2018 Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Series 2 – Entertainment Card Checklist

2018 Cryptozoic DC Bombshells

2018 Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Series 2 follows up a release from 2017 that introduced the women of the DC Comics Universe to a 1940s pin-up style product. This years release continues that same them, by offering a number of insert set that features the DC heroines, as well as a line of vinyl figurines that can be collected. The base set for this release is designed to match the sketch cards of last years release. Each hobby box offers 1 of the figurines, as well as 1 unique artist sketch card. *Note That Parallel Odds Are For All Noted Sets Combined*

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 17, 2018
Price: Approx. $83USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Sketch; 8 Each of Batgirls, New Bombshells, production Sketch, Terrific Twosome; 11 Parallels; 1 Vinyl Figurine

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Base Set

Base Katana
64 Cards
Parallels: Gold Deco Foil (*1:3 Packs); Rainbow Foil (*1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

01 Wonder Woman
02 Harley Quinn
03 Eloisa Lane
04 Catwoman
05 Black Canary
06 Zatanna
07 Hawkgirl
08 Poison Ivy
09 Vixen
10 Batgirl
11 Margaret Sawyer
12 Stargirl
13 Killer Frost
14 Power Girl
15 Faora Hu-Ul
16 Wonder Woman
17 Black Canary
18 Harley Quinn
19 The Huntress
20 Batman
21 Raven
22 Ravager
23 Starfire
24 Supergirl
25 Katana
26 Aquaman
27 Mera
28 Poison Ivy
29 Eloisa Lane
30 The Flash
31 Hawkgirl
32 Green Lantern

33 Talia al Ghul
34 Catwoman
35 Big Barda
36 The Cheetah
37 Stargirl
38 The Huntress
39 Wonder Woman
40 Starfire
41 The Joker’s Daughter
42 Sinestro
43 Katana
44 Superman
45 Platinum
46 Harley Quinn
47 Raven
48 Nightwing
49 Arisia Rrab
50 Star Sapphire
51 The Flash
52 Big Barda
53 Poison Ivy
54 Amanda Waller
55 Katana
56 Supergirl
57 Superman
58 Batman
59 Batgirl
60 Hawkgirl
61 Zatanna
62 Mera
63 Katana
64 Checklist

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Batgirls Set

Batgirls Harper Row
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Gold Deco Foil (*1:3 Packs); Rainbow Foil (*1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

G1 Batwoman
G2 Harper Row
G3 Cullen Row
G4 Nell Little
G5 Felicity Smoak

G6 Alysia Yeoh
G7 Kathy Duquesne
G8 Bette Kane
G9 Robin

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Lil Bombshells Production Sketch Set

Lil Bombshells Production Sketch The Joker
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Gold Deco Foil (*1:3 Packs); Rainbow Foil (*1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

A01 Wonder Woman
A02 Batman
A03 Catwoman
A04 Poison Ivy
A05 Harley Quinn

A06 The Joker
A07 Superman
A08 Big Barda
A09 Ravager

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Membership Card Set

Membership Card Harley Quinn's Circus
9 Cards – 1:28 Packs

V1 The Bombshells
V2 The Batgirls
V3 Wonder Girls
V4 Suicide Squad
V5 Joker’s Daughter’s Cabaret Club

V6 Daily Planet
V7 Arkham Ward
V8 Gotham City Police Department
V9 Harley Quinn’s Circus

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – New Bombshells Cover Set

New Bombshells Covers
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Gold Deco Foil (*1:3 Packs); Rainbow Foil (*1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

C1 DC Comics Bombshells #26
C2 DC Comics Bombshells #27
C3 DC Comics Bombshells #28
C4 DC Comics Bombshells #29
C5 DC Comics Bombshells #30

C6 DC Comics Bombshells #31
C7 DC Comics Bombshells #32
C8 DC Comics Bombshells #33
C9 Bombshells Annual Issue #1

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – STR PWR Set

STR PWR Wonder Woman
10 Cards
Versions: Red (1:144 Packs); Silver (1:288 Packs); Gold #/25; Black 1/1

ST01 Wonder Woman
ST02 Harley Quinn
ST03 Batwoman
ST04 Superman
ST05 Batman

ST06 The Joker
ST07 Hawkgirl
ST08 Batgirl
ST09 Eloisa Lane
ST10 Catwoman

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Terrific Twosome Set

Terrific Twosome
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Gold Deco Foil (*1:3 Packs); Rainbow Foil (*1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

T1 Wonder Woman & Supergirl
T2 Mera & Aquaman
T3 Catwoman & Batman
T4 Black Canary & Green Arrow
T5 Catwoman & Batman

T6 Power Girl & Superman
T7 Killer Frost & The Penguin
T8 Harley Quinn & The Joker
T9 Big Barda & Kimiyo Hoshi

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Sketch Card Set

Sketch Batwoman
106 Artists – 1:24 Packs – Each Sketch is 1/1

Adam & Bekah Cleveland
Adriano Carreon
Alex Starling
Alex Yomare
Alfret Le
Amy Clark
Andres Cruz
Andy Bohn
Angelo de Capua
Anthony C. Sciscioli
Barush Merling
Benjamin Glendenning
Bianca Thompson
Bill Maus
Brendon and Brian Fraim
Brent Scotchmer
Bruno Ult
Carlos Furuzono
Cassio Batista
Cezar Razek
Chairim Arais
Chris Meeks
Cleber Lima
Dal Bello
Dan Borgoños
Dan Weeks
Danielle Gransaull
Danny Avison
David Namisato
Debora Colares
Diego Mendes
Diego Moreira
Eman Casallos
Emanuel Braga
Eminy Lais
Eric McConnell
Eric Schock
Erika Yukari
Fabian Quintero
Gavin Williams
Gordon Wills
Ian Yoshio Roberts
Israel Arteaga
Jack Purcell
Jader Correa
Jake Sumbing
Jason Keith Phillips
Jason Potratz
Jeff Abar
Jeffrey Benitez

Jomar Bulda
Jonathan T. Racimo
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Joshua Wysocki
Julia Pinto
Juri H. Chinchilla
Kate Carleton
Kevin Sharpe
Kiley Beecher
Kokkinakis Achilleas
Kristin Allen
Leon Braojos
Lucy Fidelis
Luro Hersal
Marcia Dye
Marcio Cabreira
Mark Finneral
Mark Nasso
Mark Stroud
Marllon Sheep
Mary “Zorilita” Bellamy
Matias Streb
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Sutton
Michael Maglio
Mitch Ballard
Mohammad Jilani
Norvierto Payupan Basio
Orlando Baez
Patrick Finch
Patrick Giles
Patrick Larcada
Pedro Karps
Phil Juliano
Rafael Sa
Raz Ortiz
Rene Cordova
Rich Molinelli
Roberto Duque
Roe Mesquita
Roger Goulart
Sanna U.
Scott Blair
Thiago Kufa
Tony Perna
Travis Walton
Ulisses Gabriel
Vicente Moavero
Vinicius Moura
Yoni Limor

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Lil Bombshells Vinyl Figures Set

Lil Bombshells Vinyl Figures
5 Figurines – 1 Per Box
Parallels: Bronze (1:12 Boxes)

Harley Quinn
The Joker


2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – 1/1 Hand-Painted Figures Artists Set

1 of 1 Hand-Painted Figures Artist
11 Artists – 1:60 Boxes – Each Figurine is 1/1

Anthony C. Sciscioli
Chris Meeks
Erik Goldsby
Gavin Williams
Jason Keith Phillips
Kristin Allen

Matthew Sutton
Mitch Ballard
Mohammad Jilani
Rich Molinelli
Travis Walton

2018 Crytozoic DC Bombshells – Promo Card Set

4 Cards – Not Found in Packs

P1 2018 SDCC
P2 2018 SDCC
P3 2018 SDCC
P4 2018 GTS National Hobby Shop Day


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