
4PQR-MCBL Robbie Lawler/Stipe Miocic/Michael Bisping/Daniel Cormier
4PQR-MHEM Chad Mendes/Max Holloway/Conor McGregor/Frankie Edgar
4PQR-MWVA Fabricio Werdum/Cain Velasquez/Andrei Arlovski/Stipe Miocic

Topps UFC – Single Fighter Signature Swatches Relics Autographs Set

19 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Gold #/25; Emerald 1/1

SRA-CJ Cris Justino
SRA-CW Chris Weidman
SRA-CZ Cat Zingano
SRA-DC Dominick Cruz
SRA-DJ Demetrious Johnson
SRA-FE Frankie Edgar
SRA-FW Fabricio Werdum
SRA-JP Julianna Peña
SRA-LM Lyoto Machida
SRA-MB Michael Bisping

SRA-MH Matt Hughes
SRA-MT Miesha Tate
SRA-NID Nick Diaz
SRA-OS Ovince Saint Preux
SRA-PV Paige VanZant
SRA-RD Rafael Dos Anjos
SRA-SM Stipe Miocic
SRA-TD TJ Dillashaw
SRA-UF Urijah Faber

Topps UFC – Single Fighter Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs Set

16 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Gold #/25; Emerald 1/1

SDRA-AJ Anthony Johnson
SDRA-AS Antonio Silva
SDRA-CCO Carlos Condit
SDRA-CZ Cat Zingano
SDRA-DCE Donald Cerrone
SDRA-DCR Dominick Cruz
SDRA-DJ Demetrious Johnson
SDRA-JP Julianna Peña

SDRA-MT Miesha Tate
SDRA-ND Nate Diaz
SDRA-NID Nick Diaz
SDRA-OS Ovince Saint Preux
SDRA-PV Paige VanZant
SDRA-RE Rashad Evans
SDRA-SM Stipe Miocic
SDRA-TD TJ Dillashaw

Topps UFC – Single Fighter Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs Set

Signature Swatches Cain Velasquez
20 Cards – Serial Numbered
Parallels: Gold #/25; Emerald 1/1

SDTA-AJ Anthony Johnson
SDTA-AS Antonio Silva
SDTA-CCO Carlos Condit
SDTA-CV Cain Velasquez
SDTA-CZ Cat Zingano
SDTA-DC Donald Cerrone
SDTA-DCR Dominick Cruz
SDTA-DJ Demetrious Johnson
SDTA-FW Fabricio Werdum
SDTA-JP Julianna Peña

SDTA-MB Michael Bisping
SDTA-MT Miesha Tate
SDTA-ND Nate Diaz
SDTA-NID Nick Diaz
SDTA-PV Paige VanZant
SDTA-RE Rashad Evans
SDTA-RL Robbie Lawler
SDTA-SM Stipe Miocic
SDTA-TD TJ Dillashaw
SDTA-UF Urijah Faber

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